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Yaeger looked to the side and saw that 10 red [Strength Fruits], 10 blue [Intelligence Fruits], 10 yellow [Endurance Fruits], and a white flower that seemed both jadelike and metallic were floating there.

“Dexterity, Strength, Intelligence, and Endurance, the four major basic attributes.

It seems like this is a luxury version of a basic gift pack.

Not bad, not bad, I just happen to lack foundational strength.”

Yaeger immediately smiled in satisfaction upon seeing these fruits.

Rather than equipment that she couldnt take into real life with her, basic stats were far more important to her.

She picked up a [Dexterity Fruit], which immediately caused the items information to appear in front of her.

Rare item: [Dexterity Fruit]

Description: This fruits origin is unknown, but its harmless and has zero side effects, so please rest assured in eating it.

After eating, you will gain a permanent 2 to Dexterity.

Expires in one day.

“Eating one is 2 points of Dexterity, so 10 of these will be 20 points.

Sister System, you really do love me after all, dont you”

Yaeger smiled happily as she unhesitatingly ate the [Dexterity Fruit].

This fruit was about the same size as the Saintess Fruit.

Yaeger soon finished all the Dexterity Fruits with just one bite each.

Yaegers smile became even bigger as she sensed the changes in her body.

At the same time, in a certain dimension.

“Who stole my fruits! Ill kill your entire family!” An incredibly angry roar suddenly came from a mysterious fruit garden.


Simultaneously, a purple bolt of lightning descended from the sky and seemed to paint the entire sky and earth purple as it suddenly exploded.

“Yahhhh!” This was immediately followed by an incredibly pitiful scream in the fruit garden.

Inside the game.

“Pretty good.

Sweet and sour.” Yaeger licked the remaining fruit juice from her fingertips and then ate all the [Endurance Fruits].

“Its a pity that these fruits cant be saved.

Rakshasa and the others wont be able to enjoy them.

Ill save five each of the [Strength Fruits] and [Intelligence Fruits] for Yunuen.”

Yaeger ate all the other fruits and increased her overall strength by another level.

She could feel endless energy welling up inside her body.

“After increasing my base stats by so much, and once I train to level 30, I should be getting close to a grandmasters realm”

Yaeger clenched her fist with a much calmer expression than before.

With her current agility, even if she couldnt win a fight, a grandmaster wouldnt be able to catch her if she ran away.

“Unless the grandmaster knows a skill like [Flash].

Once my game strength breaks through grandmaster level, even if Im not capable of walking across vertical walls in real life, I wont have to be afraid like I am now,” Yaeger muttered to herself as she looked at the white flower.

This white flower wasnt large.

It was about half the size of her hand, and it flashed with a faint light that seemed wondrously elegant and noble.

Yaeger reached out and grabbed the flower, which immediately displayed its item information in front of her.

Head equipment: [Flower of the Tall Peak]

Level: Purple level 9 (Upgradeable) Attribute: None Level Restriction: 20 Armor: 55 Durability: 99 20 Mentality 20 Talent 20 Intelligence

Special effect: wearing this flower will give you the luck skill [Lucky Star].

When using this skill, it will randomly increase a skill or special effects activation rate by 5-50%, based on your own luck stat.

24 hour cooldown.

Yaeger blinked after she read the equipment description and then immediately crinkled her eyes as she smiled.

“Hahaha, I got exactly what I was lacking.

Sister System, you still say that you dont love me”

Yaeger had a really proud expression as she felt delighted inside.

She clicked the equipment, causing a beautiful flower to instantly appear on her head.

Yaegers previous [Silver Snake Helmet] didnt look very good, so she had always set it to an invisible appearance, but this flower was so beautiful that it wouldnt do to hide it.

“Yeah, it really suits me!” The more that she looked at its appearance in the interface, the more she liked it.

A beautiful girl and a fresh flower really paired well together!

Yaeger put both hands behind her back as she carefully looked over and enjoyed her new image.


“Ptui! Whats this about a beautiful girl and a fresh flower pairing well together! Wake up, Im a boy!”

Yaeger started to shout loudly as she hurriedly turned off her interface and patted herself on the chest right away.

“That was so dangerous, so dangerous, I almost lost myself!”

“Whats losing yourself” Yunuen logged on again at this time and happened to hear Yaeger talking to herself.

“Whoa! Yunuen, you scared me to death!” Yaeger trembled all over when she heard a voice coming from behind her.

She then immediately heard that it was Yunuen, which helped her to swiftly calm down as she turned to look at Yunuen.

“Princess, why are you losing yourself” Yunuen asked with curiosity.

“N, nothing, right, Yunuen, are you hungry Ill treat you to some fruits.”

Yaeger decisively changed the topic as she then placed ten exquisite fruits on Yunuens hand.

Yunuen looked at the item description, which caused her eyes to start twitching.

[Intelligence Fruits] were really useful for priests, but the Strength stat…

“Princess, I dont think this [Strength Fruit] is very suitable for me”

“Who said so Its extremely suitable for the current you.” Yaeger especially emphasized the wordcurrent.

“Oh…” Yunuen suddenly recalled that more than half of her healing skills had been banned for her to learn, while she had learned every attack skill there was.

She was already different from a traditional healer, so it didnt seem like there was anything wrong with eating a Strength-boosting fruit.

“Hurry and eat them.

You still need to do your level 6 and level 7 apothecary quests in a bit,” Yaeger urged.

The level 6 and level 7 apothecary quests didnt require grinding monsters.

Yunuen only needed to make potions.

“Oh, oh!” Yunuen immediately began to eat the fruits after she heard this.

The next instant, she felt strength as if she could kill a cow with one punch.

Meanwhile, in the adventurer guild of Newbie Village 101…


of Limitless Guild, Laughing at the Sky of Berserk Blade Guild, and Crystal Heart of Tomorrows Flower Guild were all sitting together and discussing once again about allying with each other.


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