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“Wow, it’s a village!”

After camping overnight for the past few days, my whole body was stiff.

I missed my bed so much that my muscles were about to twist, and I was happy to find a town of sizable scale.

Thesilid and I looked sideways at each other, who had become dirty. 

“Ellet, how about taking a break here today”

“I’ve been waiting for that word.”

I inquired about the best inn in town and found a place to stay.

After taking a proper bath after a long time, I was happy to lie down on the bed with a refreshed body.

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ complains about having separate rooms.]

Knock, knock.

“Ellet, it’s me.”

“Yes, come in.”

I greeted Thesilid while lying down on my back.

He was startled as soon as he opened the door but soon spoke as if nothing had happened. 

“I’m thinking of going to church.” 

“Why would you go to church Do you want to make a confession”

Thesilid picked up the blanket hanging from the chair.

He opened his mouth only after he showed his dutiful manners to cover my legs exposed under the gown.

“Since I have a sinful body, that would be a good thing to do.

But not for that purpose.”

“Oh, I see.

You’re trying to get news from the Vatican, aren’t you”

“That’s right.”

I couldn’t let the weak protagonist go alone.

“Let’s go together.

Wait outside for a moment.”

I sent Thesilid out and searched my satchel.

The clothes I usually wear were washed and laid out, so I’m thinking of wearing other clothes.

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ shines her eyes asking to wear pretty clothes.]

[‘The World-building God’ hopes you will wear the order’s costume at this time.]

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ says that one is too much and prefers a beige outing dress.]

Since I was going around town anyway, I thought I could wear the clothes Miss Libra had chosen.

I went out with a shirt on a slightly Apron-like dress. 

“Let’s go, Terry.”

“It feels like I should escort you.”

“You, me”


While exploring the village, I walked toward the place where I could see a cross.

The church, which we arrived at not long after, was larger than expected.

I murmured as I scanned the exterior near the entrance.

“It’s a big one, but since it’s a remote village, I don’t know if there are any church officials who have news about The Vatican.”

“I don’t think you need to worry about that.

Look over there, Ellet.”


Just then, I saw a group of people entering through the back door of the church.

The white uniform adorned with light blue in a bias cut and gold epaulets was like a symbol of the Holy Knights.

Thesilid immediately recognized their affiliation.

“The Knights Templar.”

“Ah, Templars.”

It was the name of the knights Clovis Argent, Thesilid’s stepbrother, was in charge of.

Was his primary mission search for relics

Thesilid pondered for a moment, then said as if he had realized something.

“Ah, it seems that your existence has not been erased from this episode.

Then he will have a hard time finding you.”


“The mission of the Knights Templar is to search for Saints.

I think Clovis has been looking for you for about eight years.”

“Oh, my……”

In the 17th timeline, my existence is recognized by the denomination as a Saint.

Therefore, it seems that the role of the Knights Templar has changed with the appearance of a Saint who was not in the original.

[‘The Troubled Architect of the Tower of Trials’ tells that since you’ve been stuck in the tower for 8 years, Clovis has never been able to make any progress and was often chastised in the church.]

[‘The Spoiler Inspector’ urges you to feel guilty saying that a young man’s career was ruined because of you.]

[‘The Critic who adjusts the balance’ is totally on your side, saying that hiding is not a bad thing because you are considered a heretic over there.]

[‘The World-building God’ It’s ridiculous that you should pretend to be a Saint that belongs to other churches in the first place.]

The Critic and World God were right.

Besides, I probably wouldn’t have been able to go outside the Count’s Castle because of the tutorial anyway.

Thesilid also commented.

“You don’t have to feel sorry about it.

You were twelve when Clovis took on the mission to search for the Saint.

At that time, if it were revealed that you were a saint, you would be put under the protection of the Order.

“What happens then” 

“You would be forcibly separated from your family, and you must have been forced to serve and sacrifice from a young age.

Because the duties placed on the name of a Saint are heavy.”

“Well……Thanks, Terry.”

“All of a sudden”

“The Commander of the Temple Knights, it’s your older brother.”

There are no real blood relations and they are not really friends, but…

“Thank you for keeping the secret.”

“I just did what I thought was right.”

He doesn’t know how to take credit, that’s why he’s always living at a loss.

“Then, what shall we do now Do you want to contact Knight Commander Clovis”

“Not really because we’re not close.” 

“Do you even have a close friend” 

“……I have.”

“Oh, who”

“You would know.

Hestio and Ephael.”

Another amazing fact.

Aren’t they friends with who we broke into the boss room together in the toy mansion 10 years ago

At that time, the sandwich that I fed them, with my parents’ heart wishing them to get along with Thesilid, seemed to be still working. 

Of course, the reason for the surprise lies elsewhere. 

“Are they assigned to the Knights Templar”


Look over there.”

Just in time, two tall young men with black hair and blond hair were seen walking at the end of the group. 

A priest with a scruffy face with long black hair in loose braids.

A knight with a playful impression, who grew blonde hair just enough to cover the nape of his neck.

The images of young boys in my memories were superimposed on their faces.

“Wow, they’ve grown up.

Those two.”

[‘The Scales that Judges the Soul’ is satisfied with the great visuals.]

I’m glad I saved them.

The world would have suffered a great loss if it had gone as the original story unfolded.

While I couldn’t take my eyes off Hestio and Ephael, Thesilid said thoughtfully.

“So, it would be nice if I could contact them separately.

How to call……”

“Oh Terry, look over there.

Only the two of them are going to another place alone.”


Thesilid had a blank face when Hestio and Ephael left the Knights Templar and went down to the semi-basement.

Agnes explained the crispy structure of the church.

If she knows about it, Thesilid will know, too. 

“It’s strange that things are going so well in my life.”

“Come on, Terry.”

I grabbed his arm and pulled him away so that his thoughts wouldn’t deepen.

“But why are Hestio and Ephael going to the prayer room They are not very religious.”

“It’s a private space with good sound insulation.

Maybe they’re going to take a nap.”

“That’s possible.”

They took advantage of the brief absence of the priest who guarded the prayer room and went inside.

There were prayer room doors, both right and left, all the way of the hallway in the semi-basement.

It wasn’t particularly difficult to find where Hestio and Ephael were in the dozens of rooms.


“Ah! Thesilid, you pathetic bastard! What if you go in vain like that Ugh!”

“Sniff, calm down, Hestio.

They will hear everything.”

“Hey! Yesterday was a friend’s funeral.

Do you think I’m going to calm down! An idiot who went away without leaving so much as a finger behind……uh huk.”

Hestio’s weeping voice revealed their location.

The noise pollution that causes soundproof walls to shake in places that should be quiet was indeed out of scale.

I immediately went to the prayer room there and opened the door.


“Excuse me.”

A narrow room with nothing but a cross and a cushion 

I pushed the Thesilid into it, went in, and closed the door.

“Oh, my god! What suddenly……! WHAT!”

“……Wow, Hestio.

I must be seeing ** right now.

The ghost of a dead Thesilid is right in front of me.”

“You too”

It’s kind of funny how they blink their wide-open eyes.

However, since it was a reunion after a long time, I tried to hold back my laughter and make a good impression.

“It’s been a while, Hestio, Ephael.”

“Uh, you, I think I saw you somewhere……”

“That’s right.

That pink hair…….” 

“I guess you haven’t completely forgotten.

I’m Ellet who was dragged into the toy house with you guys.

Would you remember if I told you that I was the one who was going to go to Count Orsche with flowers on my head” 



It’s a satisfactory response.

I was so proud of them that I thought I would give them snacks one by one. 

“Then are you dead too”


Hestio, a young black-haired priest, suddenly spoke nonsense.

“Looking at you coming with Thesilid, you look dead.

What do you think, Ephael” 

“Yes, Hestio.

She must have gone first and guided him back so that we could say our last goodbye to Thesilid’s soul……”


I know you’ve come to your senses.

Stop it” 



Ephael and Hestio meekly nodded their heads and shut their mouths.

Thesilid had a very bewildered look on his face.

“Isn’t 10 years supposed to be a long time You guys look so natural.” (Terry)

It was the first thing he said after going inside the room. 

“Did you hear, Hestio”


“He speaks.

It’s not a real ghost.”

“Hey, Thesilid.

It’s nice to meet you, but can I hold you by the neck”

Of course, Thesilid’s will didn’t matter.

Hestio’s hand immediately grabbed his collar.

“Thesilid you bastard! If you are alive, you must report to the Vatican that you are alive! What are you doing here! I didn’t know you were fine, and even left flowers at your funeral yesterday!”

“My funeral is a piece of interesting news.

Can you tell me more”

Hestio flinched at his calm reply, then looked back at Ephael and asked for an opinion.

“Don’t you think this punk’s personality has gotten a little weird”

“I know.

Has something changed”

It’s because he’s a regressor.

I decided to gloss over…. 

“It’s because he came back from the brink of death.”

Hestio, convinced by my words, released Thesilid and began to interrogate more calmly.

“What happened”

Thesilid replied.

“I almost died because of a dungeon burst, but Ellet here saved me.

It hasn’t been long since I came to my senses, so I’m about to return to the Vatican.”

What was contained in the calm voice was a very refined summary.

The horror of being tortured by Reed and the misery of being abandoned by the Knights of Pillar of Light were also filtered out.



At that moment, Hestio and Ephael let out a sigh.

It felt like they were choosing something to say.

I intervened.

“What did the Vatican announce about Terry’s death”

“That is….”

“Tell me.”

Thesilid needs to know. 

Hestio, who was exasperated, did not dare to speak and huffed.

As if he couldn’t help it, Ephael swept his blonde hair and said to Thesilid. 

“They said that you believed in the Holy Sword, went into the dungeon alone, and caused a burst.

Of course, we didn’t believe it.”


A really great sweet potato.

I immediately looked at Thesilid.

He stayed still with his eyes closed, then spoke a word after a while.


“…All the Knights of the Pillar of Light.”

The name of the Knights to which Thesilid belongs.

The dead don’t speak.

The Knights, who had saved their lives by abandoning him, tried to cover up their disgrace throwing it away together with the scapegoat.


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