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He Came to You for Cultivation (2)

In fact, it was an accident how everyone knew that she could solve the array.

After Ji Qingzhou was kicked out and punished, Jiang Qianke instructed Qiu Mingxue, who looked very active, to clean up the things she didn't take away from her desk.

Qiu Mingxue just wanted to be in the limelight, she didn't want to work, so she asked Ying Xiu to do the task for her.

Ying Xiu entered Xuanyun Sect but surprisingly was still willing to be her maid.

She silently stepped forward to complete Jiang Qianke's task.

As a result, she was a little absent-minded, knocked over the inkstone on the table, sprinkled ink on the paper, and smeared the handwriting on the paper.

When Ji Qingzhuo was copying the array, her handwriting was engraved on the next page of the paper.

She only tore off the first page and took it away, but her handwriting on the next page also solidified after it was dyed with ink.

"I-Isn't this the way to resolve the Five Elements Fire Dissolution Array" Ying Xiu picked up the ink-stained paper and asked curiously.

Jiang Qianke was shocked.

He was talking about the principle of the next Five Elements Clear Water Array.

Hearing Ying Xiu's question, he hurriedly glanced at her.

As a result, he was stunned after seeing it, because the solution method transcribed on paper was more concise than the one he had researched on his own —— Moreover, going by his intuition, this was definitely the easiest and quickest solution.

His brow furrowed, and his mood turned a bit complicated.

Only Ji Qingzhou sat on the desk, and she had already written down the solution to the array.

This made him look too mean when he drove her out just now.

But ——

"If she knew, why did she deliberately not say anything" To maintain his image, Jiang Qianke only said aloud, "I asked her a question and she deliberately did not answer.

Isn't that disrespectful"

Ying Xiu eloquently interrupted.

She handed the paper to Jiang Qianke and said casually, "Everyone watched her walk through the Immortal Ascension Conference.

She is terribly shy, and Elder Jiang is also aware of it.

You pressed her too much, so how can she speak"

These words directly made Jiang Qianke silent.

Ying Xiu did have a point.

Could it really be that he was too aggressive

Helpless, Jiang Qianke could only take a step down and went to look for Ji Qingzhou outside the small valley, but he didn't expect to run into Shen Rongyu and her being close —— In fact, Shen Rongyu just wanted to trick Ji Qingzhou and have a look at the paper ball she clutched in her hand.

Now that Jiang Qianke appeared, Shen Rongyu backed away a little.

Ji Qingzhuo heaved a sigh of relief.

It had nothing to do with whether Shen Rongyu was the villain or not.

She was really afraid of close contact with people.

She got up from the ground and only thanked Shen Rongyu.

Ji Qingzhuo wondered why Jiang Qianke called her back.

When she looked up, she saw Jiang Qianke showing her the paper with her handwriting on it: "Come in."

Shen Rongyu also looked at the Five Elements Fire Dissolution Array that Ji Qingzhuo had solved.

His eyes condensed upon examining those clear lines.

It was so simple and direct...

It was really like a method that this little fool could come up with.

In the second half of the course, Ji Qingzhuo was really unable to laze around, because Jiang Qianke frequently turned his attention to her and asked her about her thoughts on the array, and with it, she also felt all kinds of gazes from all directions.

Malicious, curious, they all felt discomforting.

The dazzling splendor belonged to the strong, not to her.

Ji Qingzhou turned the ink pen upside down and poked hard at the small book in front of her, blaming the poor quality of the paper.

The system was very pleased: "Host, your position in the sect has stabilized.

You can stay with Shen Rongyu for a long time."

Ji Qingzhuo fumed.

She ignored the system and remained silent until Shen Rongyu took her back after class.

Shen Rongyu walked with his sword and asked her, "You don't like Elder Jiang"

Ji Qingzhuo shook her head.

She didn't dislike anything.

From the very beginning, Jiang Qianke exuded a subtle sense of rejection towards her.

She was extremely sensitive in some aspects, so she could naturally sense this emotion, and took the initiative to avoid him.

Shen Rongyu led her back to White Water Island.

He didn't forget their agreement after the morning class: "When the moon rises later, I will come to find you.

Bring the books on Introduction to Cultivation."

After Ji Qingzhou returned to her place, she unrolled the paper she had transcribed about the Five Elements Fire Dissolution Array.

She did like the delicate lines so much that she drew them down.

She tucked the wrinkled paper into the corner, opened the dinner she had brought back from Elder Qiao Shu, and began to eat in earnest.

It was not until the moon was hanging on the eaves and the silver glow spilled over White Water Island that Shen Rongyu knocked on Ji Qingzhou's courtyard door.

The system, which Ji Qingzhou ignored for a long time and bore a grudge against, poked fun at her in retaliation.

"Host, he came to teach you the Introduction to Cultivation like this.

Isn't this the legendary Dual Cultivation"


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