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Falling Headlong Into His Arms (1)

Shen Rongyu took Ji Qingzhou and soon arrived at Yu Sukong's immortal abode.

There was a water body in the middle of Xuanyun Sect, where the mountain springs all converged, and then flowed to other places through the underground river.

This lake was called White Water Lake.

On White Water Lake, there were several immortal abodes randomly scattered.

Most of them were inhabited by elders who were proficient at teaching disciples water magic.

Only the island in the center of White Water Lake was the most superior, belonging to Yu Sukong.

In Xuanyun Sect, the power of the elders was ranked according to their cultivation level, and Yu Sukong's status was quite high in the sect.

It was for this reason that everyone was baffled as to why he wanted to accept Ji Qingzhou.

On White Water Island, the grass and trees were lush with water birds treading gracefully on the shore.

When the day passed and twilight fell, a crimson glow from the sky would spread over the lake surface, and the lake shone a beautiful golden-red.

Yu Sukong rarely stayed in the sect, so he only had one building on White Water Island.

Around three courtyards were connected into a piece and were hidden among the lush trees.

After Shen Rongyu arrived in the abode, he only lived in one of the courtyards.

Even if it was just a small courtyard in the sect, its configuration was luxurious, with a quiet room for practice, an alchemy room for refining medicine, a bedroom and everything else.

In the courtyard where Yu Sukong originally lived, there was a small pond formed by the channels of water coursing to the courtyard.

The courtyard had not been occupied for a long time.

Frogs and fish lurked there, and were too noisy at night.

Thus, Shen Rongyu disliked staying in the courtyard.

Ji Qingzhou followed him down the flying sword and stepped on the soft grass.

It was only then that she felt her heart returning to its original spot.

She also removed her hand covering her eyes.

Shen Rongyu was still holding her wrist.

He was not willing to stick to her, but he just forgot to let go.

Who could have imagined that the greatest villain planning to subvert the whole cultivation world would actually get close to a woman

It was Ji Qingzhou who turned her wrist and drew her hand back.

Even though Yu Sukong's dwelling was described as simple, it was luxurious enough in her eyes.

Looking at the quiet little courtyard made of white stone in front of her, she asked in amazement, "Which one do I live in"

"You can take the whole courtyard." Shen Rongyu sheathed his sword, intending to leave.

"Xiao Yu-shixiong, where do you live" Ji Qingzhou asked subconsciously.

Shen Rongyu thought, ‘Ji Qingzhou is somewhat dependent on others.

Does she want to live next to me’

He pointed out his own place, which was a small courtyard on the west side.

Ji Qingzhou took Maomao and immediately headed to the easternmost side.

Shen Rongyu liked the quiet, so he approved of Ji Qingzhou's choice.

However, he had this prickly feeling that something was not right.

"I'll stay there.

I won't disturb you," Ji Qingzhou whispered.

She looked down and removed the black cloth covering Maomao's eyes.

Shen Rongyu only nodded.

He did not have a caring nature, but he was already living with her in the immortal abode.

Her unreliable master, Yu Sukong, had instructed him to help take care of her, so he would fulfil his obligations.

He was flawless at disguising himself, and if he had to play the role of the Xuanyun Sect's light-hearted Shixiong, he would perform it seriously.

"I'll unseal the courtyard restriction for you," Shen Rongyu said.

He walked in front, and Ji Qingzhou followed behind him.

This picture depicted a conscientious senior leading the newly enrolled junior.

However, everyone knew that this Shixiong was not as gentle and humble as he seemed on the surface.

Shen Rongyu arrived at the courtyard door.

The courtyard door was made of stones with polarized colorful glazed lights.

One could only imagine what precious stones were used.

Shen Rongyu pressed the restriction in the upper courtyard with one hand, and in an instant, the long-standing restriction was unsealed.

The door opened.

Inside was a stream winding along, and wading through the water was a wooden corridor.

The surface of the corridor was almost flushed with water.

The layout of the small courtyard was ingenious.

"It's beautiful." Ji Qingzhou couldn't help but sigh.

Shen Rongyu stood with his with hands behind his back, noncommittal.

No matter how beautiful it was, wouldn't it be destroyed

Ji Qingzhou unloaded the luggage from Maomao, and settled the donkey first.

Shen Rongyu was about to leave, but heard an odd sound coming from Ji Qingzhou.

Ji Qingzhou, who was sorting things, covered her stomach in embarrassment.

Things couldn't get any worse.

She was starving.

Except for the carrots she had finished she arrived at Xuanyun Sect earlier, she had nothing to eat.

In a place like Xuanyun Sect where the spirit qi was abundant, those with any number of immortal bones could rely on absorbing spirit qi to maintain their physical strength.

However, Ji Qingzhou couldn't.

She suspected that the people in her world and the people in the immortal world were fundamentally different.

She couldn't practice, so wasn't it a matter of course

So, it was not particularly humiliating that her stomach was rumbling now after not eating all day, right

She hoped that Shen Rongyu hadn't heard it.

After all, he was a cultivator,  and a descendant of the Dongshan Royal Family.

That being said, he should never have experienced the taste of starvation, right


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