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There was an explosion.

The assassin Gellar felt as if his head was exploding as he instantly lost his senses.

Right after that, he felt his body rising into the air at a high speed and instantly flying extremely high.

He felt extreme pain all over his body to the point where he felt his soul was being torn apart.

He couldnt help but scream pitifully.

Down below, Yaeger turned around, landed on the ground, took out her purple bow, and aimed at the sky with her arrows as red light flashed on her body.

Purple light exploded as an uncountable number of energy arrows shot forth towards Gellars defenseless body.

All Yunuen saw was that Yaeger was using [Multi Shot] as if it was free to use, which covered the entire sky and painted it purple.

It seemed as if this was a pool of thunder.

Not long after, a furious purple thunderstorm covered the entire sky as faint pitiful screams could be heard from within.

“Eh” Yaeger immediately furrowed her dainty eyebrows, as she hadnt felt at all that her attack connected.

She suddenly felt a mysterious sense of danger which made her immediately duck and look to the front.

As expected, she saw a pitch-black figure kneeling on the ground with one knee while holding the rusty sword, and staring at her with a vicious expression as killing intent filled the air.

Of course, this was Gellar.

He had used an unknown method to dodge Yaegers final wave of attacks as he mysteriously moved to the ground.

“Ive made up my mind.

Im going to use the cruelest possible method to kill you!”

Gellar squeezed out a voice filled with endless hatred that came from between his teeth.

He then immediately shot forward like a bullet and whirled at a high speed in midair as the rusty sword bloomed like chrysanthemum and covered the sky in dark red sword afterimages.

Before the attack reached, Yaeger felt an incredibly sharp aura pouncing upon her.

She didnt dare to react slowly as the power of wind furiously welled up and transformed into a pair of wind wings behind her.

This was a new effect from her leveled-up [Phantom Step].

Not only that, Yaegers current Dexterity had been increased by 100, dodge was increased by 150, and movement speed was increased by 150%.

Her movement speed and attack damage were both greatly increased by the buff.

The rusty sword reached her as sword energy carved numerous scars into the ground and brought countless small shards into the air, making it seem like a sandstorm was attacking her.

Yaeger didnt even attempt to dodge such a seemingly frightening attack.

She waved her pretty hand, causing countless leaves to break off from the branches on the trees from both sides of the street.

The leaves flew over and instantly began to swirl around her.

‘I really can use what I learned in the real world here in the game world as well.

Yaegers eyes flashed with an expectant look when she succeeded in controlling the leaves.

She then looked to the front and used her will to send the leaves around her flying out.

The next instant, the furious sword which contained flying shards and a sandstorm clashed against the leaves that contained a mystical force.

Cling clang cling clang!

A fierce metallic clanging immediately came from midair.

Yunuen was incredibly astonished.

Why were leaves clashing against a sword making such a strange metallic noise

No, the stranger part was, how was Princess capable of waving her hand and summoning leaves to use as a weapon

A ranger could be played like this

Suddenly, a pitiful scream came from within the sword windstorm.

Yunuen then saw the windstorm stop and reveal a bloody figure.

Of course, this was Gellar.

His sword was only ten centimeters away from Yaegers throat, but Yaegers leaves had already cut injuries all over his body.

It was obvious who had won this fight.

“Weak, youre truly too weak.” Yaeger slightly sighed.

She originally thought that the leaves she summoned were only capable of stopping his attack, but unexpectedly…

“Whoops, its that the current me is too strong,” Yaeger said emotionlessly as she used her hand to knock away the rusty sword.

She then suddenly stepped forward with her left foot as her body lowered and she took three steps distance in a single step.

Her solid fist shot forward like a railgun and viciously hit Gellar on his defenseless stomach.


There was a muffled thud.

Gellar felt as if he was hit by a battering ram.

The powerful impact instantly made his body feel like it was shattering as his nerves brought the sensation of pain straight to his brain, making his brain feel like it was about to explode from the pain.

At this moment, Gellar had a distorted expression, bulging eyes, and his mouth was so wide that a large fist could be inserted into it.

There was another muffled thud as Gellars body shot into the air with such force that an audible sound could be heard as he flew through the air.

If Elder Tian was here, he definitely would have been so astonished that his chin would hit the ground.

He would have been thinking,Isnt this my charging fist!

Gellar flew back at a very high speed.

A thought suddenly popped into his head as he suffered extreme pain.

He wanted to escape!

Assassins were no courageous warriors.

Running away wasnt considered shameful!


Just as Gellar started thinking about escaping, he saw a faint green fingernail in front of him.

Five fingers suddenly spread open and pushed down on his face.

After that…


A large head was buried in the ground.

This wasnt even the end.

Yaeger kept pushing down on Gellars head as she started dragging him at high speed.

Yunuens mouth couldnt help but twitch as she witnessed a long and deep trench being forcefully created in the thick brick ground.

Her eyes were also filled with shock.

“Im not venting because Im feeling aggrieved in real life.

That absolutely isnt the case!” Yaeger said this to Gellar, who was on the verge of death, after she finished dragging him through the ground.

Gellar only half understood her words.

All he understood was that he had somehow become this demons object to vent on.

His eyes then rolled as he breathed his last breath.

At this moment…

“Ding! You have killed the red-name NPC Gellar, and obtained his blue skill book [Beginner-level Flash].”

The systems voice spoke up.


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