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Darkness, endless darkness.

Nothing could be seen, nothing could be heard.

Yaeger felt as if she were in a deathly still dark room, unable to sense a single thing.

How long has passed and when can she leave this place She didn’t know.

The only thing she knew was that she couldn’t move her body.

Suddenly, a dot of light flashed in the darkness.

Then it continuously grew larger and formed a vortex of light that sucked Yaeger in.

(Where is this place)

It was a vast expanse of whiteness all around, similar to the white space in the time.

The difference was that there was something in this place.

There was a gorgeously styled throne not far away, pure white and flawless.

On it sat a white-colored girl.

Correct, it could only be described as ‘white-colored’.

Because her hair, skin, and clothes were all white.

Before the throne was a kneeling blue-clothed black-haired woman, holding a baby in her arms.

The faces of the two people were blurred, no, even the baby’s face was blurred.

The white-colored girl and the blue-clothed woman spoke, but no voices could be heard.

Yaeger stood in place, motionless.

It wasn’t that she didn’t want to move, but rather she couldn’t move at all.

She was forced to stand there like a statue.

(Strange……have I seen them before Why do I suddenly feel a very familiar feeling)

In addition, there was an inexplicable sense of déjà vu!

What the heck was going on

Just as Yaeger was feeling puzzled, the white space suddenly ruptured, bursting into countless cracks.

This place was about to shatter.




“Human Sovereign……”

Along with the shattering of the space, Yaeger actually became able to hear some intermittent sounds.

“……big world……dangerous……”

“Leave, seek for……”


“Star Spirit……”


“Male baby……”

“……female baby……”




“……nine worlds……”


Before Yaeger had time to hear all of the intermittent dialogues, the space shattered.

“Ding! You’ve passed Limitless Fairyland’s trial, grade: Poor.

Awarded 99 gold coins.”

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At this time, the sound of the system rang out.

“Big sister System, you’ve changed, you actually won’t even give me 100!” Yaeger opened her eyes and yelled.

Her voice echoed through the tower.

“Reward canceled.” One second later, the system’s voice sounded out again.

“Nooo, 99 gold coins is still money!”


The system paid no heed to her.

“Changed, you’ve really changed, big sister System, you weren’t like this in the past!” Yaeger pouted, then immediately recalled what happened in the Fairyland.

“This time’s Fairyland was a little weird, no, what’s even weirder is……”

She fished out the ‘Chaos Roulette’ and her line of sight fell onto it as her eyes shrank slightly: “Why did this thing appear in my Fairyland”

Too weird!

No, it’s simply unusual!

“Could it be the hidden special effect of this artifact” Yaeger suddenly recalled that the Chaos Roulette appeared after she obtained Dream Transformation.

It was already weird enough that it appeared in the real world.

“It can only be explained like this.” As the saying goes, keep your calm in the face of the unexpected.

If the same thing can happen twice, it’ll become much easier to accept.

“Compared to the Chaos Roulette, what was that last scene all about”

There was only one trial in the Limitless Fairyland, to which the trial taker would immediately wake up after the trial ended.

And yet, Yaeger saw a second Fairyland.

Even stranger was that this Fairyland actually made her feel a wonderful sense of familiarity and déjà vu.

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As if she had seen this somewhere before.

“It can’t be that it was also you who created it” Yaeger stared at the Chaos Roulette as she felt a little scared at heart.

This artifact made her feel even weirder.

“Really want to throw it away.” Though she spoke like this, it would be strange if she actually threw it away.

No matter what, it was an artifact with a heaven-defying special effect and could be brought back to reality to ensure her survival.

“Weird is weird.” After a light sigh, Yaeger stuffed the Chaos Roulette back in and took a step out with her slender legs.

(I’ve already passed the Fairyland’s trial, now it’s time to rush floors in the Tower of Heroes!)

Her fighting spirit rose as a faint self-confident smile appeared on her face.

However, when she opened the door and saw the scenery outside, her facial expression changed.

The base at this time was brightly lit and many stars filled the sky; it was clearly already night.

“What happened I wasn’t even in the Fairyland for too long, so not much time should have passed in reality!”

When she entered the tower, the sun was still high in the sky.

When she left the tower, the stars speckled the sky.

Clearly, several hours had passed by.

Yaeger suddenly remembered the grade announced by the system.


“My grade shouldn’t have been like this.

Using several hours to clear the Fairyland could at least be counted as ‘Good’ even if it couldn’t count as ‘Excellent’ in my previous life.”

After a moment of pondering, Yaeger’s mind flashed: “Is it because of that white space”

Apart from that, she truly couldn’t think of any other reason.

“Young adventurer, congratulations on passing the trial.” At this moment, the middle-aged officer walked over and congratulated indifferently.

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It took this adventurer several hours to pass Limitless Fairyland’s trial.

Such an ordinary result wasn’t worthy of his attention.

Yaeger nodded to express her acknowledgment.

“Are you ready” The middle-aged officer asked.

This readiness referred to if she was ready to enter the Tower of Heroes.

“No, I’ll come back tomorrow.” Yaeger gently shook her head.

With her strength, it would still take her a considerable amount of time to rush 10 floors.

With such a high fatigue value, she didn’t wish to fight and then get kicked out of the game just as she was about to win.

She wouldn’t have any tears to cry once that happened.

Furthermore, Yunuen Lin seemed to still be refining drugs over there.

It wouldn’t be right if she didn’t go over to check out the situation.

Leaving the base, Yaeger went to Layna’s shop.

Just as she entered the workshop, she smelled an extremely strong medicinal odor.

Following which, she saw a girl with spiritless eyes and pale complexion using trembling hands to constantly refine drugs.

On the ground lay piles of refined drugs.

“Yunuen,” Yaeger said feeling a bit of heartache.

Hearing these words, Yunuen Lin turned her head and another expression appeared on her pale, stiff face.

It was likely a smile, albeit a very strange smile.

At least it was like this in Yaeger’s point of view.

“Princess……I, I refined a lot of drugs……”

“Mm, you’ve done well.” Yaeger first patted her shoulder gently, then tenderly stroked her head, “You’ve worked hard, let’s leave it at this for today, go offline and get some rest.”

“Princess, is the best in the universe!” Yunuen Lin felt as if she were a prisoner that had just been in jail for ten years and had just been released.

The feeling of recovering freedom was fantastic.

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After a little chat, both of them went offline simultaneously.

Roc City’s inner region, Lixin District.

Yunuen Lin opened her eyes, got up from the bed, and stretched.

“Huff, a little tired.” Leaving the room, she went to the living room’s refrigerator and took out a bottle of mineral water, then unscrewed it and took several sips.

The sound of cooking came from the kitchen.

Yunuen Lin placed the mineral water back into the refrigerator and walked to the kitchen.

“Mom, need me to help with anything”

“Yunuen, you’re not playing your game” Mama Lin stopped and said.

“Won’t be playing anymore today.” Her fatigue value was very high, there was no point in logging in again.

“Since you’re free now, then help mama buy a bottle of soy sauce, we just ran out of it.”


Putting on her shoes, Yunuen Lin went downstairs and left the district to go to the nearby convenience store.

Her steps were cheerful, humming a lovely tune as she walked.

She didn’t at all notice that there was a figure hidden in the shadows following her!


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