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This was a very spacious location.

At a glance, training tools were placed everywhere, while many youths wearing ordinary attire were swinging their swords in unison in the center.

Unlike players, if local NPCs wanted to become adventurers, most of them would have to train at the guild for a bit and learn the basics.

Only after they were adequate in skill level could they finally register as adventurers.

Yaeger followed the strong-appearing Coco to a piece of testing equipment.

The testing equipment was two and a half meters tall.

It was made out of a black metal and had a rough appearance.

A black sign-shaped object was above it in the center.

Seven different colors were on this object.

The central portion of the testing equipment jutted out.

Its flat surface was covered with black beastskin and had obvious markings of getting hit.

This seemed basically like a game version of strength testing equipment.

“You registered as a ranger, right The bronze rank ranger test needs to test your strength, speed, and overall power.

We’ll begin the strength test now.

You pass as long as you can hit up to level three, green level strength.”

After Coco said this, she folded her arms across her chest, raised her head, and curved her lips upwards slightly in a sardonic smile that was difficult to detect.

When the spectating bored adventurers heard this, they all exchanged awkward glances with each other.

They remembered quite clearly that for a ranger to rank up from iron to bronze, the ranger only needed to achieve level two, yellow level strength.

Suddenly, they realized that Coco really did intend to bully this girl.

Yaeger glanced at the black sign above the equipment.

Its center was separated into seven sections: ascending from white, yellow, green, red, blue, purple, and black.

In order to pass, she needed to make the green part light up with a faint glow.

Yaeger had done such a test before.

It required 50 points of Strength to make the green part glow.

However, 50 points of Strength was far too high a requirement for a ranger.

Normally, it would be really difficult for a level 23 ranger to reach 50 points of Strength.

Coco was obviously trying to make things hard for her.

‘Haha, too bad I’m no ordinary ranger.’

Yaeger took a step forward with her left foot as she tightly clenched her fist and lowered her body while punching.


Her lightning-fast fist landed heavily against the beastskin with a thud that caused the originally stable testing equipment to immediately begin shaking violently as a significant amount of dust fell off.

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Right after that, everyone saw a blinding flash of red light coming from the stone sign.

“L, level four, red level strength!” Someone couldn’t help but shout out loud when they saw the red light on the stone sign.

“Not only that, this light is so scarily strong!”

“Sss! Is she really just iron rank Even a platinum rank adventurer might not have such strength!”


When the trainee adventurers heard the commotion, they all simultaneously looked over to see the red light on the stone sign.

This caused everyone’s eyes to bulge and chins to drop.

This didn’t seem like she was ranking up to bronze at all.

Wasn’t she clearly platinum!

They really couldn’t believe that this unbelievably beautiful girl actually possessed monstrous strength.

However, the evidence of her strength was as solid as could be.

This girl possessed terrifying strength that could kill a wild bull with a single punch!

“I, impossible!” Coco recovered from her stunned state and shouted in disbelief.

“There must be a problem with the testing equipment!” Coco saw that the light had dissipated, so she immediately punched it with her full force.

Right after this, the testing equipment shook slightly as a red light appeared on the stone sign.

This red light was much weaker than the red light from Yaeger’s hit.

Coco’s expression instantly changed massively when she saw the weak red light on the stone sign.

This meant there was no problem with the strength measuring equipment.

This was evidence that this damned beautiful girl actually had strength surpassing hers! It was fine if she was just beautiful, but even her strength was so high Was she even human!

Coco was so envious, no, she hated Yaeger down to the bone!

Coco’s breathing became hurried as her heart trembled slightly.

However, she soon managed to calm herself down.

She was someone who had seen major events before.

She could handle this much stimulation!

“Your strength is pretty good.

You pass.” Although Coco was really unwilling, she still said this with a stiff expression.

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“Can we go on to the next test I’m in a hurry,” Yaeger urged Coco.

Yaeger had no desire to waste her precious time on such a boring test.

“Hmph.” Coco harrumphed coldly when she heard this.

She turned around and stepped forth with her thick legs to go to the next testing location.

Yaeger followed closely after her.

The spectating adventurers secretly followed after them.

Even the trainee adventurers put down their weapons and started watching them.

There was a small rectangular arena in front.

It was about 50 centimeters tall, with solid bricks set within as the flooring.

The arena was somewhat tattered and had obvious traces of combat.

There was no place for spectators to sit around the arena.

“Next is the speed test.

You pass if you can dodge the floating balls’ attacks ten times without getting injured.” Coco pointed at a group of green balls below the arena which were the size of apples.

There were twenty of them.

Ten times The spectators’ mouths almost all started to twitch.

Others might not know, but they knew quite well that these floating balls were a new magical artifact researched by the Jade Empire’s magic academy a few years ago.

The power source for these balls was magic crystals, and the balls’ attacks and movement speed were incredibly quick.

The balls were also easy to control.

You could use your consciousness to direct the balls’ attacks simply by leaving your own magical seal upon them.

The only unfortunate part was that the energy core wasn’t strong enough, which meant that the attack power was too weak.

The balls were unable to even kill a chicken.

If this energy source problem could be dealt with, these balls would become a next-gen weapon for slaughter.

Unfortunately, powerful energy cores weren’t that easy to create.

But of course, these balls were outstanding when used as a ranking examination tool.

The group of 20 floating balls could attack from just about every single angle.

Even the strongest bronze rank adventurer would find it really difficult to avoid getting hit for ten times in a row.

Just how difficult was Coco making the test by requiring an iron adventurer to dodge for ten times! This was making it impossible for Yaeger to pass!

If a person failed the bronze ranking examination, they would have to wait three months for the next test.

Not being able to do high-level quests for three whole months would make that person half useless, since adventurers were usually in a period of high growth!

Even if this female adventurer made it past three months, if she met Coco again for her next ranking examination, she really would become completely useless!

Everyone couldn’t help but sigh: ‘A jealous woman is so scary!’

Yaeger didn’t know what they were thinking.

She casually jumped onto the arena and lazily said, “Begin.”

Right after she said this, twenty floating balls flashed green light as they flew out and surrounded her.


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