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Why Didn’t She Call For Help (2)

"Was she drowning just now Sh-She is not affected by the water in Mount Jian Lake, but she can't swim" Jiang Qianke asked in surprise.

"Fortunately, Rongyu saved her just in time.

Otherwise, if a mortal died in the Mount Jian Lake, we'd surely be scolded once the sect master returns." Another elder sighed.

"But I clearly saw that she didn't have a trace of immortal bones, why..."

"I don't know, this girl is too strange." Jiang Qianhe gazed into Ji Qingzhou's eyes.

He had traveled far and wide and had seen a good deal.

As a cultivator, he had also seen countless outstanding looking female cultivators.

But this was the first time he encountered someone like Ji Qingzhou, who was so beautiful that he could not find a single flaw.


Even though she is eye-catching, she never lets people keep their eyes on her.

Jiang Qianke inwardly thought.

Ji Qingzhou was still at a standstill with Shen Rongyu.

She parted her lips and expressed her gratitude, "Thank you for saving me."

Shen Rongyu released her, and Ji Qingzhou immediately sank down.

Her wet clothes had weighed her down.

He grabbed her arm again.

Ji Qingzhou felt tense.

Her wet clothes stuck to her body and wrapped her up.

She did not have the courage to look at Shen Rongyu, and her eyes moved elsewhere.

Ji Qingzhou noticed Shen Rongyu's hand was hanging by his side.

The lake water was clear, and looking closely, she could see what was going on under the clear water.

He held her arm with one hand, and under the sleeve robe on his other side was a tightly clenched hand.

He didn't shy away from pain, but his physical reaction was still there.

Shen Rongyu's knuckles were white.

He was obviously in severe pain, but his expression remained cloudy, and not a trace of pain showed on his face.

He had come holding the token of the almighty elder, the Perfected Yuan Wu of Xuanyun Sect.

He then became the Great Shen-shixiong of Xuanyun Sect, renowned far and wide in these decades.

However, Mount Jian Lake was still not tolerant to him.

The Mount Jian Lake water with the water as a mirror could illuminate and understand everyone thoroughly.

Shen Rongyu was the future villain who infiltrated the Xuanyun Sect, so how could he have dustless and pure immortal bones

His dive in the lake was akin to entering a boiling cauldron, and every second was a bone-biting agony for him.

Despite this, he was still in the mood to stay and appreciate Ji Qingzhou's struggle before death.

He just wanted to satiate his curiosity.

Ji Qingzhou guessed that he was enduring the pain, but what could she do It seemed that all she could do was to advise him to drink more warm water.

There was still a long way to go from their spot to the other side.

Many of the immortality seekers who were able to persevere were already close to the other bank.

The white bird who recorded the situation was still in place.

It was curious about the two people who were left behind.

Shen Rongyu had fed it an immortal fruit in Xuanyun Sect, and it remembered him very well.

Seeing that the white bird wasn't retreating, Shen Rongyu could only ask Ji Qingzhou, "Do you want to go back, or go to the other side"

Since there was a chance, Ji Qingzhou would not give up.

She replied to him, "Can we go to the other side"

"Let's hurry then." Shen Rongyu's hand hanging at his side was still subtly trembling because of the pain, but his hand holding her arm was as hard as some kind of carved jade.

Shen Rongyu dragged her to the opposite shore.

The shore of Mount Jian Lake was a milky white mist.

Once in a while, a few streaks of crimson fluttered by, like peach petals, giving the impression that the real entrance to Yunshui Peak was hidden behind the mist.

Many map fragments were scattered at the bottom of the lake.

If someone could endure the lake cleansing, they could pick up clues at the bottom of the lake and find directions in the fog.

Ji Qingzhou couldn't swim, and Shen Rongyu would never help her find clues.

Her only resort was to enter the Peach Blossom Mist and look for directions haphazardly.

After bringing her ashore, Shen Rongyu turned around and dove to the bottom of Mount Jian Lake to find map clues.

Ji Qingzhou guessed right.

She had no immortal bones, so if she wanted to find an exit in the Peach Blossom Mist, she could only seek all the map fragments and piece them together.

There was a sparkling array on the shore, and when Ji Qingzhou walked in, the water that drenched her dried it up.

Even the dirt that she brought to Xuanyun Sect was washed away.

Her slightly drooping cheeks bore a delicate and beautiful outline, so even her inconspicuous clothes could not hide her appearance.

At this time, Qiu Mingxue, who had been searching in the lake for a long time and only found two maps, came ashore.

Her maid, Ying Xiu, followed her step by step.

This princess and maid of a small country in the Yunze Region were quite amazing.

Both of them had good luck.

Ji Qingzhou's back was to them, so when she went into the water, Qiu Mingxue didn't pay her any attention.

Now that she saw her back, Qiu Mingxue was shocked.

She could not believe that Ji Qingzhou also managed to cross — much less faster than them.

She was clearly a foolish mortal!

"Little Beggar!" She called out, "How did you get here"

Ji Qingzhou did not answer her, because she was not named Little Beggar.

She kept her head down and silently fixed her robe.

She was deep in thought.

Shen Rongyu went into the water again.

How much pain was he suffering

If she hadn't been there, would Shen Rongyu have soaked in the water of Mount Jian Lake for a little while less

She was thinking about her own affairs and was about to communicate with the system, when Qiu Mingxue had her maid Ying Xiu come forward.

"Our Princess asked you something, Little Beggar—" Ying Xu patted Ji Qingzhou on the shoulder.

“Ah." Ji Qingzhou came back to her senses and turned around.

Her hood was taken off, and the dirt on her face was washed away, revealing only her white face.


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