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Yaeger originally thought that her most difficult and dangerous opponent in the game would be Mira, but Honda Yus sudden gain of strength meant that she suddenly had another powerful competitor.

Obviously, Yaeger would feel a lot of pressure.

In her past life, Mira and Rakshasa seemed like they were chosen by the heavens as they gained strength with cheat-like speed and became inconceivably strong by the end.

In this life, Yaeger had the advantage of reincarnation, and she had sacrificed her male body in the game in order to obtain power that was greater than Rakshasas.

Only then had she temporarily gained a lead on the other beta testers, Mira included.

However, her small advantage that she had now was almost completely gone with Honda catching up to her with the speed of riding a motorcycle!

Although Honda still wasnt strong enough to be her opponent yet, if Honda obtained some more miracles, then it wouldnt be hard at all for Honda to catch up to or even surpass her!

‘Luckily, I possess two Divine Equipment.

Otherwise, I really would have been half scared to death by her.

Yaegers expression finally calmed down quite a bit as she touched her [Chaos Roulette] and then glanced at the [Chaos God Ring] on her finger.

“Princess, is this player named Honda Yu really amazing” Yunuen suddenly asked.

Her definition of amazing obviously meant in comparison with Princess.

“She… its not a problem of if shes amazing or not, but rather that shes the really ridiculous type.” Yaeger thought about it for a moment.

“Im probably just slightly stronger than her right now.

Yeah, only slightly.”

Yunuen was really astonished to hear this.

Princess was actually giving a player that had never seen before such a high assessment, which meant that this Honda Yu must be amazing!

However, Yunuen couldnt help but think that Princess comment of “only slightly” sounded rather strange.

“Thats enough about this topic.

Weve already wasted quite a lot of time here, so lets go back to the city.” Yaeger clapped her hands and smiled faintly.

Honda definitely gave her a lot of pressure, but there was still quite some time until the global ranking competition, so the two of them wouldnt have any opportunity to fight for the time being.

The obvious thing to do before then was to become even stronger.

“As long as my fists are strong enough, many problems will no longer become problems.”

Yaeger stepped forward with her slender and beautiful legs as she clenched her fists.

At this moment, the sun emerged from between the thick clouds as scattered sunlight shone through the leaves and illuminated the ground.

The two of them returned to Jade City, where Yunuen obtained a reward from the city guards by giving them Gellars corpse.

Yunuen obtained 200,000 gold coins and 2000 favorability with the Jade Empire as a reward.

“Yunuen, keep this money for yourself.

Apothecary tuition is really expensive.”

Yaeger said this right as Yunuen was about to transfer the money to her.


“No buts allowed.

Treat it as me investing in you,” Yaeger told her.

In fact, her words were completely true, as this was an investment.

Most of Jade Citys current population lived there year-round.

When counting outsiders, the population was approximately 800,000.

All the items and potions produced in this city were for this amount of population, so once all the players arrived in Jade City, there definitely wouldnt be enough supply to meet the demand.

The biggest difference between Newbie Village and the main city was that players needed to rely on themselves more.

And so, the importance of the sub-class would soon show itself.

Yaegers original plan was to collaborate with NPCs from item shops before the large influx of players into Jade City, so that she could monopolize the item trade in Jade City and really profit.

However, she set that aside for the time being because of the problem of her having a low favorability rating with the Jade Empire.

Now, she could only change her plan into raising Yunuen Lin as a top-level apothecary, so that she could then use Yunuen to collaborate with the NPCs and make money for herself… no, she meant that they would help each other out!

First, she would increase Yunuens favorability rating with the Jade Empire so that it would become easier for Yunuen to get a collaboration deal with an NPC.

Of course, Yaeger could also use her relationship with the first princess to pressure the NPCs so that they would automatically work with her, but that might draw more attention to the first princess, which would make usurping the throne more difficult.

“I will do my best!” Yunuen declared seriously while clenching her small fist.

“Very good.

In that case, please reach apothecary level 7 within four hours.”

Yaeger smiled slightly with a loving look in her eyes.

Yunuen paused in surprise for a moment as she suddenly realized that reaching level 6 and 7 would require her to make several thousand mid-level potions.

Her stomach instantly began to twitch as her expression paled.

‘Wahh~ Princess, are you a demon!

“After that…” Yaeger was about to say something else, but then the systems voice interrupted.

“Ding! You are now being hunted as a wanted person in the Jade Empire.”


Yaeger tilted her head in confusion when she heard this.

Meanwhile, in the Jade Empire royal palace.

A pleasant smell wafted throughout the golden and glorious palace.

This scent seemed like a flowers, but also seemed like the combination of a floral scent with something unknown.

A beautiful woman who wore an extravagant long white dress was pacing back and forth.

The beautiful face under her long curly blonde hair was sometimes smiling and sometimes frowning.

She seemed to be rather conflicted.

This was the seventh princess.

“Hey, you, punch me.” Kastina suddenly stopped pacing and spoke to a guard.

The guard blinked and then had a confused expression because he thought that he heard wrong.

He hurriedly asked, “Princess, did you say something just now”


Punch me.” The seventh princess Kastina had a really serious expression that made it seem like she wasnt joking in even the slightest.

The guards heart instantly started to tremble.

Had his princesss mind really gone crazy because of getting beaten up by that adventurer

“Hurry it up!” Kastina announced impatiently.

“Princess, this…”

“I command you to attack me immediately!”

“I, I understand.” Since his princess had given the command, then he felt there was no helping it.

The guard clenched his fist and glanced at Kastinas body, not knowing where to hit.

This was his princess, after all.

He wasnt even supposed to touch her, much less hit her!

“Hit my shoulder, as hard as you can!” Kastina tilted her body.

“Princess, I, Im going to attack!” The guard gritted his teeth and had an expression as if he was a brave warrior on a death mission as he suddenly punched her.


“Ahhh!” Kastina was knocked into the air by the punch.

She screamed in midair as she then crashed into an exquisite pillar and slid down onto the ground.

“Im going to kill you!” The next instant, Kastina suddenly shot forth with the speed of lightning towards the guard.

She swept with her long and beautiful leg and kicked the guard more than ten meters away.

His screaming could be heard as he flew through the air.

“Hah… hah… that really hurt.

How strange, why dont I feel good from getting beaten up” Kastina had a confused expression.

She clearly felt as if her entire body was filled with bliss when Princess beat her up, so why was that sensation not there anymore when someone else was beating her up

“This wont do.

Im going to find that peasant and try again!” Kastina then went towards the city again as she said this.


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