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A total of eleven Sacred Sheep were caught in the dungeon burst, and they were currently scattered across the east, west, north, and south annexes.

The numbers assigned to each annex were 5 in the east, 1 from the west, 2 from the south, and 3 from the north.

The two in the south annex were Ephael and Hestio.

They sat at the dinner table according to the rules of the game.

“Hestio, aren’t you hungry because you were dragged into the dungeon the moment you were about to eat lunch Come on, ah~”

“Why don’t you clean that up”

Hestio slashed Ephael’s kindness of giving him a hot pink cupcake with a knife and the cake splashed to the floor.

“No, Hestio! Throwing food on the ground, won’t you be punished by ‘strict order and goodwill’”

“Eat by yourself and get a reward.”

“Ah, I wondered what would happen if I ate it.”

“A bastard who is more like an enemy than an ally.

What kind of dungeon subjugation I’m doing with this guy As expected, I have to leave this party…….”

Except for the two boys quarreling, the dinner hall was quiet.

Nothing has happened since the dolls had served dessert half an hour ago.

The fair Butler demon did not appear either.

Thanks to this, only the children were sitting in front of the dinner table.

The children were generally wary of the food, but they were also hungry, drooling, and crying.

Ephael looked at the fork and knife and commented.

“It’s sharp.

I’ve got a rough estimate of what they’re up to.”

“It’s best not to let other kids eat, but….”

“If we do, we won’t be able to leave this banquet hall forever.”

Because the mean demon will lock the kids here and won’t let them go until he gets the show he wants.

Although Hestio and Ephael had different personalities, they had similar thoughts.

And by that time, there were some children who just run out of patience.

“I can’t take it any longer!”

“Me too! I want to eat too!”

The children picked up the cookies and poured them into their mouths.

Desire is contagious.

Even the children who had been holding back well, stretched their hands for the dessert while looking around.

At some point, the look on the children’s eyes changed beyond gluttony, as if they were possessed.

One dug up the cake with their hands and whipped cream was all over his forearm, another swallowed so many cookies that it was hard to breathe.

Eventually, a fight broke out over food.

“Give it up! I took this first……!”

The children opened their eyes out of focus and began to pick up forks and knives.

“Don’t touch the food…It’s all mine….”

“Sa-sausage……I want to eat sausage instead of cake…….

Where’s the sausage……”

There was a man, or a demon, who appeared as if waiting for this bizarre atmosphere of madness.

“Ohh! Looks like the game is just about to start In the South Annex!”

Butler Rodrigo appeared.

He had freshly bathed and had a moist face flushed from the heat.

He seemed like some kind of perverted for some reason.

“Now, the third game is ‘Playing House of Hallucinations’! Forks, knives, plates, silver candlesticks, and more! There are a lot of playing house sets, so let’s use these to kill people our age!”

Ephael and Hestio stood back to back.

Ephael wiped the fork where the cake had been taken before with a napkin and held it vertically in front of his face.

Hestio crossed his arms, with one knife in each hand.

“Hestio, blessing please.”

“When dealing with kids, let’s stop using divine power as a fellow human being.”

The children found Ephael and Hestio and approached them.

It was a time when they were nervous thinking about the other kids rushing.


There was a small explosion in the fireplace.

The banquet hall was filled with smoke in an instant.

“Cough! Cough-Kuh-Cof! What! Didn’t they clean the chimney properly!”

Rodrigo had just washed up and was now covered with ashes.

In the corner of the fireplace, Helverus looked at him.

When the strong smoke and the sound of coughing subsided, the situation in the banquet hall was quite different.

“Ugh, my head hurts……”

“What…… Why am I on the table and holding my knife upside down……”

“Hey, someone stabbed my arm with a fork! Blood!”

“I-I’m sorry! I thought it was a sausage…Why did I….”

The children came back to their senses one by one.

“I think there’s no need to fight anymore.”

“I know, right”

Hestio and Ephael bewilderedly lowered their knives and forks.

Only Rodrigo ran rampant.

“What! How did this happen! Why is the hallucination gone Hey, Hellfire! You come here!”

“Hey! What is that smoke that you brought with you What did you eat! Huh!”

Helverus reduced his size to as small as a candle.

He tried to exercise his right to remain silent, but every time the flame flickered, black smoke flew out.

“It’s a detoxifying herb!”

Rodrigo, who was angry to the top of his head, stepped on Helverus recklessly. 

“You useless firecracker bastard! Die! Just disappear like this!”


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