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Outside of the game, Tianyu Finance Ltd.


“Brother Vincent, we’ve gotten ahold of some information on those two women!” A white-haired gangster said excitedly as he dashed over with some papers on hand.

“Let me take a look.” Receiving the thin stack of papers, Vincent carefully scanned it, “Oh, this indeed is a situation where you might be searching far and wide for something, but have it come straight to your doorstep; those two chicks are in Roc City!”

“Then let’s go immediately to capture them!” Mitch urged.

The duo could only stay in China for seven days.

If they were unable to complete the mission within the seven days, Boss Dragon wouldn’t look upon them favorably; scratch that, there would definitely be a severe punishment waiting for them!

“I’ll leave this to you, you better search meticulously!” Vincent ordered as he stared at the white-haired gangster.

So long as they knew when Yunuen Lin’s family came to Roc City, what they looked like, and had all the gangsters in the city make inquiries, they’re sure to find out the whereabouts of Yunuen Lin within a few days.

As for Rakshasa, since they already knew where she’s studying in Roc City, it was simple to find her address.

Once the order was passed down, all of the gangsters situated in Roc City became active.

It wasn’t before long that some relevant divisions and certain overseas influences began paying attention to these gangsters moving to and fro like sardines swimming.

For a period of time, Roc City was akin to almost boiling water, with small bubbles constantly rising to the surface.

As long as a little more heat was added, it would boil over instantly!

Yaeger and Yunuen Lin appeared to be on the road back.

Their surroundings were very quiet as all they could hear was the sound of their footsteps and fragments of conversation.

At this time, there were no pedestrians on the streets, only the occasional one or two beast carriages passing by.

“Princess, after I’ve learned this Berserk Drug, will I be able to go with you to complete missions” Yunuen Lin asked out of nowhere.

“It’s still too early, you still need to work hard for these next few days.

After everything boils down, I’ll bring you with me to complete missions.”

Yaeger replied.

“Oh, then I’ll do my best!” Yunuen Lin pursed her lips and then caught a shadow from the corner of her eyes, “Princess, there appears to be someone coming over.”

“Mm.” Yaeger had long since noticed the silhouette in the distance, so she was already wary.

It’s hard to predict if the person showing up at this time has good intentions or bad intentions.

When the distance between them shortened, Yaeger could finally make out the person coming.

It was a woodcutter carrying a log frame on his back and holding a firewood hatchet in his hand, one that flickered with a faint cold light as moonlight shines upon it.

This woodcutter appeared to be about 40 years old with some small wrinkles around the corners of his eyes.

He had slightly darker skin than the average person and seemed relatively short and small with his wizened stature.

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His steps weren’t too quick, but they were very stable and steady.

As the distance between the two parties grew shorter.

“Good evening, young adventurers.” The woodcutter greeted them in a friendly manner.

The corners of Yunuen Lin’s eyes twitched slightly and she seemed to want to speak, but ultimately decided to refrain from doing so.

At this moment, Yaeger walked up with a smile: “Good evening, Mr.


Hearing these words, the woodcutter’s eyes instantly widened, his pupils shrank sharply, his expression changed, and his hand holding the hatchet trembled.

“And now, good night.” Yaeger took a step forward and hit his face with a flurry of thunderbolt-like punches.

In the next instant, the woodcutter shot out like a bullet and sprayed out a mouthful of blood with teeth mixed in.

Meanwhile, Yunuen Lin finally said: “Are the current red-named NPCs all so stupid”

Let’s first not mention how nobody in their right mind would go chopping wood in the deep of the night; the main thing is, how the heck did he think that they wouldn’t discover his evil intentions

With such an enormous red name above his head, who wouldn’t know that he was a bad person

Yunuen Lin shook her head helplessly.

The woodcutter Lyca smashed into a big tree with a loud bang.

It could be imagined how fierce Yaeger’s punch was from the resulting effect.

“Damn it, my disguise is so perfect, how did you find out!” Lyca pulled off the human skin mask to reveal another face that was also a bit slim, but also much younger and had furry ears.

“Werewolf race eh, so it turns out that you’re one of those Shadow Wolf assassins I’ve already made an example of one of them last time, so why have you dim-wittedly come over here to kill me Are you r̲e̲t̲a̲r̲d̲e̲d̲”

Yaeger complained with annoyance apparent in her voice.

She was already annoyed enough, so this assassin organization was courting death for coming to find trouble with her.

“You killed someone from our Heaven-Chosen Clan, an unpardonable crime; only your death can appease our clan’s fury!”

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Lyca roared with a wrathful expression.

“Something like you is worthy of being called ‘Heaven-Chosen’”

Yaeger disdainfully said with half-narrowed eyes.

“Hehe, just based on these words, you shall experience death ten thousand times!” Lyca roared as his eyes abruptly widened to the point where the corners of his eyes threatened to split open.

“Why speak so much nonsense, come at me already.” Yaeger didn’t feel inclined to continue speaking to him, so she extended out her lily-white hand and gestured with her index finger.

“You’re seeking death!” Seeing this provocative motion, Lyca immediately tightened his grip on the firewood hatchet and energy suddenly burst forth from within his body.

He rushed forward like a just-fired artillery shell.

Gazing at the figure quickly becoming larger in her eyes, Yaeger maintained a calm countenance.

This red-named NPC called Lyca was merely Level 25, so while he wasn’t very strong, he also wasn’t too weak either.

To put it bluntly, he was the slightly stronger-than-weak type.

In a blink of an eye, Lyca was within killing distance and the firewood hatchet flashed with a chilly glint, a second away from entering Yaeger’s neck and chopping off her entire head.

But just as the hatchet was ten centimeters away from Yaeger’s neck, it suddenly stopped.

No, it would be more apt to say that Lyca was the one who stopped.

He was being held in place by a faintly discernible giant hand.

“How dare an ant make noise before me.”

Before these words even faded away, Lyca felt the world starting to spin and immediately after feeling this symptom, he slammed onto the ground with a loud bang.

“Gaa-ck!” All he felt at this moment was pain throughout his entire body.

His bones were falling apart, the air in his body seemed to be squeezed out, and his nerves had fractures in every millimeter, bringing out an indescribable pain coupled with stings to his brain.

Yaeger withdrew her aura and appeared before Lyca with a flash, then leaned down to grab his leg, swung him around, and slammed him back down onto the ground.


A newly formed pothole was promptly created on the solid ground.

Before his anguished screams could even be released, Yaeger threw him into the air, took out Berserk Thunder, and furiously shot at him.

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Spectating this adult-beating-a-child-like battle, Yunuen Lin felt envious due to the fact that she didn’t have such overbearing strength.

After the explosion, Yaeger looked on as Lyca fell down like a worn-out rag.

The corners of her lips softly curled upwards and she said: “Yunuen, I’ll leave the cleanup to you.”

“Ah” Hearing these words, Yunuen Lin was taken aback for a second before promptly responding, “Princess, this person’s level is very high; I’m afraid I won’t be able to deal with……”

Princess’ battle is indeed effortless and pleasant, but that’s only due to the Princess’ strong power.

If it were the other way around, the result would likely be reversed.

“It’s fine, I’ve already disabled him, just deal with him as you usually do.”

As she spoke, Yaeger took out a bottle of high-level mana recovery potion and downed it.

“I, I’ll do my best!” Yunuen Lin felt a little fearful at heart, but once she recognized that it was Princess’ order, she immediately suppressed her fear and bravely stepped forward with her magic staff in hand.


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