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Thesilid’s eyes widened at my urgent cry.

But in contrast to his startled reaction, he reached out quickly and precisely, without looking back.

And he smashed the Clown’s head.

Swallowing a sigh of relief, I brought up the main point I hadn’t talked about before.

“Anyway, this won’t end! Let’s get out of here.”

It’s annoying to play around with demons, but it’s best to follow the rules of the dungeon when inside a dungeon.

The game in progress is hide and seek so we had to hide

I grabbed Thesilid’s wrist and started running down the hallway outside the reception hall.

There was a Clown doll in the hallway, but it was easy to break through when I took the lead.

When the dolls were out of the way to some extent, we came to a place where the doors ran from side to side, like a hallway full of rooms.

I picked one random room, went inside, and caught my breath.

“For guests, ha-ha-ha-, the bedroom, ha-ha-ha-, Out of -ha-ha-ha-.”

“Don’t overdo it.”

Thesilid, unlike me, did not show any signs of exhaustion.

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ says that you might have an S-class constitution, but makes fun of you because your physical strength seems to be an F-class.]

I can’t.

When I get home, I have to do physical training and buy a job change package to work out right away.

I took water out of my bag, drank it, and it calmed down a bit.

Meanwhile, Thesilid tried to lock the door, but to no avail.

I looked around the bedroom and found a closet.

“There is a lock inside to hold the door in place.

Let’s hide in here.”

“That’s a good idea.”

The closet was large and we were both 10 years old, so it was enough.

In case the dolls open the closet, clothes were pushed to camouflage the side of the door that was not locked.

When the closet door closed, the inside was so dark that I couldn’t even see my palms.

In that state, I held my breath.


The sound of the wooden door opening was heard.

Since the footsteps can’t be heard, it’s a doll.

Thesilid was prepared to attack at any moment but I wanted it to pass as quietly as possible.

And after a while.

“It’s gone.”


At Thesilid’s words, I took a deep breath that I had been holding back.

“I don’t know if it will come again, so let’s keep hiding here.”


As soon as Thesilid’s brief affirmation fell, I rummaged through my satchel and pulled out a luminous stone.

I dimmed the brightness to make it the same as a candle and hung it on a stick.

Because I had to do work that required light.

“Let me look at your wound.”

“There’s none.”

“I saw you injure your shoulder in the fight.”

“It’s a scratch.

This isn’t even a wound-”

“Don’t pretend to be strong and listen to me.”

After turning Thesilid to the side, I looked through the satchel bag again.

“The bag is small, but so much stuff comes out……Huh Healing Potion”

“I made it.

My dad’s an alchemist, so I learned from him.”

Thesilid seemed surprised at my ability.

There were black marks in the wound on Thesilid’s shoulder.

As I practiced alchemy, I naturally gained some medical knowledge, so I quickly diagnosed it.

“As you said, the wounds aren’t a big deal, but you got poisoned by the undead.

If you leave this alone, the wound will rot.

Can you detox yourself with divine power”

Thesilid gave me a troubled expression.

“I can’t.

Not only me, but all the stigmata are unable to use healing skills even if they awaken divine power.”

There was such a penalty due to the adverse effect of forced awakening.

Even a novice who awakened divine power the normal way can do basic healing.

That’s why Thesilid lamented that there was no healer that could be used around stigmata.

If he could heal, he would have healed, deal, and tanked, all by himself.

Because the original was aiming for a Munchkin feast from the begging.

(Note: Deal = deal damage, the one who deals a lot of damage in a party (a.k.a.


Tank, the one who absorbs damage and prevents others from being attacked, often tasked with raising aggro (aggression) from monsters to become bait.

Munchkin = an OP person.

I’m only using munchkin this one time because I hate it as it has another meaning in English, this meaning is a Korean slang, from here on out, I’m using overpowered.)

I comforted Thesilid.

“Don’t be discouraged.

I knew it, but it was better to ask at least once.”

“……I wasn’t discouraged.

And don’t ask questions knowingly.”

His pouty face was also cute.

“Un, yes.

Don’t worry, I have an antidote anyway.”

“Really……why did you ask…….”

Pretending I didn’t hear his grumbling, I took out a detoxification potion and completely cured the poison.

The empty bottles were collected, put in the bag, and another thing was taken out.

“Eat this.”

Thesilid’s eyes twinkled when he saw the sandwich wrapped in oiled paper and the milk in a glass bottle.

He was dragged into a dungeon on the way to the restaurant, he must be very hungry because he even fought a battle.

It seems that the likability for me in Thesilid’s eyes has risen a bit.

“Can I really eat it”

“Yes, you’re hungry.”

“What about you Let’s split it in half.”

“I ate at a restaurant earlier and there are plenty of other things to eat.”

I took out the macaroons that Bianca had given me.

Thesilid was startled.

“That bag is really endless.”


It has a space of a warehouse.

It’s a dungeon item.”

Thesilid began to eat quietly.

After taking the first bite, he was surprised by the taste and tried to eat it sparingly.

He only ate tasteless church food, now that he tasted dishes prepared by Chef Peisha’s hand-picked apprentice, it was like a new world opened.

While we were hiding, I felt as if I had entered a bunker hideout to escape the zombie apocalypse at the end of the century.

Actually, I don’t think it’s a very bad interpretation.

In terms of being chased by the undead.

It was when half of the sandwich had disappeared into Thesilid’s stomach.

He, who was diligently following the church’s meal etiquette, finally opened his mouth.

“You knew it.”

“Un What”


“Oh, my name”

I thought it was time to finally say my full name.


How did you know my name”


“You called me earlier.

When the crown doll aimed at the back of my head.”

-Thesilid, back!

Oh right.

I called his name in an emergency.

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ eyes are wide open.]

The Inspector seemed nervous because he was afraid that remarks that could cause discord in the seating such as ‘I knew because I read in a book.’ would come out.

Of course, I didn’t intend to make such a disrespectful revelation, but I didn’t want to pick up lies for excuses.

“Um, is it that important that I know your name”


There are many more important issues.

Whether it was the fact that you recognized the Clown doll was Grim Reaper, that they didn’t attack only you, that you had enough alchemy skills to detect and heal the poison of an intermediate undead, or that you had items that would appear in at least an A-grade dungeon.

“So many.”

“The most important thing remains.”


“Telling you about the duty of discipline does not diminish my divine power.

How come”

What Really

Is he saying the rules of the Seven Virtues and the Seven Sins don’t work for me

“It’s still like that.

Even though I said two taboo words, there was no change in divine power.”

The taboo words here mean ‘discipline’ and ‘duty’.

“But it doesn’t mean that my divine power doesn’t increase when I do good deeds.

It goes up, but doesn’t come off.”


This is awesome.

The passive ability, which had the biggest stake in leading the protagonist on the path of the pushover free pass, was an exception for me.

To top it out the preceding score of the Seven Good Virtues was applied, and the negative score of the Seven Deadly Sins was exempted.

[‘The Harsh Commentator who adjusts the balance’ suggests that the transmigrator privilege is overbalanced.]

[‘The World-building God’ says it’s natural because she is an S-class transmigrator.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ chews his lips, saying that he should have made that S-class transmigrator his believer.]

It’s a convenient situation.

Would he be able to eat fewer sweet potatoes in the future

As I weighed his words, Thesilid questioned.

“What the hell are you”

“It’s a very important secret, so I’m not going to tell anyone.

Instead, tell me your secret, and I’ll tell mine.

Fair Trade.

Equivalent exchange.

How about it”


The good-natured protagonist did a good job of reverse thinking.

He must have realized that he was not in a position to interrogate others, as he was strongly bound to the secrets of ‘The Commandments of the Seven Good Virtues and the Seven Deadly Sins.’.

“It’s hard, isn’t it Everyone has secrets they can’t tell, Thesilid.”


“Of course, I understand the feeling of being wary.

So, let me make sure of one thing.”


“I’m really on your side.”


Silence returned again.

After a while, Thesilid turned to the sandwich in his hand and finished it.

“Well, if I can see that you are fine even wearing a relic, you are not on the side of evil.”

“Thanks for understanding.”

“So……what is your name”

“Ellet Rodellaine.

You can call me Ellet.”

Thesilid hesitated a little before opening his mouth.

“Thank you, Ellet.

You healed me and gave me food.”

“You’re welcome.” 

As if praising a polite child, I handed a wrapped macaroon.

Thesilid kept cringing to show that he was not used to receiving, but it was also cute.

After eating, we had a brief strategy meeting.

“Ellet, do you have any more potions”

“A lot.

Are you going to subdue the boss”


Because that’s the only way to escape from the dungeon.

I’m going to join my friends and then pull out the boss, because you’re not an awakened for any of the 3 great power is dangerous so…….”

(Note: 3 great powers-> Aura, Magic, Divine Power)

“I will go too.

There are many types of potions, so I have to follow you to get what you need.”

“That’s true, but are you okay” 

“Anyway, if you fail, all the kids here, including me, will die.

I’d rather do something than hide and wait for death.”

Thesilid was solemnly silent.

He had eyes that saw civilians burning their courage ahead of the decisive battle at the end of the century.

No, that’s not it, Thesilid.


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