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Mom and Grandpa granted my request.

They pitched a tent in the ruined temple and stayed there for two days to nurse me.

“Do you know how much Mom was worried!”

As soon as the penalty fever was lifted, the first thing that came into view was the face of my mother with swollen eyes.

Mom hugged me tightly and cried for a long time, then she let me go after I complained that I was choking.

Grandfather handed a handkerchief to Mom, who was still sniffling her nose.

Mom graciously took it, blew her nose, and returned it to grandfather.

It looked very natural and friendly.

“You opened your eyes, baby.

Are you feeling well”


Sorry for worrying you.”

It seems that while I was asleep, grandfather explained to Mom the power I possessed and the ‘Descent of Divinity’.

There was no need for me to explain again to Mom the secret to immediately breaking the petrification curse and the cause of my fever.

However, Mom was a little dissatisfied.

“If the cost of using Descent had to be this painful, we could have waited for someone from The Vatican.”

“I wanted to see Mom soon.”


As soon as Mom made a tearful face again, grandfather stepped out.

“Hmm! Now that you are up, have breakfast.

Let’s eat and go out.”

The sun in the dungeon was in the middle of the sky, and in reality, it would be dawn, but because I had finally woken up after a long time sleeping, grandfather set the standard as the morning.

Grandfather prepared a breakfast table consisting of duck meatball skewers, herb salad, honey roll bread, and fig jam.

Of course, we just took out everything that was in my satchel.

“My granddaughter is a good cook, too!”

“She takes after Leo.”

Mother replied, tearing the honey bun in half.

Whether it was true that she was a noble young girl who had received a rigorous education, Mom’s eating movements were unparalleled elegant. 

Now that the family meal has been prepared, a friendly conversation could not be missed.

“Eli, Dad didn’t look for someone else while Mom was away, right”

The knife that applied jam shone coldly.

Looks like it had a little bit of aura.

“Dad was always missing my mom.”



As soon as he finally had some free time and money to spare after a long time, he told us he wanted to visit the house where he lived with Mom.”

“Oh my, my! That Leo is really.

When we meet, I should reward him thickly.”

Looking at my mother, blushing like a girl while thinking about the one who loves her, makes my heart warm. 

Mom was very curious about how our family was doing at Gillette Estate.

I didn’t know much about life before I transmigrated, but I know we were living like pushovers, so I cut it short as much as possible and focused on the story after I transmigrated.

Mom listened intently, her eyes shining.

It looked as if she was trying to fill in the six years she couldn’t be with our family with my words.

On the other hand, there were people who lost 13 years.

Grandfather wondered about the story of the seven years from the time mother ran away from home until she became a salt statue in this dungeon.

Mom reluctantly opened her mouth.

“I don’t think it’s a good thing to hear…….

Immediately after I left the house, I was overwhelmed with evil thoughts, so I went into the SS-class dungeon alone without thinking about anything.” 

“Kuh! That, like that… … !”

“But after being beaten up by the boss a little bit, I came back to my sense.

Fortunately, the boss zone was open and the boss was also a beast type with no intelligence, so I was able to escape after hiding for a few days.”


“After I got out of the dungeon, I was in a hurry to heal my injuries, so I tried to warp to the city center.

However, it seems that the warping stone was damaged during battle.

My husband found and healed me after I warped to the wrong forest and collapsed.

I wanted to forget everything while living like that.”


“Life was on the poor side.

The only thing I could do while living off his goodwill was to catch prey.

I wanted to hide my name and work as a mercenary, but I got pregnant quickly and I had severe morning sickness, so I couldn’t.

After that, I was busy with childcare.”

“I-I see….”

How do parents feel when they hear the story of their daughter’s free-spirited cohabitation before marriage I could not know, but I gave grandfather a little more herb salad.

Herbs were good for mental and physical stability.

“……No need for dressing.”


Now it was grandfather’s turn.

There’s something I’ve been curious about for a while.

“Grandpa, you said you were a noble.

What kind of family is it”

“Hm-mh! Let me tell you what kind of person is this Grandfather……!”

“It’s nothing much.

He’s just playing the king on a little piece of land.”

“What do you mean small Compared to the title, it’s not that small!”

The arguments between the two were conflicting, so I had to make my own judgment.

“So what’s the family name”

“You will be surprised to hear it!”

“I wouldn’t be!”

Grandfather was triumphantly stretching his chest muscles and when I faced him and imitated him, he said.

“It’s Hispenril.”


What Huh Hmm

I think I heard it wrong.

“This grandpa is Aaron Jake Hispenril!”

“……Oh my god.”

It was a familiar name.

It was the name of the strongest man on the continent, who took the top spot until the main character repeated the regression 40 times.


I looked at my mom for confirmation.

Mom just ate meatball skewers with a look of disapproval. 

If it’s like this, I have no choice but to ask. 

“Mom…… was a princess……”


It was a silence of positivity. 

The pendant necklace rang.

For reference, Aaron Jake Hispenril and Agnes Azlit were famous for being fierce rivals and classmates at the Knights Academy when they were young.

On the other hand, grandfather seized a golden opportunity to express the family’s splendor. 

He looked at me and said in the tone of a teacher in class.

“Baby, as expected you’re smart.

That’s right! Mom is a princess! So what happens to her when your mother inherits the Duke’s seat Our little child here becomes a princess!”


Oh my god! Jackpot!

Princess! The secret of birth is revealed! In addition, a rise in status!

‘Th-the true essence of childcare……!’

[‘The Harsh Commentator who adjusts the balance’ clicks his tongue asking why you still haven’t given up on the dream of childcare.]

It’s because you always give me hope!

But everything was just hope torture.

“I have no intention of going back.”

At Mom’s firm voice.

I and Grandpa shrugged our shoulders at the same time.

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ gently tempts you to give up childcare and go to the R-rated reverse harem Ropan.]

The reverse harem keyword has added to Libra’s taste.

(Note: Libra is another word for Scales, and used as this goddess nickname.)

[‘The Eyes that watch over the chaos of all things’ insist that you already have Bianca.]

Oh, come on.

Then my grandfather glanced sideways at me, looked at Mom’s eyes, and said something. 

“Th-The child seems to want to come to the family….”

How dare you sneak up on the granddaughter’s shield This is quite an awkward situation.



“I wanted it a lot, very much, I sincerely coveted the position of a princess.

But I respect Mom’s decision.

If Mom hates it, I hate it too, and if she doesn’t like it, I also don’t need it.”


Sorry Grandpa, but I’m drawing the line.

Mom has been badly hurt by Grandpa for a long time, and she has not yet untangled her heart.

I was the one who criticized grandfather even when I heard the story without knowing that his runaway daughter was Mom.

I could not make a shallow change of posture because I was momentarily blinded by the position of a princess.

As for the bloodline issue, Mom is the only way to connect me and grandpa.

So, Mom’s heart is important, and it is right to follow her choices and actions.

“S-Such resolution ….”

Mom chuckled as she looked at the embarrassed grandfather.

“I don’t know who the adult is and who the child is.

Shame on you for thinking of using your granddaughter.” 

“I-I-I’m sorry.

I have no face to show…”

Grandpa lowered his head with a face stained in red.

Meanwhile, Mom hugged me and rubbed our faces together.

“Oh, you are so pretty.

As expected, this is a daughter made by Leo and me.”


It’s okay if I don’t upgrade my status right away.

‘As long as my family is around, I’m good.’

That alone made me happy enough.

In addition, life in Count Gillette’s Castle where Bianca lives was good, and the household’s lack of means was only going to get better thanks to the success of the potion business.

So I don’t have to be a princess.

[‘The Harsh Commentator who adjusts the balance’ says t’s a good self-justification since you can’t leave Count Gillette during the tutorial.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ was laughing out loud saying that childcare was impossible by nature.]

[‘The Eyes that watch over the chaos of all things’ is satisfied with the setting in which you have no choice but to be tied to Bianca.]


Phew, can’t I block this


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