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"Get out of my house you idiot" shouted Bernada Alexandras mother. "You are nothing but a jinx,ever since you were born you give me nothing but sadness,I wish I weren your mother,my son is just so unlucky to have you as a sister"

"Mum stop it, whats Alexas fault in this,its not her fault I have leukemia" Alexander her twin brother said.

"Mum please don send me away, I don have anywhere to go" Alexandra said in tears

"You can go to hell for all I care" Bernarda retorted.

" Mum why are you doing this,Alexa is your daughter" said Xander

"No Xander, shes not my daughter, shes a little witch who brings nothing but badluck" she said.

"Fine if thats the case,Ill leave but I want you to know one thing mum,Im not a jinx and I know my future is very bright,its just a matter of time and as for disowning me,I also disown you,as from today onwards you are dead to me" Alexa fired and ran out of the house with her bag.

"No Alexa,you can leave,if not for mum then for me please, don go" Xander said running after her.

"You heard what your mum said right ,she doesn want me so Im leaving" said Alexa.

"Alexa try to understand,if you leave me Ill die,you are my only sibling, you are the only reason Im still alive"

" Then die if you want to die, go ahead and die maybe your mum will know then that Im not the one who brought bad luck to her"

"I can believe this Alexa,you want me to die, Alexa this is not you"

"This is me Xander its me Alexa,its your mother who is not herself"

"Our mother Alexa"

"No,your mother did you forget she disowned me" she said as she turned to leave.

"Ouch...arrrgh........ah......it hurts" Xander groan in pain as he fell to the ground.

"Xander, what happen to you, didn I tell you to leave me alone, didnt I tell you to let me go, now you

e having another attack because of me"Alexa said crying.

"Alexa,I know the doctor said Ill live up to three months but now I don think Ill live up to tomorrow"

"No Xander don say that, you aren going to die"

"Whats the point Alexa,you can leave and think Ill live peacefully in that house,you are my twin sister my everything"He said in a faint tone.

" You aren going to die, if you die Ill die please don leave me Xander"Alexa said now already in tears.

" Please don leave me Alexa,I won die if you promise to stay"

"I won leave you, I won , please hang in there okay, youll be fine"

" Is that a promise"

"Yes brother I won leave"

"Yes thank you sis, finally you aren leaving" he said jumping up from the ground forgetting that he had just faked an attack.

"What, are you nuts, you pretended to have an attack in order for me to stay, you

e mistaken" Alexa said looking surprised.

"But you just promised me you won leave" he said looking worried

"Yes, that because I thought you had an attack but you lied to me the more reason why I should leave"she said then turn to go.

"Okay fine, if you insist on going then I won stop you further,take this charm bracelet,it will always protect you and always remember me sis" he said giving her a bracelet.

"Thanks brother"she said then pulled him into a hug."okay time for me to leave, stay happy bro,Ill be fine and take care of yourself"

"Alright sis, stay safe" he said to her and turn to leave.

They both looked back at each other for the last time and went their separate ways.

"But why did you do that mum"Xander said as he walked back into the house.

"Because Im tired of seeing her filthy face, shes of no use to me"Bernada said.

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