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The blinds above the corpse of the Egg Gentleman were also removed.

[Number 16738th in the Demon World, ‘Gentleman who acts as Count Orcshe’]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ complains about how frustrating it is to finalize realize such a simple trick.]

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ says it’s a pity that the realization came before the end and argues if only the ‘The World-building God’ hadn’t given a hint.]

Rodrigo’s energy, which revealed his true nature as an S-class Boss, was overwhelming.

The crushed Ephael and Hestio seemed to be on the verge of kneeling.

Fortunately, Thesilid, the main character, and I, the one protected by the system, were fine.

Rodrigo’s face observing me was flushed.

“Even if you’re a small flowerpot, I’m starting to like you very much.

It’s the first time I’ve ever had my heart flutter……!”

“I’m sorry about that.”

“Miss Ellet, I’ll propose again.

Why don’t you stay here with me I will give you the seat of the Count’s mistress!”


Is this becoming Ropan all of a sudden

[‘The World-building God’ is swearing at the pedophile.]

Rodrigo made serious plans all by himself.

“Don’t worry about the opposition of my family.

After all, I’m just a collateral, so even if I marry a human, they won’t care.

If you get a blood transfusion from a vampire, you too can become a full-fledged member of the Demon Realm.

How about becoming Ellet Orsche starting today What do you think”

“Um, wait a minute.

I’ll think about it.

But is this a proposal No presents A ring or something.”

“Oh, the ring! Wait! There’s a ring somewhere here…….”

Thesilid, again, looked back at me in a fit of anger and I said a small whisper.

“I’m stalling for time.

Share this with your friends.”

When I handed the potion bottle, Thesilid silently did as he was told.

Hestio and Ephael took the potion and drank it, making a desperate sound.

“The wounds are not the problem.

We can’t fight against a demon like that…….”

“Yes, Plan A is a failure.”

It was then that a cold light appeared in Ephael’s eyes as if he had decided to do something.

“After all, I have no choice but to go with plan B…….”

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ reveals a subtly anticipation of the original plot unfolding.]

For reference, in the original story, the Egg Gentleman kills Hestio, after which Ephael kills all the children that are still alive, and then takes his own life to send only Thesilid out of the dungeon.

It was a sacrifice disguised as a fake evil deed, saving the strongest of the stigmata for a greater cause.

As I was mulling over the original frustrating plot, Ephael said to me with a sad smile. 

“I’m sorry, Ellet.

There will be no pain.

See you in heaven.”


Sleep tight.”

“What No, wait…… Why am I suddenly sleepy….”


“Ephael All of a sudden……Oh, me too….”


I succeeded in putting Ephael and Hestio to sleep.

There’s no way I can reveal my identity to church officials.

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ is sorry for the development that deviated from the original.]

[‘The World-building God’ cries out that the original work is extremely hateful.]

Only then did Thesilid ask back in surprise. 

“Wasn’t that a healing potion”

“No, it was a sleeping potion.”


“I brought it with me because I was afraid I might not be able to adjust to the jet lag, but it was useful.

Thanks to you, I stopped plan B.

Thanks, Terry.”


He seemed to be so shocked by the fact that he had put allies to sleep with his own hands, to the extent that he could not even react to the nickname I secretly called.

Oh, come to think of it.

“But Terry, why aren’t you sleeping”

“I thought it was a healing potion and made only the two drink it…….”

“Oh well.

I can’t help it.”

His altruism was an ambush to my plans, but now that it’s like this, we have to fight together.

I patted Thesilid on the shoulder.

“Don’t worry.

We’re going with plan C.

It’s a winning strategy.”

“Plan C……”

“You in the front, me in the back.

End of strategy meeting.

Let’s go!”

“……Wait, what”



He kicked the floor following my orders well like a paladin candidate who regards obedience as a virtue.

Only then, Rodrigo, who was looking for the ring in the desk drawer, turned to look this way.

“Huh Why is the silver-haired lamb charging at me Don’t be ridiculous!”

It was the moment when Rodrigo raised the gentleman’s cane and was about to unleash an attack.


The phenomenon of the other day was reproduced.

My feet floated in the air and my hair dyed silver, spread like wings.


The Spider Lily on the head could not overcome the strong divine power and burned out.

“What! My fiancee, what is that body!”


Rodrigo and Thesilid, who were facing each other, looked at me.

I first made a barrier to protect Ephael and Hestio.


Mercury’s Barrier.”

[ The ultimate skill ‘Mercury Barrier Lv.20 ( 10)’ is activated.]

I don’t know why, but the skill level has risen.


The shape was also bigger and grander.

It rose high and wide like…….

“Castle wall”

It was as Thesilid mumbled.

The manifestation of an anti-siege, war-class type defense barrier.

A silver citadel was built behind me.

Rodrigo was horrified.

“This energy! That skill! Impossible! The one who killed Ardiman a while ago……!”

“Rumors travel fast in the Demon World.

Yes, it is me.”

No further conversation was necessary.

I pointed at Rodrigo with my index finger.


Divine Punishment! Divine Punishment! Divine Punishment! Die, you perverted demon!”



A thunderstorm fell through the ceiling of the office and hit Rodrigo with a direct hit.

It was a skill that crushed A-class Ardimant in one shot, but S-class Rodrigo was hit three times in a row and survived.

Staggering he said.

“Ah, my fiancee was a Saint….”

“Don’t you dare say fiancee.” 

“Maybe you stole my heart to do this from the beginning……! Attacking this Rodrigo Orsche with the honey trap! To humiliate me by turning this body into a corrupt demon who fell in love with a Saint!”

“No, I’m not.”

“I can’t forgive you! How dare you play with this demon’s innocence! I can’t forgive you!”

Rodrigo rushed at me, flying with demonic energy.

I have to tie his feet.


Bond him.”

Some startup words can be replaced with commands.

[ Advanced skill ‘Crown of Thorns Lv.39 ( 10)’ is activated.]

Thorns grew rapidly from under Rodrigo’s feet.

A dry, pointed thorn bush without a single leaf rolled around Rodrigo’s whole body and wrapped around his forehead in a Crown of Thorns.

The coronation of the Crown of thorns from the bottom up made Rodrigo falter.

Meanwhile, I was preparing to launch an onslaught.


But, overwhelmed by evil, Rodrigo escaped the thorn bush while bleeding from everywhere.


The distance narrowed in an instant.

Rodrigo rushed to me as I took a deep breath.

“You stole my heart so I will take your heart, Fiance!”

His cane charged with demonic power aimed at my heart, and the next moment when I held my breath.


“……You reject me again!”

The Barrier of Mercury, which was barely fixed, completely blocked Rodrigo’s attack.

But I got frustrated.

What should I do He’s too close. 

In order to attack from this distance, I have to collect the barrier, but I can’t because I’m in the middle of a confrontation.

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ makes fun of you for saying that close-quarters combat is unreasonable because physical strength and athleticism are F-class.]

[‘The World-building God’ argues that only he can scold his first follower.]

It’s a disadvantage for me if this drags on, I have to hurry and shake him off. 

Fortunately, there was an easy way.


“This silver-haired lamb! This is my and my fiancee’s problem! Don’t butt in!”

Oh right! There was a tank here!

Thesilid turned Rodrigo’s attention from me.

“Get behind me and attack!”

“All right!”

Thanks to this, I was able to focus on pouring out attack skills.

Then, Thesilid started to be overwhelmed, so I searched for a supporter skill when I was free and cast one.

“This will do, right Omnipotence.

Holy Hymn.”

[ Intermediate skill ‘Holy Hymn Lv.53 ( 10)’ is activated.]

The movements of the buffed Thesilid changed.

“No, what……is this a blessing It’s completely different from what Hestio used.”

“Aaaah! Stigmata! How dare you!”

Rodrigo, who had been over half-baked in my thunderbolts, groaned.

It’s time to bring this to a close.

I tried the restraint skill again.

I couldn’t wrap Rodrigo in thorns as before, so I made a small cage, and this time he couldn’t get out.

“How does it feel to go from being a predator to being prey”

“Hey, this can’t happen.

This Rodrigo Orsche can’t lose for two little children!”

“There is no remorse until the end.”

I pointed at Rodrigo with my index finger and pulled it down.


Vanquish of Evil (斷惡).”


[ Ultimate Skill ‘Vanquish of Evil.15 ( 10)’ is activated.]


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