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Reluctant To Say Another Word (2)

Mu Ying asked her to stay behind in the room and sighed with her arms crossed.

"Qingzhuo, although your master told me about you, looking at your current state...

It's my first time seeing it."

Ji Qingzhou whispered, "I'm sorry."

"No problem." Mu Ying stuffed the books she had used to teach into Ji Qingzhou's hands and said, "Go back and take a good look again.

Since the outbreak of spirit qi in the world, even mortals without immortal bones could strengthen their health and prolong their life through cultivation.

You can do the same."

Ji Qingzhou opened her mouth slightly.

She wanted to say something, but in the end didn't voice it out.

he understood the reasoning, but she was not from this world!

She stuffed the books Mu Ying gave to her into her small bag and said goodbye to her.

Mu Ying's immortal abode was peculiar.

It was a mountain peak hanging in the sky, below the cliff.

It was ten thousand feet high, and there was no way down.

Ji Qingzhou sat by the cliff waiting for Shen Rongyu's arrival together with the other newly accepted disciples.

Some of them were immortality seekers who had attended the Immortal Ascension Conference with Ji Qingzhou a few days ago, so they naturally recognized her.

At this moment, a round-faced girl approached.

She was a descendant of an immortal cultivation family, named Chu Jun.

Chu Jun walked to Ji Qingzhou's side and asked curiously, "Are you Miss Ji"

"Ah, yes." Ji Qingzhou nodded.

"Your master is not in the sect.

How are you going to get down the mountain" Chu Jun was a little worried about Ji Qingzhou's descent from the mountain.

"Later on...

Xiao Yu-shixiong will come over," Ji Qingzhou said after a moment's thought.

"You mean Shen Rongyu You are so lucky to live with him in an immortal abode." Chu Jun got a little excited.

But before she could say another word to Ji Qingzhou, a cloud boat appeared in front of her, and Ye Duanhong, the elder who would teach the new disciples this time, came to pick up the new practitioners.

He raised his cheeks and gave Ji Qingzhou a cold glance, then led the people away.

On top of the cliff, only Ji Qingzhou was left.

Shen Rongyu came just in time.

He saw a small Ji Qingzhou standing on top of the huge cliff.

She was looking into the distance with no expectation in her eyes, as if it was okay for him to come or not.

Burial Snow Sword hovered in front of Ji Qingzhou.

Ji Qingzhou raised her head and looked at him, but Shen Rongyu remained calm.

"Come up," he said.

Ji Qingzhou stepped onto his Burial Snow Sword.

She thought to herself, how could such Shen Rongyu be some kind of villain who would destroy the world

"The afternoon class is—" Ji Qingzhou squinted at her class schedule.

"The Principle and Application of Formation Methods" She got a good look at the elder who would teach the class, it was Jiang Qianke whom she had met before.

“Elder Jiang's class." Shen Rongyu said, "I've also taken it.

He runs a rather special class and only lectures for his own disciples."

After all, Jiang Qianke was a relatively high-ranking elder within Xuanyun Sect.

It was normal for him to put on airs a bit.

The disciples who studied this class were probably just like the modern top students, and Ji Qingzhou felt a lot of pressure.

"Have you learned Introduction to Cultivation" Shen Rongyu noticed Ji Qingzhou's state.

Ji Qingzhou shook her head.

"Are these the books" Shen Rongyu asked

"Yes." Ji Qingzhou always answered every question.

"When we get back to White Water Island tonight, I will teach you," Shen Rongyu pondered over it and said to her.

"Huh" Ji Qingzhou raised her head slightly.

She wanted to look at Shen Rongyu, but she didn't dare to look directly at him.

Her eyes only stayed on his slender neck.

"Don't you want to" he asked again.

"I do," Ji Qingzhou communicated with him, each one saying fewer words than the other.

"You do" For a long time, he chuckled softly, his laughter low.

"Zuozhuo, don't you want to say a word more"

"I do," Ji Qingzhou added.

After a while, she realized that she seemed too perfunctory to Shen Rongyu again.

She wanted to explain, but her tongue seemed to be knotted, and she only coughed several times.

Buried Snow Sword quickly brought them to Yunshui Peak and stopped at the familiar White Jade Square.

Ji Qingzhou was familiar with this place.

After Shen Rongyu put her down, he left.

In White Jade Square, Ji Qingzhou was searching for the place where Jiang Qianke would be teaching when she saw a few familiar figures in the distance.

They were Qiu Mingxue and Ying Xiu, the princess and the maid, and a familiar person, the Young Miss of the Meng family, Meng Yaolan.

Well, Jiang Qianke was Meng Yaolan's master, and she was going to take her own master's class.


This was indeed a class of academic top-notchers, and Yu Sukong actually stuffed her here.

Ji Qingzhou was uneasy.

She didn't even understand the basics of cultivation.

How could she understand this class

Holding her small bag, she ran to the place where Jiang Qianke was teaching.


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