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1501 – Usurping

Yang Feng answered with a slight smile, “Sir Ninth Divine Son, did you forget I am Kahn.

I rescued you from the alien forces!”

The Ninth Divine Son contemplated for a while.

Tampered memories emerged in his head, and he nodded and said, “Mhm! I remember! It’s indeed the case! If you have any wishes, feel free to tell me and I will fulfill them for you!”

The Ninth Divine Son and the Eternal angel next to him had their memories tempered with by Ling.

Unless Shenguang God personally casts a secret method and peeks at the souls of the Ninth Divine Son and the Eternal angel, it’s basically impossible to discover any traces of the tampering.

Shenguang God is a 7th layer Eternal realm powerhouse and spends most of his time either cultivating or enjoying himself.

All the power of Shenguang Universe is held by his nine divine children.

The Ninth Divine Son is ranked in the middle among the nine divine children in terms of the amount of power he holds.

Even so, in Shenguang Universe, he is equivalent to a god that can fulfill anyone’s wishes.

Yang Feng uttered, “I wish to follow and serve you, sir Ninth Divine Son.”

The Ninth Divine Son laughed loudly, feeling unspeakable comfort, “Alright! You’re pretty good! Follow me and you will get everything you want.


Shenguang Star is located in the center of Shenguang Universe.

Above Shenguang Star, there is a huge star.

That star is Shenguang God’s god kingdom.

The Eternal King Palace is located in the middle of Shenguang Star and is a palace complex extending without end.

The Eternal King Palace is divided into ten areas.

The ten areas are occupied by Shenguang God and the nine divine children respectively.

“I’m back! Ant who occupied my palace, get lost!”

A voice full of murderous intent reverberated in the air, and the Ninth Divine Son strode into the Ninth Divine Palace.

“Greetings, your majesty!”

“Greetings, your majesty!”


When the beautiful maids in the Ninth Divine Palace saw the Ninth Divine Son, their countenance changed dramatically, and they spoke respectfully and fearfully.

“Ninth brother, since you already disappeared, why did you come back Don’t you think that you’re being a hindrance”

A handsome, burly, blond, and blue-eyed young man emerged, looked at the Eternal angel next to the Ninth Divine Son with envy, and spoke coldly, a gloomy expression on his face.

The Ninth Divine Son responded with a frigid smile, an icy look in his eyes, “So it’s you, thirteenth brother! I’m still not dead, yet you dare occupy my palace! What gall! How do you want to die”

The Thirteenth Divine Son sneered, “If they have the ability, anyone can occupy the nine palaces! This is a rule established by divine father.

Ninth brother, I challenge you for the position of master of the Ninth Palace.”

The Ninth Divine Son’s eyes flickered with murderous intent, and he uttered coldly, “A palace master challenge cannot be rejected.

Furthermore, angels can’t help.

Thirteenth brother, you’re really clever.

Very well, I will fight you.

The Ninth Angel will serve as witness.

I’m sure you won’t have any objections regarding their impartiality.

However, thirteenth brother, you will die if you lose.

Are you sure you want to proceed with the challenge”

“Ninth brother, I wanted to challenge you a long time ago! Now die! Divine Judgement Sword!”

The Thirteenth Divine Son’s eyes glimmered icily, and a rune appeared on his forehead.

Countless rays of light glimmered in the void and converged into a sword that tore the firmament and slashed towards the Ninth Divine Son.

“Thirteenth brother, since I am the master of the Ninth Palace, I am naturally far stronger than you.

You can go ahead and die!”

The Ninth Divine Son smiled coldly.

Countless rays of light surged and formed a divine armor and a Divine Judgement Sword.

He brandished the sword, and endless light filled with terrifying sacred aura broke out.

A terrifying sword ray streaked across the space and easily cut the Thirteenth Divine Son in two.

The complexion on the Thirteenth Divine Son change dramatically, and he wailed pitifully, “Ninth brother, stop! Spare me! Seeing as we are siblings, spare me this time!”


The eyes of the Ninth Divine Son glimmered icily, and a terrifying sword ray sliced the Thirteenth Divine Son into countless pieces in an instant.

“How ruthless!”

“Old nine is back!”

“So vicious!”

Thirteenth brother, that fool, was clearly a pawn released by someone else to to test old nine.

What a fool!”


Fearsome wills scanned the area, and then dispersed.

Shenguang God dominates Shenguang Universe.

In his god kingdom, there are countless beauties of Shenguang Universe.

With his 7th layer Eternal realm cultivation base, even in Eternal World, he is the overlord of a faction.

He has a wide range of acquaintances, including many beauties of other universes.

Generally speaking, the stronger a life form is, the harder it is for them to conceive.

Take Emperors of the world of Warlocks as example, they have very few descendants.

But Eternals are incredible beings that defy the rules of the world.

If they wish, they can conceive countless descendants.

Shenguang God has conceived more than 100,000 children.

There is no closeness between these divine children.

Only divine children who have the same mother and grew up together will have some degree of closeness with one another.

“This is Kahn.

He is a benefactor who saved my life! He will be my aide and the manager of the Ninth Palace from now on! You must obey his orders! Understood”

The Ninth Divine Son swept the servants, who flew out from different corners and knelt on the floor, with his gaze, pointed at Yang Feng, and stated coldly.

“Yes! Your majesty!”

The servants replied deferentially.

The Ninth Divine Son glanced at the void, and then snorted coldly and strode into his palace.

Yang Feng smoothly sneaked into the Eternal King Palace and became an aide of the Ninth Divine Son.

The Third Palace, in a pavilion next to a beautiful lake, there is a handsome, tall, blond and blue-eyed man sitting.

This man is the Third Divine Son.

The eyes of the Third Divine Son flickered with a peculiar shade and his face surged with a gloomy expression, “Old nine escaped from the encirclement of the alien powerhouses Impossible! Unless the alien Eternals are trash, there’s no way he would be able to escape from them.

There’s something fishy here.”

The Ninth Divine Son was sold out by the Third Divine Son and thus was encircled by Duyun Universe’s Eternals.


The Third Divine Son uttered flatly.


A shadow distorted, and a man shrouded in a black light curtain appeared and knelt on one knee in front of the Third Divine Son.

The Third Divine Son said coldly, “Investigate this matter!”

“Yes! Your majesty!”

Ancha’s figure distorted, and he disappeared in the shadows.

After Yang Feng became an aide of the Ninth Divine Son, he drilled into libraries of Shenguang Universe, collected all kinds of information, and entered the information into his data base.

After Ling analyzed the data, she passed on the necessary information to him, allowing him to quickly gain a deep understanding of Shenguang Universe.

In Shenguang Universe, there are countless stars, each of which only believes in the sole god, Shenguang God.

Apart from Shenguang God, the strongest combatants of this universe are angels!”

Under Shenguang God, there are a total of 36 Eternal angels, with the majority of them being 1st layer Eternal realm combatants.

No wonder he dared to star a universe devour war with Duyun Universe.

“The Universe Hook Tower is located in the Eternal King Palace.

If it were me, I would have placed this treasure in my god kingdom.

For Shenguang God to place the Universe Hook Tower here, there can only be one reason, that is, to use it as bait to lure out powerhouses of Duyun Universe who come for the Universe Hook Tower and cut them down one by one.”

Yang Feng summed up various pieces of information and saw through the danger of the Universe Hook Tower at a glance.

If I were a person of Duyun Universe, I might have taken the risk and gone to destroy the Universe Hook Tower.

But Ling Jianan and them miscalculated and chose the wrong person.”

Yang Feng smiled coldly.

He has no intention to destroy the Universe Hook Tower.

“As for the most precious treasures in this universe, they are naturally all placed in Shenguang God’s god kingdom.

They’re completely out of my reach! How troublesome!”

Yang Feng looked at Shenguang God’s god kingdom in the sky with wary in his eyes.

Even if it’s a 9th layer Eternal realm Eternal tycoon, if he enters Shenguang God’s god kingdom, he will be backing himself into a corner.

“However, Shenguang Universe really is extraordinary.

It has a complete secret method regarding the cultivation of angels! With this secret method, Michaelia can cultivate all the way to a 3rd layer Eternal angel.”

In addition, the most important thing is that there is such a substance in Shenguang Universe.”

Yang Feng picked up a crystal test tube, carefully drew a drop of black liquid, and dropped it on a white jade phalanx bone he got from the world of Warlocks.

When the drop of black liquid fell on the white jade phalanx bone, a small fraction of the white jade phalanx bone, which Yang Feng had no way to deal with before, dissolved.

After the black liquid dissolved a small fraction of the white jade phalanx bone, a drop of golden liquid containing endless mysteries appeared.

Yang Feng pointed with his hand, and the drop of golden liquid entered his body and frenziedly strengthened his body and soul.

Seven days later, Yang Feng slowly opened his eyes, and his eyes glimmered with a scorching shade.

He stared at the white jade phalanx bone, “This is definitely the bone of a powerhouse above the Eternal King realm.

It contains mysteries that surpass the Eternal King realm.

Only the Heavenly Bone Erosion Nectar of Shenguang Universe can dissolve it and form a new substance that can strengthen an Eternal’s body and soul.

As long as I refine this phalanx bone, I can advance to a 7th layer Eternal!”


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