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He Wants Me to Kill Myself (2)

In a blink, Shen Rongyu caught her hand.

The long sword that exuded a cold glint under his feet seemed to break the misty cloud at the tip with a brush.

He wrapped one hand around Ji Qingzhou’s waist, but she did not feel any temperature in his palm.

All this happened in a split second.

Only then did the group of immortality seekers on the cloud boat react to what had happened and retreated.

Qiu Mingxue and her maid, Ying Xiu, were already in a panic.

No one expected such an incident to happen, so they both stood in place.

Meanwhile, Shen Rongyu had already leapt forward to Ji Qingzhou.

His task was to bring these immortality seekers safely to Yunshui Peak.

Naturally, he would not leave one in the middle.

He exerted force in his hand and swept Ji Qingzhou into his arms.

Ji Qingzhou was very light.

She was also excessively quiet, and after falling off the cloud boat, she was scared silly.

She only looked dumb and forgot to even shout.

But at this time, she regained her senses and threw herself into Shen Rongyu’s arms.

A streak of silver light flashed before her eyes, which was from the ornamental motif on Shen Rongyu’s lapel.

The delicate petals were a lighter shade of blue, akin to melting moonlight.

It was a queen of the night blossom, the most pure and flawless.

She sniffed and smelled the pleasant scent of Shen Rongyu’s body.

It was both deep and mild, mixed with the seductive and enthralling charm of his clean and dust-free coldness.

Ji Qingzhou thought it was some kind of special floral fragrance, but it was only after a long time did she realize that it was the bone-deep soul fragrance from stacked up layers of blood, flesh, bones and souls of someone who had killed millions of people.

Her hands were waving in the air, trying to find support, but after Shen Rongyu swept her into his arms, her hands landed on his shoulders.

She should have taken the opportunity to cling to him — her palms against his shoulders, like a drowning man holding onto driftwood.

But after Ji Qingzhou confirmed that she was safe, she flexed her fingers and slowly closed her hands into fists.

She didn’t hold onto him.

While in a daze, Shen Rongyu had carried her back to the cloud boat.

Though he threw her to one side of the boat, she landed smoothly.

But at this juncture, Ji Qingzhou was still regaining her senses.

Shen Rongyu had never touched her since he saved her.

When he reached out, an imperceptible air current flowed everywhere on her skin that he touched, forming an invisible air barrier between them.

She didn’t think anything of it.

She just patted the dust and ash on her hands and stammered a thank you.

The old donkey that was standing at the stern of the boat calmed down, stomped happily on all four feet and ran toward her.

Ji Qingzhou still wanted to sit at the back, so she attempted to return to her original seat.

Just as she took a step forward, was held down by Shen Rongyu with one hand, his palm still separated from her shoulder by an invisible barrier.

“The stern of the cloud boat is damaged.

I’ll go take a look.

Stay here,” Shen Rongyu commanded.

His voice was nice, like a cold, clear spring.

Ji Qingzhou, however, was in no mood to appreciate the beauty of his voice.

She found that Shen Rongyu’s tone was special.

 Although his voice sounded soft and gentle, which was quite in line with the positioning of ‘Sect Shixiong’, his tone was free from any emotion.

Everyone around, either in shock or fear, has normal human emotions.

It was just that, he spoke the words as if to complete a certain procedure.

He didn’t care about the lives of the immortality seekers on this cloud boat.

His sole aim was to accomplish his task.

‘This man sure is goal oriented, ah, unlike me, who is bound to a system but still loafs around,’ Ji Qingzhou sat down, caressed the old donkey’s neck, and secretly thought to herself.

Shen Rongyu checked the crack in the protective array at the stern of the cloud boat and repaired it manually.

Qiu Mingxue shivered in the stern of the boat with her maid, Ying Xiu, and couldn’t help explaining, “The beast she brought was too dirty, so we drove it away.

Who asked her to save it And who would have known that the protective array at the stern of the boat is broken…”

Shen Rongyu paid no attention to her.

After repairing the array, he returned to the cloud boat’s bow with his sword.

The little farce had come to an end.

As for the crack in the protective array on the cloud boat, it was not his job to investigate.

Ji Qingzhou kept her head down in a daze.

Shen Rongyu passed by her.

The corners of his robe, which were dragging on the ground, were not stained with dust, and were lifted up by the gentle wind current, much like an unrestrained celestial being.

Shen Rongyu sat down on her right side, his tall shadow shrouding her.

The system said excitedly, “Congratulations, Host.

You have successfully approached Shen Rongyu.

Because of you completing your first task, I have gained enough supplementary energy that can last for ten days.”

Ji Qingzhou twisted the corner of her sleeve.

She herself did not know what to do.

Although Shen Rongyu was sitting next to her and close at hand, she did not have the courage to talk to him.

She blamed the system for rendering him too fierce.

Now she was afraid that he would kill her.

Ji Qingtuo admitted to herself that she was suffering from severe social phobia, and now she was embarrassed to even raise her eyes to look at Shen Rongyu.

Shen Rongyu harnessed the cloud boat for a smooth travel.

Before long, they arrived at the Yunshui Peak, where another group of immortality seekers who had arrived first were already waiting.

They were the immortality seekers who flew over the cliff with their own power.

They were the elite group that would participate in the Immortal Ascension Conference, while the group on the cloud boat could only be considered stepping stones at best.

When getting off the cloud boat, Ji Qingzhou’s old donkey was not very well behaved and stepped on Shen Rongyu’s foot with a crooked hoof.

Shen Rongyu did not dodge, because the old donkey could not touch him.

The wind current on his feet blocked the donkey’s hoof.

Ji Qingzhou hugged the old donkey’s neck and dragged it backwards.

The donkey was stubborn, so Ji Qingzhou struggled to control it.

Shen Rongyu finally took a proper look at her, mainly because her donkey was just too striking.

“Uh…” Ji Qingzhou hugged the old donkey’s neck and looked at Shen Rongyu dumbly.

Shen Rongyu’s eyelashes were slightly drooping.

His eyes only studied Ji Qingzhou for a moment, and then a faint light condensed on his fingers, flashing with a pale blue halo.

He wrote a spell, which transformed into a rope, and then threw it to Ji Qingzhou.

Ji Qingzhou caught it and stood still.

Shen Rongyu stored the cloud boat that had changed back to the size of a walnut into his sleeve and left.

Holding the rope in her hand, she asked the system, “Is he asking me to kill myself with this rope”


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