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He Came to You for Cultivation (1)

Shen Rongyu slowly walked over.

He stepped on the soft grass, his footsteps quiet, and only the rustling of clothes could be heard.

He leaned over and lowered his head slightly.

Looking at Ji Qingzhou, he asked in a low voice, "What happened"

"I didn't answer a question," Ji Qingzhou answered honestly.

Her hand hanging by her side grabbed the blades of grass on the ground, and her bent fingers were stained with the green grass.

She didn't want to answer because she just didn't want to.

If she answered, there would be so many eyes cast on her.

So why should she answer

But after Shen Rongyu appeared, she regretted a little, because she did not quite dare to face him.

Although the system said he was the big villain, there was no doubt that he was a good Shixiong.

She felt a bit sorry for Shen Rongyu because of what she did.

"Arrays" Shen Rongyu's tone was calm, his voice as calm as the wind and waves of the sea.

"He must have talked about the Desolation Erosion Earth Vein Star Array and the Five Elements basic array.

Looking at the time, he must have also finished talking about the Five Elements Fire Dissolution Array, correct"

"Yeah," Ji Qingzhou said, as she secretly stuffed the small slip of paper she had clenched into a ball into her hand.

Shen Rongyu noticed her subtle movement, and he asked, "You couldn't answer"

Ji Qingzhou frowned, but didn't lie to Shen Rongyu, "I could."

She wanted to sleep, simply because she knew all the contents of the book, and the lessons Jiang Qianke taught could not bring her new knowledge.

If it were like Mu Ying's morning lesson, all of which she did not know, she would have sat up curiously.

A circle on this side and an array on that side, wasn't it obvious how to solve the array

Shen Rongyu looked closer at her and said, "If you could do it, why didn't you answer"

Ji Qingzhou lowered her head and replied slowly in a whisper, "I'm afraid...

they will look at me."

In the gentle afternoon daylight, sunrays sprinkled down on the grass and leaves, bearing the fog that had not yet dispersed in the forest.

It illuminated the top of her head with disheveled hair that looked shaggy.

Shen Rongyu bent down to reach her eye level.

His satin sleeves spread out, and Burial Snow, which was hanging on his waist, also clanked down on the ground.

He had a tall frame, and his shadow enveloped Ji Qingzhou.

His attitude really embodied a serious and responsible Shixiong.

"Then go inside and tell Elder Jiang you know the answer.

If asked, just say I taught you." Shen Rongyu's tone was slightly lower, and at such a close distance, it sounded more like a whisper.

Ji Qingzhou raised her head, the top of her head almost hitting Shen Rongyu's chin.

She didn't look at him, instead,  she avoided his gaze.

Even if she had looked at Shen Rongyu, she could have seen that the depths of his eyes were cold and ruthless — despite having just said such a concerned word.

In front of Ji Qingzhou, Shen Rongyu seemed to be addicted to playing the image of this Sect's Shixiong.

He manipulated others’ actions as if he were tugging at a dummy.

Unfortunately, Ji Qingzhou was not a good puppet, and she did not fall for doting tenderness.

She said, "Thank you, Xiao Yu-shixiong, but I still want to sit outside."

At this time, the system that had disappeared for some time suddenly spoke up in Ji Qingzhou's mind, "Host, come on, get a little closer.

Let me absorb some more energy so I can unlock new functions."

Ji Qingzhou felt like the system was a discount hunting activity of a certain app, always lying to her that a little more could unlock some new functions.

She refused to believe it, so she just raised her head and leaned back a little, avoiding Shen Rongyu's deep gaze and letting her back rest against the old tree trunk behind.

The more Ji Qingzhou retreated, the closer Shen Rongyu approached.

In the bright sunlight, his long eyelashes cast a beautiful shadow on his white cheeks, covering his emotionless eyes.

Then his eyes froze.

She was holding a paper ball that she had just brought out in her hand.

Shen Rongyu raised his eyebrows and called out to her, "Zhouzhou."

Ji Qingzhou's body almost softened because of this call.

His voice was really melodious, and the way he called her name also gave off a feeling of attachment.

She turned her head sideways, while her fair neck turned scarlet.

The paper where she wrote the solution to the array fell to the ground.

Shen Rongyu was about to pick it up, but the sound of footsteps came from the small valley.

Jiang Qianke plucked away the vines at the entrance of the valley — He had come to call Ji Qingzhou back to class, but once he came out, what he saw was Ji Qingzhou and Shen Rongyu flirting with each other.

That's right, blatantly flirting!

He raised his chin and reprimanded, "Rongyu, Ji Qingzhou is standing on penalty."

Shen Rongyu withdrew himself.

The faint soul scent immediately drifted away from Ji Qingzhou.

He tidied his robe and said, "I'm teaching her arrays."

"Ji Qingzhou is capable.

I misunderstood her." Jiang Qianke waved towards Ji Qingzhou and said, "Come back."

Ji Qingzhou looked at Jiang Qianke with some confusion.

How did he know


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