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Hearing Xia Wanyuans words, Chen Yun and Lu Li were stunned for a moment before reacting.

“Director Why did you suddenly think of this again”

I didnt realize that Xia Wanyuan was interested in this in the past. 

Xia Wanyuan flipped through the script.

“Is there a problem”

When she first came to the modern world, in order to understand more about this era, Xia Wanyuan had learned through watching television dramas.

Unfortunately, those television dramas were a little shocking in Xia Wanyuans eyes.

She could not find a better-looking one.

Anyway, she was pregnant and was no longer suitable for high-intensity filming for a long time.

It was not bad to transfer to the backstage as a director.

“Okay, Sister Xia.

If youre the director, the drama you film will definitely be especially good.” Lu Li, the expert drama follower, was already looking forward to it.

In her eyes, Xia Wanyuan could do the best in everything, including television dramas.

Chen Yun had no objections and this matter was decided.

“Then Ill screen the script for you What direction do you want”

Xia Wanyuan thought for a while.

“The last time I browsed Weibo, I saw a television drama being scolded very badly by book fans.

Ive seen that story outline before.

Not bad.

Help me find out what the original name of that book is.”

“Okay, no problem.”

Chen Yun immediately went to investigate.

To people who had been in the entertainment industry on Weibo all year round, Chen Yun knew how to search for keywords too well.

Once he typed in the words “adapted to look like sh*t”, a large number of Weibo posts related to these words quickly appeared.

Chen Yun took a look.

Basically, most of the netizens were scolding the television drama adapted from a mythical novel, “Under the Sky”.

The worldview of the original novel was quite grand.

With revenge as the main storyline, it connected the plotlines of the gods, demons, and demons.

It described how three young people who grew up in different environments and worldviews grew up step by step, turned into enemies, and finally became one.

The story was actually not complicated.

The reason why this television drama was boycotted by many netizens was because of its special effects.

A television drama was different from a movie.

A movie was only two hours long, so the production team could invest a lot of money in special effects and produce stunning effects.

However, a television drama with dozens of episodes could not.

Hence, few Chinese television dramas had good special effects.

They were usually called noob special effects.

There were many television dramas overseas that became popular worldwide because they were willing to invest and produce exquisitely.

Such a legendary television drama had even higher requirements for special effects.

The television drama that had been filmed a while ago clearly did not reach the passing mark.

The dragon was like a line dug out by the PowerPoint.

When it soared into the clouds, it was as if it was flying on the ground.

After the television drama came out, a large number of book fans boycotted it, thinking that it was an insult to the essence of the original work.

Xia Wanyuan looked at the main plot of the television drama and flipped through the original novel.

She felt that it was not bad, so she decided.

“This is it.

Go and talk to the author.

I still have something on, so Ill leave first.”

“Okay.” Looking at the book “Under the Sky” in his hand, when Xia Wanyuans back disappeared at the door, Chen Yun could no longer suppress the ecstasy in his heart.

Because he was a fan of “Under the Sky”!! What a pie from the sky! 

Back then, when he saw his favorite novel being filmed like that, he had also used his alternate account to scold the production team.

Now that Xia Wanyuan actually wanted to reshoot, Chen Yun was overjoyed.

He immediately contacted the original novel to discuss buying the copyright.

After leaving the studio, Xia Wanyuan drove straight to Beijing Hospital.

After Jun Shiling returned, the restricted drugs had already been sent to Lin Yi.

The doctor had operated on her, and now, Xia Yu was accompanying Lin Yi in the ward.

When Xia Wanyuan arrived at the ward, Xia Yu was sitting in the corridor outside with his head lowered, thinking about something.

Xia Wanyuan walked over and patted Xia Yus shoulder.

“Sister” Seeing that it was Xia Wanyuan, Xia Yu let down his guard and forced a smile at her.

“Hows Lin Yis condition” Xia Wanyuan sat beside Xia Yu.

“The doctor said that hes recovering steadily.

Thank you brother-in-law for the medicine.” Xia Yu felt a little tired.

He leaned to the side and lay weakly on Xia Wanyuans shoulder.

Xia Wanyuan turned to look at Xia Yu.

“Are you married to Lin Yi”

Hearing Xia Wanyuans words, Xia Yu sat up straight.

“This is what I was prepared to do.

When Lin Yi wakes up, Ill mention this to her.”

Back then, Lin Yi was injured to save him.

Xia Yu was not stupid, and Lin Yi could not hide her thoughts.

He naturally knew that Lin Yi liked him.

At that time, looking at Lin Yi lying on the bed on his last breath, the idea of marrying Lin Yi suddenly appeared in Xia Yus mind.

After all, at that time, the doctors said that Lin Yi could not survive.

He wanted to fulfill Lin Yis wish before she died.

Xia Wanyuan patted Xia Yus shoulder.

“Its good that youve thought it through.

Ive always supported you.”

Looking at Xia Wanyuans clear phoenix eyes, Xia Yu nodded.

“I know, Sister.”

“Then take care of her here.

Ill go back to the manor and get them to send some food over.

You have to eat well.”

“Okay.” Xia Yu accompanied Xia Wanyuan out.

After sending Xia Wanyuan away, Xia Yu turned around and walked upstairs.

However, after taking two steps, he stopped.

Not far away stood Jiang Yun.

Seeing Xia Yu, Jiang Yun tightened her grip on the medicine bottle and smiled calmly.

“Youre back in China”

“Mm.” Xia Yu nodded and his gaze shifted to the medicine bottle in Jiang Yuns hand.

“Are you sick”

Jiang Yun shook her head.

“Im taking care of my…”

Jiang Yun paused for a moment before saying, “Take care of my husband.

Hes recuperating in this hospital.”

“Oh.” Xia Yus expression was dark.

It was unknown what he was thinking.

His gaze swept across Jiang Yuns clearly smaller face.

“You seem to have lost weight.

Take care.”

Jiang Yuns eyes turned sour.

She bit her lower lip and tried her best to remain calm.

“Thank you.

My husband is still waiting for me.

Ill go up first.”


With that, Jiang Yun walked away quickly.

Xia Yu looked at her departing figure with an obscure gaze.

When he returned to the ward, Lin Yi had already woken up.

She was leaning against the head of the bed in a daze, thinking about something.

Seeing Xia Yu enter, a smile appeared on Lin Yis pale face.

“Its been hard on you.”

“Why are you so polite” Xia Yu walked over and wiped Lin Yis hands with a towel.

“If you hadnt saved me, I wouldnt even know where to lie now.”

The corners of Lin Yis lips curled up slightly.

“In that situation, if it were anyone else, they would have saved you without hesitation.”

Xia Yu wiped Lin Yis hands.

“Lets not talk about those things anymore.

Rest well and get well early.”


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