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“I am Han Ling’er, the one in charge of registering performance results.

When I call your name, come forward to take the test.” The young woman named Han Ling’er walked over to the machine and said.

“Number one, Zhao Longxing.”


Zhao Longxing flicked his bangs and walked forward confidently.

Using his left foot to step out, his body sank slightly, he clenched his right fist, and placed it right next to his abdomen.

“Hah!” After a loud shout, he stepped forward fiercely and his right fist blasted out.

In an instant, a strong gale whooshed by and then his fist punched the center of the target.


With a loud rumbling sound bursting out, the power testing machine trembled and a red light shone.

The next moment, a set of numbers appeared above as a holographic image: 6399 points, six star power, excellent.

“Six star! Good, very good! For a fifth layer of the Core Formation Stage to produce six star power, Zhao Longxing, you’re really outstanding! It must be known that many Immortal Cultivators are unable to reach five star power even after advancing to the ninth layer of the Core Formation Stage!”

Wu Ke clapped hard and looked at Zhao Longxing with eyes full of approval.

Everyone was shocked upon hearing this information.

Genius, this is what a real genius is like.

Not only does their innate talent surpass others, but even their power is so formidable.

Can’t they leave something for other people

Some people who paled by comparison originally thought that even if his talent was outstanding, they could still compete in terms of power.

Now, they all sighed in their hearts.

Many girls stared at Zhao Longxing with flashing eyes and thoughts of love.

Zhao Longxing turned around confidently, his long hair flying in the wind, as if he was a war god returning in triumph.

As he walked back step by step, his gaze swept past everyone with a nonchalant face and relaxed manner, but he was elated in his heart.

It was undoubtedly the right choice to come show off today.

How pleasurable.

But when he saw Yaeger look at the data and then slowly shake his head, as if to say ‘just this’, he felt some unhappiness immediately rise up in his heart.

This trash actually looks down upon my performance!

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Fine, I’ll definitely embarrass him when it’s time for him to come go on stage!

Zhao Longxing’s eyes gradually turned cold.

(Strange, why do I have this weird sense of déjà vu, like I’ve dreamed of something similar……or perhaps this place is a dream……what the heck is going on)

On the other side, Yaeger lowered his head with a strange expression, his mind in a state of confusion as some baffling memory fragments occasionally flashed in his mind.

The test advanced in an orderly manner and it wasn’t long before 10 young boys and girls who couldn’t even reach one star were eliminated.

After a while, all of the people in front of him finished testing and it was finally Yaeger’s turn.

He vacantly walked to the power testing machine and didn’t move.

(Again, this inexplicable sense of familiarity!)

“How about we make a bet.” Zhao Longxing suddenly said within the crowd.

“Bet, what bet” Someone responded.

“Bet on whether or not this trash can dish out one star of power.” Zhao Longxing joked with a smile, “If he reaches one star, compensate 2x, if he can’t reach one star, compensate 1.1x.”

“Wow, this is no bet, it’s just giving away money!” A young boy wearing black-rimmed glasses exclaimed excitedly, “How powerful can a Foundation Building Stage person be It would be weird if this trash could dish out one star! I bet 10,000 on him not being able to!”

“I’ll also bet 10,000!”

“I’ll bet 20,000!”

“Teacher Wu, are you not going to stop them” Han Ling’er asked.

“It’s okay, youngsters need to indulge in themselves.

If you’re interested, you can also participate.” The corners of Wu Ke’s lips curled up into an ugly smile.

Han Ling’er thought for a bit and decided to place a bet: “I bet that he can, 100,000.”

Everyone looked at her as if they were looking at an idiot upon hearing her speak.

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“Senior sister, you’re seriously betting 100,000 on that trash being able to reach one star” Zhao Longxing frowned a little.

The reason he wanted to start a bet was to step on Yaeger.

Now that she jumped out to support Yaeger, wasn’t that not giving him any face

“Of course, if there are any other odds, I’ll also buy.” Han Ling’er laughed.

Yaeger being one of the students exempt from the examination was information that only she knew.

A genius who was admitted in advance couldn’t be underestimated even if he were only in the Foundation Building Stage.

How could a mere power test stump the likes of him

Seeing Han Ling’er confident appearance, Zhao Longxing narrowed his eyes as a strange feeling appeared in his heart.

Could it be that there was something extraordinary about Yaeger that made senior sister take notice of him

He turned to look at Yaeger, who was standing in front of the power testing machine without a stance and casually punching.

How could such a powerless fist that couldn’t even produce wind be able to punch out one star or more

(Obviously, this senior sister must be disgusted by money, so she’s giving it to me.)

Zhao Longxing sneered in his heart.

“Okay, 100,000 it is.

The compensation will be paid after the test is over.”

Originally he was thinking of bleeding a little, but he didn’t expect that somebody would come to pay the bill.

Since someone was paying for him, Zhao Longxing wouldn’t be polite.

“Can we start” Yaeger finally set aside that sense of déjà vu at this time and spoke.

All eyes were on him, prepared to see a joke.

“Start.” Han Ling’er smiled slightly.

Yaeger didn’t change his posture, simply taking a step out and casually punched out.

No fist wind or sound was produced.

Because it simply hadn’t punched the power testing machine.

The crowd was silent.

“What is this guy doing, why didn’t his fist land on the target” Someone finally reacted.

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Then, pairs of eyes fell onto Yaeger’s fist and sure enough, it didn’t land on the target.

“Did he come here to get people to laugh”

“Troublemaker, get out of here if you’re not going to seriously take the test!” Wu Ke frowned as he cursed with annoyance.

“Before I hit it, let me first ask, do I need to pay for the machine if I break it” Yaeger asked as if he didn’t hear the commotion around him.

“Break this machine” Wu Ke blinked.

When he looked back at Yaeger, it was as if he were looking at a moron.

This power testing machine was able to withstand 10,000 points of attack power.

An Immortal Cultivator under the Golden Core Stage wanting to break it was like asking if the sun could rise from the west!

“Yes, I don’t have too much confidence in my control over power.” Yaeger earnestly nodded.

“Hahahahaha, good good good, this is the funniest joke I’ve heard of today~! Go, hit it without hesitating, if it breaks, I’ll pay for it!” Wu Ke was both incredibly angry and amused, this guy truly overestimated his own capabilities.

“Well then, I understand.” Yaeger rubbed his hands.

His gaze fell onto the machine before him as he prepared to act.

“What ridiculous grandstanding.” Zhao Longxing curled his lips as he spoke disdainfully.

“This Ye Feng is a troublemaker, fortunately I didn’t make friends with him.” Qin Shuang frowned.

“Tsk tsk tsk, such a degree of overestimating one’s capabilities, are the people from the capital all so shameless I feel ashamed just being around him.” Chen Hao vigorously shook his head.

The other people also scoffed at Yaeger.

In front of the power testing machine, Yaeger’s expression changed slightly.

However, this change wasn’t due to the surrounding people’s words.

He stared at his fist and muttered to himself:


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