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After a moment of silence.

“No way.

You saw wrong.”

“Hey, don’t yell that at my head!”

The flower buds on Ephael’s head became as plump as about to bloom.

His Spier Lily was a violet color the same as his eyes.

“Ah, that blonde kid is a bummer.

As expected, I thought stigmata wouldn’t be a good flowerpot.”

Rodrigo sat cross-legged in his chair, watching the show.

“Oh, forget it! Just die!”

Ephael ignored the growth of the flower and ran towards the mole doll.


The fork loaded with divine power was blocked by the Mole doll’s sharp claws.

Contrary to its dull appearance, its front paws were as fast as Ephael’s attacks.

As he was prioritizing evasion, it was not easy to get the timing right and deliver a powerful blow.

“Oh, that’s annoying.”

It was time for Ephael to step back and catch a breath.

The Mole’s buttonhole eyes turned to the other side.

It was Hestio.

The doll plundered at high speed and rushed to Hestio.

“Hic! Hey, punk! Why are you attacking me! I didn’t hit you at all!”

“Oh-oh! All right, Hestio! Block it with your body to buy time!”

“Hey, fight properly!”

“I’m sorry.

I’m not a tanker, I’m a dealer.”

(Note: I mistook Ephael’s role.

He’s the damage dealer, Thesilid might be the Tanker.)

The minimum number of a dungeon subjugation team is 4 people and consists of a tank, a dealer, a supporter, and a healer.

In a situation where the tank cannot do its job, the healer is the first priority target, and the second priority target is the supporter.

As long as the buff was given, it was natural for the attack to concentrate on Hestio.

“Oh, dear.

Wasn’t the Vatican’s final weapon the Sacred Sheeps Why can’t you use the power at all Such a disappointment.”

Hestio and Ephael shuddered at the bitter ridicule.

It was their first dungeon.

They were embarrassed in many ways to suddenly engage in a real battle after fighting only with training-bred monsters until now.

Besides, the Mole doll in front of them was a middle boss of an S-class dungeon.

It’s equivalent to the boss of a B-class dungeon, so normally a raid of 6 or more people will have to deal with it.

Hestio, driven to a dead end, blocked the Mole doll’s front claws with a knife.

“Hey, Ephael.

I really didn’t want to say this…….”

“Is that a will”

“Hey, shut up.”


Tell me.”

“I miss Thesilid.”

“That’s a will, all right.

I will pass it to him.”

“Shut up and fork hard!”

Rodrigo blew out a hateful cheer.

“Still, you guys are doing pretty well.

The East Annex and the North Annex little lambs have already been wiped out.

But here, with only one dealer and one supporter, you are still alive.

That’s great!”


Hestio and Ephael were startled.

Annihilation of the stigmata in the east and north So what about the west Is the West annex where Thesilid was

“Try your best.

Well, it looks like you’ll be following your friends soon…….”

It was the moment when the devil spoke like a viper.


The huge door of the dinner hall shattered and forks and knives flooded in.

The Mole doll quickly moved away from Hestio.


Rodrigo jumped up from his chair.

It was also up to the butler to welcome the intruder, but he was astonished to find Thesilid in the doorway.

“Yo-you silver-haired lamb……! This is not the West Annex, why are you here! How did you get over here in such a short time!”

Rodrigo’s contribution to removing the body of Hellfire was very important.

“Hestio, Ephael, are you alive”

Thesilid, with a golden flower on his head, ignored Rodrigo and sought out his friends.

The intruder was not alone.

Behind his back, a pink-haired girl poked her head out.

“Introduce me to your friends, Thesilid.”


Rodrigo’s eyes widened to the limit when he saw Ellet.

A plump flower bud was saw on the top of her light-pink head.

The color of the petals, which showed off their presence by particularly scattering demonic energy, was dark purple.

For some reason, it feels like the eyes of everyone were more focused on me than Thesilid armed with the main character’s buff.

The butler, who had exposed his gums towards Thesilid a while ago, turned his eyes toward me.

“Unbelievable! Dark purple! Is it really dark purple I can’t believe I’m the one who bloomed that precious dark purple! Maybe I have talent as a gardener!”

The demon was talking nonsense thinking that I’m a flowerpot in his house.

It was an opportunity when Rodrigo was so moved that he lost awareness of everything else.

Thesilid claimed the Mole doll’s attention on him and dragged it towards the side of the hall that had no children to deal with it.

I approached the wounded stigmata.

It was easy to recognize thanks to the white uniform.

Let’s see.

Black hair is Hestio, and blonde hair is Ephael.

“Hello, you are Thesilid friends, right My name is Ellet.”

I wanted to make a good first impression, but their expressions were wrinkled.

“Who is his friend”

“Did he say that with his mouth Friends”

It seems to be an important issue to be addressed even in this situation.

Then I must be serious, too. 

“You aren’t friends Then you don’t need to heal your wounds”

I asked while waving the healing potion.

“He’s my friend.”

“That’s right, my friend.”

Their attitude was very flexible.

They must have been friends that Thesilid needed.


The Mole doll foamed from its mouth and collapsed.

Following the West annex, Thesilid killed the mole in the South annex.

Even among the Stigmata, who were preciously raised in the Vatican, he was a protagonist.

The Doll fell, but Rodrigo didn’t even care because his only interest was the flower in my hair.

“Whoa, dark purple…….dark purple petals……! This is the best! If I decorate my office with that flowerpot……Hold on.

Should I go to the dark auction house of the magic world Or should I offer a bribe to one of the three great kings Ufufufufufufu…….”

Rodrigo, who had been struggling with vain dreams, spoke to me.

“Cute little pink-haired girl over there, what’s your name”

“Did you invite without knowing the guest’s name The butler is disqualified.”

“Ah! Even with this Rodrigo in front of him, she has a bold personality! I’m starting to like not only the flower, but also flowerpot!”

Rodrigo’s eyes widened.

“But if you’re a lady, you’d better answer a gentleman’s question politely.

Otherwise, I’ll pop the heads of these kids one by one until an answer comes out of that cute mouth……!”

“Ellet Rodellaine.”

“Very good, Miss Ellet.


Ephael and Hestio looked angry as if they saw my quick change of tone as a surrender.

“Miss Ellet, I quite like you, so let me give you a special choice.

Why don’t you go with this Brother Butler”

“What happens if I go” 

“After being changed into my favorite gothic Lolita dress, you will have the honor of saluting the great Count Orsche! Don’t ask what happens next, because I haven’t decided yet whether to hand you over to the auction house or give it to the Demon King.”

After pretending to think for a moment, I answered.

“That’s a pretty attractive suggestion.”


“Hey! Are you crazy”

Ephael and Hestio, who were next to me, made faces that looked like their eyes would pop out.

Thesilid was far away so I couldn’t see his face, but I looked at Rodrigo, ignoring the reaction around me.

“Right Right Little Ellet, you also think so, don’t you”


“As expected, a lady’s choice is wise.

Well then, come over here and hold this butler’s hand… ….”

“Instead, there are conditions.

Release all the kids here.”

“What Well, that’s a bit… … .”

“You can’t Why can’t you do that for a lady like me Were you disqualified not only as a Butler but also as a gentleman”


Rodrigo who had his pride wounded, trembled.

All right.

If I scratch it a little more, I think I’ll succeed.

All the kids here get out of the dungeon, and I go straight to the boss room.

Wouldn’t this be killing two birds with one stone

[‘The World-building God’ notices your strategy and claps for your performance.]

“Can you or can’t you Come on.”

“Fi-Fine! Instead, sign this contract that means you will do anything I ask in the future……”

It was then.


A knife loaded with divine power flew and tore Rodrigo’s contract and at the same time, my body was pulled back.

“Don’t be ridiculous.

I will never let this kid go.”


This ambush wasn’t part of my plans.

Thesilid, the righteous pushover, hid me behind his back, making the whites of Rodrigo’s eyes turn red with anger.

“You rude silver-haired bastard! I cannot forgive you for ripping my sacred contract!”


“I have to set a good example for stigmata and other naughty brats.

It’s enough to keep only the pink flowerpot alive!”

Oh, the plan is a failure.

[‘The Harsh Commentator who adjusts the balance’ says that boarding the express bus to the Boss room seems to be out of the question.]

I think so, too, Mr.


As originally planned, we had no choice but to take the regular bus operated by Thesilid and his friends.

Rodrigo flew up to the ceiling.

“Just wait, children.

I’ll find out the price of my rare flower and come and play again! Until then, I’ll send you the Grim Reaper, so you can just play hide and seek!”

He greeted me separately.

“Pretty flowerpot lady, I will prepare a dress and go pick you up.

Goodbye for a little while!”

With a wink at the end, Rodrigo disappeared, and a Clown doll popped up. 

“Hey! It’s that doll from before!”

The children hurriedly scattered away to hide.

Only me, Thesilid, Ephael, and Hestio did not move from the banquet hall.

Hestio came up to me, dryly striking the Clown doll.

“Hey, did you say your name is Ellet”

“That’s right.”

“I see, Ellet.

I’m afraid you are somewhat following along Thesilid steps and doing the same thing….Agh! Hey, why are you pushing people!”

Thesilid cleared Hestio.

But it didn’t seem like the purpose was to save me from nagging.



Thesilid stared at me without a word.

[‘The World-building God’ grumbles about as to why the little man is suddenly setting the mood.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ likes the little boy’s angry face because he’s handsome.]

It was.

Thesilid had an expressionless look as if holding back his anger.

“Were you thinking of sacrificing yourself”

No, I was planning on riding the express bus by myself.

Thesilid came a little closer to me, while I was exercising my rights to remain silent.

“You know what happens when you get dragged away by a demon Demons are not called the devil for nothing.

You’d rather die than suffer forever.

How dare you make such an offer to the demon”

It was then that his calm tone began to waver.


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