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Cannot be Compared to a Donkey (1)

Ji Qingzhou  woke up.

Even when something unknown awakened her late at night, she didn’t seem to be afraid.

She turned over and the blanket slipped off her waist.

She squinted and saw through the moonlight that Maomao was resting his head on the side of the bed, staring at her.

He was an old donkey.

His eyes were cloudy, and he was already on the verge of death in the donkey hot pot restaurant.

Ji Qingzhou rolled over.

She crossed her legs and sat up straight.

She traced her fingers on Maomao’s arching nose and caressed him, touching his head.

Maomao’s nostrils were hot and moist, and in the quiet room, Ji Qingzhou heard him wheezing.

He seemed to be drained, as if he was going to die the next moment.

But then again, what reason did he have not to die He was an ordinary donkey, and it was normal for him to die of old age.

Ji Qingzhou draped her outer robe, jumped off the bed and held Maomao’s neck tightly.

He obediently rested his head on her shoulder.

“Are you going to die” Ji Qingzhou asked him.

Maomao’s nasal breath was still disordered, and he hung his head down weakly.

Ji Qingzhou thought that he wanted to live.

Otherwise, he would not have pushed the door open late at night and asked her for help.

She pulled her outer robe back on, casually put on her shoes and led Maomao out of the courtyard.

Ji Qingzhou was extremely glad that Yu Sukong had given her the Flywheel.

She took Maomao onboard and left White Water Island late at night.

The system had never seen Ji Qingzhou driving the Flywheel so fast.

She usually took her time and stepped right on the dot when going to class.

So she can drive fast too, thought the system against the oncoming whooshing wind.

Ji Qingzhou went to Elder Qiao Shu’s place.

Even though dropping by late at night would disturb the aging elder, there was nothing else she could do.

On Mingxin Lake, a bamboo wind-proof lamp was hung on the waterfront bamboo house, lit with warm orange light inside and swaying in the wind on the dark blue lake.

Ji Qingzhou  rested her hand under Maomao’s head.

She found that its head was getting heavier and heavier.

It seemed that it was only going to droop lower and lower and could not be lifted any more.

She patted the bamboo door with her other hand and called several times: “Elder Qiao.”

Qiao Shu put on his heavy coat and with a glimmer of magic light hanging from his fingertips, he opened the door for Ji Qingzhou.

As soon as he opened the door, all the lights on the bamboo cloister lit up, and Ji Qingzhou’s very pale face was reflected in the light.

“Maomao, my donkey.” She pushed Maomao in front of Qiao Shu, who, she remembered, had also kept a donkey.

“It’s old and dying.

Qingzhou, isn’t that normal” Qiao Shu pushed his crystal glasses and said to Ji Qingzhou.

“But h-he doesn’t want to die.

He came to ask for help in the middle of the night.” Ji Qingzhou struggled to hold Maomao’s head.

His cloudy eyes were about to shut forever.

“So” Qiao Shu was startled, and straightened up.

He immediately walked into the medical room and took out a small bottle of pills.

Once he opened the lid of the bottle,  fragrance overflowed.

At a glance, it was refined with high grade medicinal materials.

Qiao Shu didn’t feel distressed at all, and directly fed Maomao three pills.

Maomao chewed and swallowed them, and his originally heavy head immediately lifted.

His eyes became a little clearer, but there was still some cloudiness across them.

Ji Qingzhou looked at his eyes with distress.

Qiao Shu stroked Maomao’s head.

“This is a really good donkey.”

Ji Qingzhou  halfed squatted and hugged Maomao.

She raised her head, and hair the on her shoulders fell, highlighting her shining eyes.

“Elder Qiao, this medicine doesn’t do anything else, does it” Ji Qingzhou asked softly.

“Yes.” Qiao Shu stroked his white beard as he said, somewhat helplessly, “This good medicine for prolonging life is also a top precious treasure in our Xuanyun Sect.

The Immortal Spirit Pill I have here is of the lower grade, which I refined myself, but even if it’s only of a lower grade, it still requires many rare herbs to concoct.”

“Moreover, other than the top grade Immortal Spirit Pill, any other Immortal Spirit Pills taken again will have side effects.” Qiao Shu faintly sighed, “These three of mine can only keep him alive for three more years.”

Ji Qingzhou stroked Maomao’s spine silently.

“In Xuanyun Sect, there are only three top grade Immortal Spirit Pills available today, because the Jade Essence Stone that produces this elixir will only produce three every fifty years,” Qiao Shu said in a warm voice to Ji Qingzhou, “Qingzhou, after hearing these numbers, you should understand, right”

“The top grade Immortal Spirit Pills are the reward for the top three disciples in the sect’s examination, is that right” Ji Qingzhou asked in a tiny voice, her fingers grabbing Maomao’s mane.

“Yes, the top grade Immortal Spirit Pill makes one nearly immortal, eating it will give one a life span comparable to that of a Perfected Nascent Soul.

Only then can the disciples who come to the Immortal Ascension Conference each time strive to work hard, ah,” Qiao Shu replied, looking down at Ji Qingzhou.

“Elder Qiao, I understand.” Ji Qingzhou stood up slowly, her palm on top of Maomao’s head.

Maomao, very quietly, turned his head sideways and rubbed against Ji Qingzhou’s palm.


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