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‘Can I not eat Yaeger held her head with a depressed expression.

She recalled the issue of her transformation again because of this message.

Going to eat together meant that she would need to transform.

The others would worry about her if she didnt go eat with them.

Besides, it wasnt like she could hide from them forever.

Even if she didnt eat lunch, wouldnt she still have to eat dinner

“When thinking about the time, the Ability Management Departments people should be finding me soon.” Yaeger felt even more of a headache about Xinas group.

Who knew who the higher-ups would send to contact her

She would have to go with them if a grandmaster-level veteran came.

This was because Yaeger felt that her current power level hadnt foundationally changed from before.

She felt that she didnt have much chance of victory against a grandmaster.

Of course, she didnt know how much of a difference there would be between them since she hadnt fought one before.

This was simply her guesswork.

She felt that lacking the initiative was really disadvantageous for negotiation.

“I really do have to transform, dont I…” Yaeger licked her cherry lips with a bitter expression.

‘I became stronger in order to protect myself, not in order to transform into a girl!

Yaeger shouted as a man in her mind before deciding to transform again.

This was because it was likely that she would find it really difficult to escape if she didnt leave the hotel before the Ability Management Department came for her.

“If they use every single agent in the city to look for me, theres probably an 80% chance that theyll find me, so theres no use in hoping that Ill get lucky.”

Yaeger then suddenly recalled the goons that she had beaten up while saving Sachiel.

If the agents talked to those goons, then there was a 100% chance that the agents would find her.

“Forget it, Ill deal with it when the time comes.” She would obviously have to eat, so she needed to use her time as efficiently as possible in order to strengthen herself so that she could transform and run.

“Now then, I have two skills I can choose from.

Which one should I choose”

Yaegers expression became serious as she looked at her skill board.

A ranger could choose from one of two skills when they reached level 20: [Shadow Skulk] and [Sky Rain].

[Sky Rain] was a large area of effect skill with a six-minute cooldown.

When activating the skill, you would fire one arrow towards the sky, causing a magic formation to appear in the sky from which countless energy arrows would be fired.

The attribute could be chosen by the user, and this skill could be leveled up.

To Yaeger, this skill was somewhat useful, but also not very useful.

Her chosen path was already deviating from a traditional rangers path.

While this type of AOE attack was alright for grinding mobs with, it was far too weak against a boss.

Besides, with her attack speed, just [Multi Shot] was more than enough to grind monsters with.

She took a look at the other skill.

Basic Skill: [Shadow Skulk].

Description: When using this skill, you can transform into a shadow and roam in the shadow world, making it very difficult for others to discover your presence.

Additionally, your speed will be increased by 25%, your Dexterity will be increased by 20, and when you activate an attack skill while in shadow form, your critical damage will be increased by 30%, which lasts for one second.

Your shadow form will automatically be canceled after you use an attack skill.

You may remain in shadow form for three minutes.

The cooldown is eight hours.

Notice 1: leveling [Shadow Skulk] can increase the time that you can remain in shadow form as well as decrease the cooldown time.

Notice 2: this skill is ineffective against certain types of magical vision.

Those who possess detection skills or are highly sensitive to auras might be able to notice your presence.

Yaeger hesitated for a moment when she saw the experience required to level the two skills.

[Shadow Skulk] could be increased to level 10 at the highest, and it required three times as much experience as [Sky Rain].

This meant she would need to grind for much longer in order to increase it to maximum level.

However, Yaeger didnt hesitate any more once she thought about how useful [Shadow Skulk] would be in real life.

She immediately chose the skill [Shadow Skulk].

“Now then, Ill be even better at protecting myself.” Yaeger finally smiled slightly as she clenched her fist.

However, her mouth then twitched when she thought about how she would need to transform again very soon.

“Ill be at 10% transformation, which wont be too much, right… Yeah, it definitely wont be a problem.

As long as it doesnt pass 30%, no, as long as it doesnt pass 20%, it will be safe!”

Yaeger muttered to herself for a bit before suddenly feeling like something was off about her body.

“My energy absorption seems to have become faster!” A light flashed in her eyes as she hurriedly opened her interface.

As expected, she saw her experience increasing bit by bit, and its speed was much faster than it had been before.

“Just what is going on here” Yaeger tilted her head with an expression of confusion.

“Could this be connected to my level That doesnt seem right, as there wasnt such a big change when I was level 15.

The energy absorption right now feels like a bottleneck suddenly enlarged…”

Yaeger then suddenly thought of something, but she wasnt certain about it.

“Ill see if anything changes again at level 40.”

She then shook her head and glanced at Jade City: “I wonder if Yunuen finished leveling her subclass to level 4 yet”

Meanwhile, Yunuen Lin was collapsed on the ground of the item shop as her body shook all over.

Her eyes were listless and she frothed white saliva from her mouth as she occasionally muttered in a voice that was almost impossible to discern, “P, Princess, I… I did it…”


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