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Call You Xiao Yu-shixiong (1)

Ji Qingzhuo didn't care whether someone was willing to accept her as a disciple.

She really worked hard, as for the results she could get, it was none of her business.

She pursed her lips and drew her hand back when Qiu Mingxue wasn't paying attention.

She didn't dare to hide, neither did she dare to meet the gaze of the immortality seekers present.

They were looking at her as if they were looking at an opportunistic cheat.

Ji Qingzhou could only avoid everyone's gaze and look in the direction of the only one who didn’t look at her.

It was Shen Rongyu, who, after passing the Immortality Seeking Conference, did not need to stay among them to wait for the elders to pick him out.

He had come here with the token of Perfected Yuan Wu, so of course, his master was an elder with a very high seniority.

He wasn't looking at Ji Qingzhuo.

He just lowered his head and patiently wiped the long sword in his hand.

His fine black hair hung on his shoulders, giving him a serene countenance.

"Sect Master, you too..." Jiang Qianke didn't think Ji Qingzhuo could join Xuanyun Sect deep inside, but he felt that the Sect Master's proposal was entirely reasonable.

Since no one was willing to teach Ji Qingzhuo, the rotten wood, then it was perfectly logical and reasonable to take her away from the Xuanyun Sect.

Even if that were not the case, she would be expelled once she failed the sect examination of ordinary disciples.

Not just anyone could enter the Xuanyun Sect.

"Is there any elder" Yin Muchen asked.

The elders in the main hall of the sect were silent.

How could they take a mortal without the slightest trace of immortal bones as a disciple If they couldn't teach her, it would also be damaging to their reputations.

"No more," Jiang Qianke said to Yin Muchen after waiting for an incense stick of time.

"Miss, if you still want to stay in Xuanyun Sect, it's not impossible, but after three years of learning the rudiments, there will be another sect assessment.

That assessment is not as simple as the Peach Blossom Illusion Realm," Yin Muchen explained the reason to Ji Qingzhou, “That time, there will be no Xuanyun Sect disciples guarding nearby.

If you fail to pass the sect assessment, you cannot stay in Xuanyun Sect."

After all, it was the first major cultivation sect in Yunze Region, and this sect was also rigorously strict.

"Is there really no elder willing to accept her as a disciple" Yin Muchen confirmed it again.

The hall was silent, no one answered.

Ji Qingzhuo was also relieved.

She thought about whether she should stay and wait for the sect assessment before leaving.

But soon, the sound of a chess piece landing on the board clicked, and someone looked up in the water mirror.

Yu Sukong had kept his head down with his eyes partly drooping.

He was engrossed in the game of chess, but at this moment, he seemed to have woken up.

"Elder What Elder I should be an Elder, too, right" Yu Sukong raised his head, frowning slightly.

He owned a pair of crystal clear and beautiful eyes.

 The clear azure luster in the depths of his eyes gave him a sense of innocence, as if he was untouched by the world.

"Sukong, do you actually remember that you're an Elder" Yin Muchen lightly laughed.

"Hmm." Yu Sukong was going to just take a casual glance, but froze when he saw Ji Qingzhou.

"Is this the mortal" Yu Sukong asked.

"Yes," Yin Muchen confirmed with a smile.

"No one wants her" Yu Sukong asked again.

"No one." Yin Muchen seemed to sense something.

He wanted to say something but stopped himself.

"Then I'll take her," Yu Sukong said.

His tone was nonchalant, as if he had made an entirely ordinary decision.

"Sukong, are you being serious" Yin Muchen was a little surprised.

"I am." Yu Sukong resumed the game.

Ji Qingzhuo was also rather baffled.

With the addition of a master, she was stunned, and felt an illusory sense of unreality.

"You can't leave there for another ten years to refine your magic weapon," Yin Muchen reminded him.

"I remember that Rongyu is living in my cave dwelling temporarily, so let him take her with him.

As for how to teach her, it's up to me," Yu Sukong had already made arrangements for everything as clear as noonday.

At the beginning, Shen Rongyu entered Xuanyun Sect as a disciple with Perfected Yuan Wu, but the cave in the sect that belonged to the Perfected Yuan Wu was an independent space and could not be opened.

Yu Sukong, who had just left Xuanyun Sect to refine magic weapons, was a regal loner, so he left his residence to Shen Rongyu.

When the system heard the words, it was startled, and it secretly praised Ji Qingzhuo, "Host, ahhh, Host, what kind of luck do you have"


um..." Ji Qingzhou had not yet reacted.

She had somehow become Shen Rongyu's housemate.

Can there still be such a maneuver

Ji Qingzhuo accepted this arrangement.

Some of the remaining immortality seekers were picked up by the elders.

One of the elders wanted to take Ying Xiu alone, but Qiu Mingxue clasped her sleeves and prevented her from leaving.

In the end, the elder could only accept the two together.

There was also Meng Yaolan, the most powerful immortality seeker other than Shen Rongyu.

The Sect Master, Yin Muchen, was initially interested in her, but at the same time, Jiang Qianke also threw her an olive branch.

Between the two of them, Meng Yaolan actually chose Jiang Qianke, whose cultivation status was not as good as Yin Muchen's.

In this way, the chosen disciples went to their immortal abodes with their respective masters, while the remaining disciples were taken by a certain elder to the ordinary disciples' residence.

Ji Qingzhuo didn't know where Yu Sukong's immortal abode was, and no one stepped forward to lead her.

Yu Sukong had no other disciples in the sect.

The sect was unlike other sects, warm and bustling with noise and excitement, with every kind of person available, such as shixiongs (senior martial brothers), shijies (senior martial sisters), shishus (martial uncles) and so on.

She didn't mind, so she took Maomao and followed the crowd.


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