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It's Your Call, Host (2)

While Jiang Qianke spoke impassionedly, Ji Qingzhou played with the pen in her hand, thinking that the position she had chosen was excellent and Jiang Qianke would not be able to see her.

With that in mind, she rested her chin on the desk and casually copied the outline of the array on the paper, drowsy.

Jiang Qianke originally wanted to expose this minor killing array he had set up, but after discovering that Ji Qingzhou was slacking off, he gave up on the idea.

He continued to teach, while Ji Qingzhou continued to loaf.

She went to bed too late last night and woke up too early.

She barely kept herself awake in the morning class, because Mu Ying's lectures were interesting.

However, even if she wanted to concentrate on this class, her upper and lower eyelids began to fight.

By the time the ink pen in her hand condensed on the paper and smeared it heavily, Jiang Qianke could not stand it anymore.

He coughed lightly, pointed to the Five Elements Fire Dissolution Array in front of him and called out, "Okay, I just explained the principle of this formation, can someone explain how to solve the array"

Qiu Mingxue confidently looked at Jiang Qianke, trying to reach eye contact with him.

Once she was asked to answer, she could make a splash.

But Jiang Qianke didn't look at her at all.

He directly locked his gaze on Ji Qingzhou and narrowed his eyes.

Darn it, Ji Qingzhou's position was really tricky.

Even if he wanted to look in her direction, he had to focus his mind.

"Ji Qingzhou, you do it," Jiang Qianke raised his head and said to Ji Qingzhou.

The pen in Ji Qingzhou's hand fell down.

She immediately came back to her senses, barely propped up her head, and looked at Jiang Qianke in confusion.

Do what She scratched her head.

"The Five Elements Fire Dissolution Array, one of the most basic five-element arrays, please explain how to solve it.

I have already explained the principle of this array," Jiang Qianke repeated the question when he saw her confusion.

Ji Qingzhou's hand subconsciously rubbed the bluestone in front of her.

She pursed her lips and didn't speak, not even a sentence.

"I didn't understand".

The small mirror on her chest reflected the sunlight and sparkled.

This question could be solved by the system.

In any case, it could be regarded as a half-world consciousness.

However, the system noticed the pattern Ji Qingzhou had just scribbled on the paper while blinking sleepily.

Long before Jiang Qianke's explanation, she had already copied the array and clearly outlined the solution with her pen, which was downright concise and without a single superfluous step, more perfect than the solution Jiang Qianke provided.

It was no wonder she was drowsy.

She didn't need to listen to this lesson.

This array way and modern arithmetic geometry had some similarity, and Ji Qingzhou found it average.

The system confidently intended to let Ji Qingzhou answer by herself, but she only lowered her head, snatched the paper on the table, and crumpled it into a ball.

She did not speak, nor did she answer, not speaking because she could not lie.

She couldn't even utter the words, I can't.

Jiang Qianke acquiesced that she could not.

Well, it should only be a coincidence when she came in at the beginning and sat directly on the Life Gate.

After all, she was but a mortal.

He was very bothered when Yu Sukong pushed such a disciple into his array class, so even if Jiang Qianke was good-tempered, he couldn't help but speak up, "Ji Qingzhou, since you can't solve it, you'll have to stand outside for punishment."

Qiu Mingxue couldn't help herself and said in a loud voice, "Elder Jiang, she is just a mortal.

It's normal that she can't understand your wonderful lecture.

I can do it."

"I know you can, but I'm asking Ji Qingzhou now." Jiang Qianke didn't even spare her a glance.

Ji Qingzhou pursed her lips and only apologized to Jiang Qianke, "Elder Jiang, I'm sorry."

"Then please go out and stand for punishment until after class.

You don't want to listen to this lesson either, do you" Jiang Qianke admitted that he didn't like Ji Qingzhou very much — the moment she broke his Peach Blossom Mist might have been the start.

"Sorry, Elder Jiang, I'll go out for now." Ji Qingzhou maintained her composure.

She gathered up her things on the desk and said politely to Jiang Qianke again.

Jiang Qianke also did not expect her temper to be so tough.

He told her to go out, and she actually went out.

However, he had already said the words.

He could only let Ji Qingzhou stay out of the valley.

On the way, the system asked Ji Qingzhou, "Host, you obviously can do it."

"I am a mortal.

A mortal must behave like a mortal." Ji Qingzhou whispered to the system as she walked out of the mist and into the forest outside, squatting with her back against a tree.

"There are times when I really don't know what's going on in your head." The system was sorely disappointed.

However, at the sight of that figure appearing in the forest, the system changed her tune: "No, it's your call, Host.

Your decision is truly wise.

I am ashamed of myself."

Before Ji Qingzhou could react, she saw Shen Rongyu appear in the forest.

He stayed at Jiang Qianke's place, and his superficial rhetoric was to comprehend the high-grade array technique he had recently learned.

Shen Rongyu pushed aside the lush leaves in the forest, and saw Ji Qingzhou squatting under the tree alone, still carrying the small bag of hers.


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