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To Lean On Me (2)

His eyes narrowed, and they drastically turned cold as ice.

He liked to have things under control, and presently Ji Qingzhou gave him a feeling that things were going out of control.

Shen Rongyu's hand originally held hers, but then those fingertips climbed to the back of her hand, her wrist, her arm, her shoulder and up, until his thumb and forefinger tips pressed her neck.

The two people's breaths were still connected, and Ji Qingzhou's attention was on her own quenched meridians, unaware of the changes in the outside world.

The small mirror she wore around her neck flashed coldly.

The system sensed it, but it did not dare speak out.

Shen Rongyu's hand went up her neck.

Her blood pulsation was vivid and powerful, and her neck was like a flower stem that could be easily broken, so delicate that it could snap with the slightest twist.

Under the moonlight, everything fell into silence for a long time.

However, Ji Qingzhou did not struggle.

She quietly sat with a straight back, tightly closed eyes, and a calm, stoic face.

As if, life and death didn't matter to her at the moment.

But she was currently alive and living in the moment felt good.

All of a sudden, Shen Rongyu withdrew his hand.

With their breath connection interrupted, Ji Qingzhou opened her eyes and felt something move away from her neck.

She tilted her head, looked at Shen Rongyu's shoulder, and asked, "Xiao Yu-shixiong, is this the way to cultivate"

"You have no immortal bones, so you can only cultivate in such a way," Shen Rongyu said.

His power was special, and only he could connect to Ji Qingzhou's breath and help her cultivate.

"I see.

Must it be like this" Ji Qingzhou leaned back.

She wasn't quite used to intimate contact.

"What else can you do If you lean on me, you won't have to be so tired." Shen Rongyu's tone took on that shallow smile again.

Ji Qingzhou pursed her lips.

Her fingers twisted the corner of her clothes, and she replied curtly, "No."

"I'm just kidding," Shen Rongyu quipped.

Ji Qingzhou looked at his hand on the table and nodded: "Okay."

"Continue with the lessons, and let's resume tomorrow." Shen Rongyu picked up Burial Snow Sword on the table.

With this sentence, he disappeared.

After he left, Ji Qingzhou raised her hand and touched her neck.

She could feel the heat left here.

'Following such a villain is really...

dangerous,' she thought.

But she was not that afraid.

Her emotions were rather shallow.

Even when scared, she was calm and collected.

Ji Qingzhou lay on her desk and began to read today's textbooks.

 The system didn't say anything because it was still in a state of shock and hadn't come back to its senses.

At night, Yu Sukong contacted her again.

He informed her that he had prepared a small magic treasure for her.

It could fly, and did not need magic power to control it.

He left enough energy in the magic treasure in advance for her consumption.

It was a disc-like magic treasure.

When standing on it, she could use her toes to control the direction and speed.

Moreover, she could also adjust the size of the disc.

If adjusted to the maximum, two to three people could stand on it.

Yu Sukong called the small magic treasure 'Flywheel', and Ji Qingzhou also called it so.

With the Flywheel in hand, she could finally go to class without Shen Rongyu's assistance.

However, the two still saw each other every day, because he had to help her cultivate, which made the system puzzled.

Why did Shen Rongyu help her every day

Shortly after, there was a course quiz in the sect.

Unsurprisingly, Ji Qingzhou scored the least.

Both in the cultivation and magic arts classes, there was really no helping it.

But on arrays and other courses, the system didn't understand why Ji Qingzhou still scored low in the test.

Before going to bed that night, Ji Qingzhou lay in bed in a daze as the system nagged in her head, "Host, Host, you can't do this.

Did you see that Shen Rongyu topped in the sect test Your name is so far away from his name."

Ji Qingzhou rolled over on her bed and She stared at the moonlight outside the window and only replied, "System, I don't want to."

"Why don't you want to" the system asked again.

It was only this time that it understood what kind of Host it had actually bound.

"I'm just disinclined, there is no other reason." Ji Qingzhou was stubborn.

She was afraid of being too conspicuous.

What was there to explain

"Why are you as stubborn as your Maomao" The system was infuriated.

"En," Ji Qingzhou faintly responded.

She pulled her quilt up, turned over and shrunk in the corner.

"System, count yourself unlucky to have picked me."

The system was so angry that it stopped talking.

Ji Qingzhou, on the other hand, went to bed on time, until midnight, when something made a noise outside the door.

Maomao, who was sleeping quietly in the courtyard, arched open the door to Ji Qingzhou's room late at night, and with weakened steps, it walked to her bedside, its nostrils emitting hot air.

It used the tip of its own nose to nudge Ji Qingzhou and woke her up.


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