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[ Basic skill ‘Healing Lv.67( 10)’ activates.]

The blood on the cadet’s arm stopped and the wound healed in an instant.

Come on, look.

This is my healing that has reached the level of advanced skills by leveling up!

“Oh, my God!”

“Oh my God, such a heal…!”

As expected, the response was enthusiastic.

In particular, Joachim was speechless with his mouth wide open.

I smiled and greeted everyone.


I’m a healer.

Would you like to go with me”

“Me! Me!”

“Take me, please!”

People lined up behind the cadet.

Everyone except Joachim.

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ hates unnecessary party formation.]

The architect grumbled, expressing his tendency to play solo. 


Joachim, who had been supported until a second ago and was suddenly abandoned, had a bewildered face.

“What, no,  thi-this is absurd…Cog!”

“Priest, me too~.”

Someone tackled Joachim on the shoulder as they walked past him, in a very deliberate manner.

No one came forward to support him as he collapsed.

“Ho-how could you do this to me…”

That’s why you should usually do good to the people around you so that you won’t dig your own grave.

This isn’t even worth sympathizing with.

“I need to treat your injuries.

I’ll see you one by one.”

“Oh my god! Does a Priest even heal wounds like this”

“The priest over there told me to endure it unless I broke a bone because it was a waste of divine power….”

“After all, strong people are different!”

“Look at the healing speed.

You are so fast that no one can compare!”

If Joachim slaps, I should hit an uppercut.

The subjugation members poured out praises for me, demonstrating their ability to comfort and soothe Joachim.

“These people…until now, you were begging for my heals…!”

Joachim’s face turned red, he is unlikely to be good at controlling his anger.

If, so.

“Ah, it’s taking a long time and it’s cumbersome to go through the injuries one by one.

I will treat you all at once!”


I was annoyed, so I activated the area heal ‘Healing Field’… 


“Oh my god!”


A brilliant light emitted by advanced skills and a holy breeze that engulfs my body as the caster.

The divine power overflowing in full overwhelmed the surroundings.

Yes, that’s what I was aiming for.

Everyone’s injuries were healed at the same time and cheers erupted from all over.


Joachim had become calm before he knew it.

His face color was also back to an ordinary skin color that seemed to be able to control his anger well.

And after a while.

“Oh, Sister!”

Joachim shoved the others and ran towards me.

“I almost didn’t recognize you because you weren’t wearing a priest’s uniform! Oh, my God, I should have noticed!” 


“Since a Sister with strong divine power has come as a healer, I have to assist.

Please, Sister, heal as much as you like and leave all miscellaneous things like detoxification and immunity to me.



“Oh, you don’t like it Uh, uh, well, then……! Should I do all the healing by myself I, I will squeeze my divine power! Uh, somehow and, erm, I’ll do it all by myself! Sister just needs to supervise!”


I didn’t even say a word.

What’s with this result 

Seeing Joachim actively claiming to be a healing battery, the subjugation crew murmured.

“I’ve never seen Priest Joachim crouch like that.”

“How can a person be so different….”

Joachim must be desperate in his own way, after all, this is a situation where a high-grade compatible healer appeared to replace him.

If he doesn’t act like he has an iron plate for a face to get a secondary healer position, at the least, he’ll be thrown out of the subjugation squad.

I looked at the subjugation leader with a sense of handing over the decision-making authority.

The quick-witted Joachim was quick to flatter the leader as well.

“I will report to the Vatican about the unexpected accident that happened earlier, Leader!”

“…The more healers, the better.

We would appreciate it if both of you would join us.”

A decision was made.

Then it’s time for a simple introduction.

“I am Anne, the subjugation commander of the ‘Pure Gold Apples’.”

“I’m Kyle, a subjugation member.”

“I’m Kana, his little sister.

I belong to the same Guild.”

“My name is Seijin, a wizard who came in as a mercenary.”

“You can call me Ray.”

“My name is Ash.”

“It’s Frese.”

“I am your trusted brother, Joachim!”

For some reason, there was an atmosphere where only the name was revealed without the last name.

maybe because we would be together for a little time.

Then me too.

“I’m Ellet.

Please feel free to talk comfortably with me.”

A total of nine people, including myself, started moving.

Exit gates in the dungeon are randomly generated and then disappear.

Unfortunately, the system map didn’t show the gate, so I had no choice but to diligently move my feet to find it.

While walking through the cave passage, Joachim kept pretending to be friendly.

“Sister Ellet, how did you come to be alone in such a shabby place”

“It just happened.”

“What about your party Where have all the subjugation crews who have to risk their lives to protect the Healers gone What disgrace they are!”

“I don’t have any.”

“What You don’t have a party In this S-class dungeon…”

Not only Joachim, but some of the subjugation members looked at me with surprise.

“Is it possible that Sister also got caught up in a dungeon sink like me and came here”

A little child in a brown ponytail, who had been walking close to me since before, interrupted.

She threw in a nice setting, so I decided to use it.


I got caught up in a dungeon sink.

Frese must have been like that.”


I was obviously lying in bed to sleep, but when I opened my eyes, I felt a strange feeling, and suddenly there were a lot of slimes around.”

A world where you fall into a dungeon sink while sleeping.

As expected, the survival difficulty is S-class.

Of course, this is also an extremely unfortunate case.

Suddenly, a little question came to mind. 

“You came alone, there was no one else”


I was alone.”

“Then, how could you walk among the slimes…”

“I was struggling with being buried, but this Uncle here saved me!”

The person nominated was the cadet who identified himself as Ray in the introductions.

He flinched and muttered as if he was very upset.

“Why am I an uncle, and she’s the older sister…”

“Yes, Frese.

Please also call the aspiring knight here your brother.

There is not much of an age difference.”

“…Are you defending me”

“My brother is also a cadet at the military academy.

We can’t just let this injustice go.”


But Frese was stubborn.

“But you are wearing the uniform of the Knights Academy.

When my dad went to the military academy, he was already old.

Military academy Cadet Uncle!”


This world or that world, everything seems mean… 

I offered my deepest condolences.

“Uh, um, would you like me to call me you Brother as well”

“No, it’s fine.”


There seemed to be some kind of empathy now, I’ll take this time to ask you a question. 

“Cadet Ray, I have a question for you…”

“You seem curious about me.

I’m a graduate of the 117th class of the military academy, and currently on a one-year knight training trip to receive a knighthood according to the custom.

I applied as a mercenary to the ‘Pure Gold Apple’ subjugation team to earn money for travel.”

“I see.

Congratulations on your graduation.”

“Thank you.

It seems like it’s been a while since I got pure well intended congratulations.”

“I can feel the sorrow of a second son.

You must have been compared to the top a lot.”


After all, I was labeled as second place, so even if I stood still, I was often compared to the first place, I finished second until graduation. Sigh…”

“Oh, but that’s not what I was going to ask.”

“Oh, really So what were you trying to ask”

“The cadet must be a nobleman.

Your manner is quite easy to see at first glance.” 


I thought he would come out shamelessly, but Ray made excuses with an embarrassed face.

“That’s because I’m not used to respectful words to people other than my parents.”

“Really You must have met a lot of other nobles at the military academy.

Did you have a good relationship with your classmates”

“Yes! Everyone has a higher status than me…Well, no.

More than that.”

Ray tried to turn his words.

“You said that your brother was also a cadet at the military academy.

It could be someone I know.”

“Oh, come to think of it, my older brother also graduated this year.

He must be a graduate student from the same year as Cadet Ray.”

“Really What’s his name”

Discovering traces of alumni in a foreign country creates a sense of joy that was not seen before.

Ray’s eyes lit up.



He gave a speech as a representative of the graduates.”


Why did his expression harden the moment I said my brother’s name

“F… Frintz”


“Your brother is called…Frintz”

“Is there something wrong…”

“Oh, no.


But, that’s not a face that says it’s nothing

Why are you doing this My brother isn’t the type of person to mess around with others He’s kind, smart, and good-looking, so he’s a likable type right

Then Ray looked at me and muttered something.

“Come to think of it, you have pink hair …” 

His eyes fluttered wildly.

When I was about to ask why the hell he was doing that.

Suddenly, Ray opened a quiet distance from me.

“Excuse me…”

“I-I’m sorry.

I am allergic to pink hair.

I need you to stay away from me.”


I wondered if it was a lame excuse, but he was acting like someone with an allergy.

< My goodness, now I’m seeing all sorts of things.

He’s quite the weirdo.>

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ advises to not stay too close.]

I was grateful to Agnes and the architect for being on my side.


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