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Will Three Hours Do (1)

When he uttered these two words, Ji Qingzhou stood frozen for a moment, not reacting.

She nodded her head and responded dully, “Well, yes.”

It was only a moment later when her open lips froze.

The words ‘Dual Cultivation’ wrapped around her heart, and then formed an imaginary concrete picture that flashed in her mind.

As if something had exploded in her mind, Ji Qingzhuo stared blankly.

She looked at Shen Rongyu’s direction, but the focus of her eyes could only fall on his chest.

His outfit was embroidered with delicate Queen of the Night patterns, which were bright and clean.

The layers of fabric also covered his chest tightly, as if saying ‘Dual Cultivation’ was a blasphemy to him.

The heat rushed to her heart.

She felt her cheeks burn scorchingly, so she lowered her head.

Before Ji Qingzhou could say anything, Shen Rongyu noticed her reaction and teased her again, “Okay.”

His cool tone permeated into Ji Qingzhou’s ear.

Akin to ice meeting fire, her whole body seemingly started to melt.

She wanted to explain, but it was as if her lips were stuck tightly to something, and not a word made it out.

“I don’t know any Dual Cultivation techniques.

If Zhouzhou really wants to do so, I still need you to teach me.” Shen Rongyu’s eyes were all smiles as he looked at her.

He knew that Ji Qingzhou must be dying of embarrassment to the point where she wanted to find a hole in the ground, but there was no way, he was not a good person.

Ji Qingzhou’s toes were curling on the ground.

She wished she could dig a hole in the lake’s shallows and bury herself.

The morning breeze was cool, brushing against her skin, but it could not blow away the heat that surged to her cheeks.

She stood shyly for some time, and all throughout, Shen Rongyu looked at her.

It wasn’t until they were about to get late for their morning classes that he took a step forward.

At this juncture, Ji Qingzhou has already used her feet to dig out small pits on the ground in front of the river bank.

It took a long time for her to spit out a word: “I…”

“You’re late for morning class,” Shen Rongyu said as he captured her wrist.

He found, and only at this time, her skin radiated some normal human temperature.

Ji Qingzhou tilted her head.

A tinge of moisture covered her eyes, and it was pure shame on her cheeks that made her tear up.

“I don’t… I said it wrong…” Ji Qingzhou spoke incoherently.

However, she was caught off guard when Shen Rongyu pulled her on Burial Snow without warning.

At this hour, she couldn’t make it to the morning class if she drove the Flywheel there by herself.

“I said it’s okay, what do you mean” Shen Rongyu raised her eyebrows and questioned Ji Qingzhou, “Zhouzhou, don’t tell me you’re teasing me”

Ji Qingzhuo has no intention of playing tricks on people.

It was obvious that Shen Rongyu was one teasing her, but she found it unbearable to even turn her head.

She bit her lips and mumbled, “Xiao Yu-shixiong, I’m sorry.”

Ji Qingzhou thought that Shen Rongyu might not take her to cultivate in the future, but his cool voice rang out above her head, “It’s one hour on weekdays.

Could it be that you want two hours in the future”

Recalling the rewards of the sect assessment, Ji Qingzhuo boldly said, “Three hours… Is that okay”

Shen Rongyu laughed huskily.

His chest vibrated, and even the immortal dark clouds and the flower at his lapel seemed to come to life.

“Of course,” he said.

“If it’s Dual Cultivation, naturally it’s okay.”

Ji Qingzhuo stopped breathing and almost choked.

She stammered and tried to clarify things, but the system she was bound to couldn’t stand it anymore and reminded her.

“Host, Shen Rongyu is teasing you.

He has long known that you had a slip of the tongue, but you can also leave a mistake uncorrected and make the best of it.

I have no objections.

I can also go offline,” the system chattered on.

Ji Qingzhuo slowly raised her eyes against the oncoming wind on Burial Snow Sword, and reluctantly dropped her eyes on Shen Rongyu’s face.

His thin lips were lifted, and he seemed to be smiling.

“Xiao Yu-shixiong, are you teasing me” Ji Qingzhou asked slowly, word for word.

She didn’t dare to believe it.

“En,” Shen Rongyu honestly admitted.

Ji Qingzhou stomped her feet in place, but her body lurched.

She lost her balance and fell off the sword.

Shen Rongyu grabbed her waist nimbly: “Don’t fall down.”

He took the chance to bring Ji Qingzhou closer to him.

When her forehead hit his chest, a deep laughter burst out of him.

“Stop laughing…” Ji Qingzhou whispered, her voice hushed.

Shen Rongyu stopped laughing.

He raised his eyes to look into the distance.

When he smiled before, it never reached the depths of his eyes.

This was the only time that as the thin ice in his cold and crisp eyes dissipated, a trace of happiness sparkled deep in his eyes.

This piece of wood is seriouly amusing, he thought.

Today’s morning class was about magic.

Unfortunately, the person who taught this class was an acquaintance, and Ji Qingzhuo disliked this class the most.

Because ——

Ye Duanhong presented a stern front as he watched Ji Qingzhou arrive in class last.

His immortal abode had few lime green plants and more rigid rocks to form buildings and landscapes.

Even the desks where they learned spells were also special hard white stones.

Ji Qingzhou’s cultivation level was low.

She often couldn’t cast spells, if not for being Ye Duanhong’s disciple, Ye Duanhong would have long thrown her out.

He glared at Ji Qingzhou and ordered stiffly, “Sit down.”

Ji Qingzhou put her books on the desk.

The first half of Ye Duanhong’s spellcasting class was to explain the principles and precautions for casting spells, and the second half was free practice.

The spell he was discussing today was very basic.

It was the Air Control Technique.

You needed to resonate with the air currents in the air, to induce the air currents to lift you up to the sky.

This was the most basic way of air control.


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