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She Was Here to Pick Up Trash (1)

Ji Qingzhou took out a fresh carrot with a smooth surface from her pocket and stuffed it into the mouth of the donkey pulling the cart in front.

She looked up at the sky and sighed.

The donkey cart carrying her rocked, looking like it would fall apart any moment.

Underneath the mountains, fog scattered.

It presented a veil-like picture around the waist on the winding path of the green hills, going upwards.

The small donkey cart that Ji Qingzhou was sitting on was set on top of this veil.

Xuanyun Sect, as the top Righteous Sect in the Yunze Regions, was a sacred place for those who had the heart for Dao.

However, Ji Qingzhou was the first one to take a donkey cart to attend the once-in-a-decade Immortal Ascension Conference of Xuanyun Sect.

The reason for the donkey cart was very simple.

Ji Qingzhou was impoverished.

The system she was bound to was also useless, so she could only use her own silver she had saved up after she transmigrated to buy a smart little donkey.

It actually recognized the way to Xuanyun Sect, and it could trot when fed carrots.

“Tell me, do you really want me to do this” Ji Qingzhou touched another pockmarked carrot, wiped it with her sleeve and gnawed on it.

“There are so many beautiful fairies in the immortal cultivation world.

There are many smarter than me and more powerful than me, so why did you get me over here””

“Host, at that time, Shen Rongyu affected the ghost qi of the earth veins.

The whole world was going to be destroyed by the ghost qi of the collapsing earth veins, and with no living people in this world, I had no choice but to pull a living person from another world.

How could I still have the time to pick and choose” the system said to Ji Qingzhou.

Its voice was steady, much like an emotionless machine.

Ji Qingzhou comprehended that this system was the incarnation of the poor world’s self-help consciousness, and it was indeed not human.

She was actually quite unlucky.

On an ordinary night, she had drunk a glass of milk to sleep, but when she woke up the next day, she was lying on the ground without even a change of pajamas and a cold system ringing in her ears.

“Congratulations, Host, for binding the Guide System.

Please try to capture the sick jiao1 Shen Rongyu, so that he can be more concerned about the secular world and help prevent the destruction of this realm.”

“Let him see a doctor if he’s sick to drink more hot water.

I’m 23 years old and I have never been in love.

I don’t know how to capture him.”

“Host, you will be able to return to the original world once guiding and capturing him is completed.”

“Can’t I go back now”


“Let’s do it then.”

According to the system, this sick jiao named Shen Rongyu was the number one villain who would destroy this world in the future.

However, the immortal cultivation world that he once destroyed had developed a sense of self-help.

On an impulse, it randomly caught an unlucky one from another world to seize his heart, as if he could stop killing people after he fell in love.

Shen Rongyu was currently lurking within the Xuanyun Sect, a righteous sect, as a glorious shixiong, while all other information about him was not available.

A damned pit was what it was.

“Sorry, Host.

I can’t obtain information about Shen Rongyu.

He had cut off all information about his existence in this world.”

“System, you don’t seem to be very reliable.” Ji Qingzhou came to the conclusion that this system was quite compatible with her.

“But Host, you can go to Xuanyun Sect now.

The once-in-50-years Xuanyun Sect Ascension Conference is about to start.

If you can become his classmate and approach him, then your guiding success rate will be doubled.”

“You mean a change from 0.01% to 0.02%”

“Host, you sure are optimistic.

To you, zero times zero is not zero.”

Ji Qingzhou scratched her head.

She didn’t quite understand why letting a person fall in love could prevent the world from destruction.

She had never been in love, so she couldn’t understand the beauty of it.

However, she couldn’t go home unless she completed the task, so she could only brace herself to do it.

She was really unlucky to have been picked by the system.

Ji Qingzhou lay on her back on the straw of the donkey cart and raised her head to gaze at the blue sky, which was as clear and clean as a mirror, with soft clouds drifting gently with the wind.

The Xuanyun Sect was located in the center of the Yunze Region, stretching for 100,000 miles.

The once-in-five-decades Immortal Ascension Conference was held this time at the Yunshui Peak in the west.

Xuanyun Sect was hidden from the eyes of the mundane world, so if you wanted to obtain the qualification to enter and study in Xuanyun Sect, you must first find this immortal land.

This was the first test.

Ji Qingzhou thought she was ordinary among mortals, but she was lucky.

After receiving the system quest, she saw this old donkey in the backyard of a donkey meat hotpot restaurant in the city.

It was blindfolded and was still pulling the millstone at death’s door.

A fat cook with a protruding waist was holding a cold kitchen knife and bargaining with the old farmer selling the donkey.

“It’s so old.

If I slaughter it for the customers, they’d most likely dislike it for being old meat.

Moreover, I’ll have to pay for the charcoal to cook it for a while longer.”

The old donkey was so frightened that its feet moved fast as it pulled the grindstone.

Ji Qingzhou picked up a small mirror, a token of communication with the system, and said to the system, “I’m thinking of going to Xuanyun Sect.

We still lack a means of transportation.”

“A donkey How can it take you to Xuanyun Sect” the system objected.

Ji Qingzhou still bought the donkey.

Why should she listen to the system The money was hers, and she wanted to ride the little donkey!

“Go, take me to Xuanyun Sect.” Ji Qingzhou bought a bag of carrots and patted the old donkey’s neck.

Its coat was hot and baked.

The old donkey pulled the cart and surprisingly trotted towards Xuanyun Sect.

You must know that the Xuanyun Sect could not be reached by unreliable and ordinary means.

In addition to it being an immortal land 100,000 miles away, there was a layer of formation barrier that confused the eyes of the world.

Those who had outstanding roots and bones and had immortal fates could see through this barrier with the help of their immortal eyes; those with immense power and good connections with the sect could rely on information to cross this barrier.

Ji Qingzhou had nothing.

She only wanted to ride the little donkey, because she could never ride one in modern times.

The old donkey, which had been blindfolded all its life, could have been a potential immortal donkey because it surprisingly saw through the Xuanyun Sect’s formation barrier and brought Ji Qingzhou to the outskirts of the sect.

Between the green mountains outside the Xuanyun sect, there were many mountains and peaks, and clouds could be seen hovering on the mountainside.

It was also obvious that nobody has set foot on the mountain path for a long time.

Ji Qingzhou slept on the donkey cart, and when she woke up, the donkey had stopped and was panting in front of her.

A cool and clear sound could be heard from some place ahead.

White birds with beautiful tail feathers were singing on the branches, blue stone steps spiraled upward and the cold wind blew right into her face.

There was a platform on the top of a cliff, where many people seeking immortality gathered.

She had never witnessed such a grand scene.

Those who could reach Xuanyun Sect were not ordinary people, yet she, the only ordinary person, was brought up by an immortal donkey.

TL Note:

1 Sick jiao(bingjiao – generally refers to a person’s personality that has extreme thoughts and behaviors under a morbid and extreme love view/ has a morbid personality, which is somewhat similar to a ‘terror lover’


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