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She did not hesitate before agreeing to be the guarantor for the other person, and it was a large amount of money as well.

Nobody would believe that they didn’t share an extraordinary relationship!

Everyone in [Sword Clan] were all surprised as well.

They wondered if the influence supporting [Princess] behind the scenes was actually the royal family

‘Wait, that’s not right.

Our [Sword Clan] is a guardian faction of the royal family.

They don’t have a reason to cultivate a [Princess] to purposely antagonize us!’

In that case, that means the two of them really had something going on! The people of [Sword Clan] looked at each other, they were all shocked.

The scene was very quiet as no one spoke.

Yasa clenched his fists tightly, his expression wasn’t appealing.

If [Princess] really had a special relationship with the seventh princess.

It would be useless even if he had won the bet.

Because the seventh princess would definitely use all means necessary to protect [Princess]!

‘No way! This can’t continue! I must make her ruin all her reputation and live out the rest of her life in endless ridicule!’ Yasa gritted his teeth hard as his mind spun rapidly.

Suddenly, a spark of inspiration appeared.

It made him laugh out loud uncontrollably.

“Hahahahahahahahaha burp~” His mesmerizing laughter spread out and attracted everyone’s attention.

Yasa didn’t care about their glances.

Instead, he gazed directly at Kastina and retracted his laughter, he then spoke solemnly, “since the seventh princess is willing to become her guarantor, then this bet will become legitimized.

However, I am only worried that someone might shirk their obligations when they lose.”

After pausing, he continued, “so, in this bet, I believe it is necessary for an agreement to be signed.

Moreover, the seventh princess will be the witness and stamp the seal of approval.”

Hearing this, Kastina’s pupils shrank slightly and her expression changed.

If they had signed the agreement and she stamped the seal of approval as the witness, then this agreement would have absolute legal binding force.

No matter who lost the bet, the penalties they agreed on would be forcibly enforced.

Seeing the subtle change in her expression, Yasa grinned in his heart.

‘They truly share a non-ordinary relationship!’

‘Fortunately, I mentioned this before it began.

Otherwise, she would be able to escape her fate at the very end!’ Yasa smirked, he felt very proud of himself.

‘Hmph, you dare to snatch away my title as the strongest in Bronze rank and my ranking, causing me so much embarrassment.

How could I let it be if you won’t end up miserable!’

In his opinion, Yaeger only had the strength of a Bronze-ranked individual.

After entering the Tower of Heroes, she would at most reach the third level.

There was nothing to be afraid of.

At this moment, Yasa seemed to have already seen the glittering gold coins waving at him; and also the tragic ending that Yaeger will receive.

He felt so happy in his heart!

On the other side, Kastina glanced at Yaeger while feeling slightly worried.

The latter then nodded to her, gesturing that she was fine with it.

‘Are you really sure about this’ Kastina was still a little worried.

Yet, since Yaeger had already made a decision, then she had nothing else to say about it.

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Soon, the relevant officials had drafted an agreement.

After taking a glance, Yaeger instantly signed it with the word—[Princess].

Then, Yasa also signed his own name.

“I hope you two won’t regret it.” Kastina confirmed with them once again.

She then took out a small seal and stamped it gently.

A gambling contract was formally established.

“Regret Hahaha, as a swordsman, I will never regret!” Yasa laughed.

“I have nothing to regret about.” Yaeger said indifferently.

Then, their eyes met.

Crackling noises were seemingly heard in the air.

“Hmph!” Yasa grunted indifferently and smirked in disdain.

He then turned around and left.

Yaeger didn’t bother to care about him.

She approached Kastina and spoke softly, “Thank you for what you did just now.”

“Hmph, lowly slave.

At this time and age, the attitude you put on to show gratitude is not enough! Come, kneel for this princess, and also lick my shoe!” Kastina raised her head and spoke in a pleasant tone.


“Wow, such a bad attitude! You are truly a heartless lowly slave.

I have staked all of my wealth and assets to be your guarantor!” Kastina pursed her lips, and spoke in dissatisfaction.

“Thank you.” At this moment, Yaeger stared at her directly and spoke softly.

‘Ah, this feeling, not good~’ seeing those eyes that seemed to be ejecting electricity at every moment, and hearing that soothing voice—Kastina could only feel her body crackle all over, she felt tranquility.

She felt so comfortable that she was about to ascend to heaven.

From the information revealed by Kastina, Yaeger had noticed an issue.

The royal family was too poor! The actual seventh princess only had around 50 million in her personal treasury.

That was obviously abnormal.

A superior noble could be randomly selected and pulled out, and they would most likely be wealthier than her.

‘The situation in the Jade Empire doesn’t seem too good.’ Yaeger was suddenly reminded of the fall of the Great Ming Dynasty.

The national treasuries were empty, the royal members were impoverished; yet, the local nobles and businessmen were all extremely wealthy.

There were many reasons that caused this situation.

Yet, the uncontested main reason was that the division of power was too severe.

The royal family, no, the Emperor’s authority had been completely undermined.

‘Although the Emperor of the Jade Empire has extraordinary individual prowess, his ability to govern the country can only be described as tragic.’

“Start drawing the lots!”

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Just as Yaeger was thinking about nonsense, the event had officially begun.

There were a total of 100 floors in the Tower of Heroes.

The structure itself was massive, its exterior looked dilapidated and weathered.

Yet, the main support structure was still intact, it seemed to look like a sky pillar that could pierce the heavens.

There was a special dimension on each floor.

Only 10 challengers could enter at any given moment.

These challengers would face each Floor Master separately on their own.

They would be able to ascend to the next level after clearing this level.

Each Floor Master was composed of special energy, they had terrifying lethality.

According to the middle-aged officer, these Floor Masters were all clones of the famous heroes of Jade City that were left behind at various different time periods.

Unlike the spiritual bodies in the Tower of Trials, these ‘clones’ possess a sentient will and actual strength.

Yasa drew lots to join the first group, while Yaeger drew lots to join the second group.

“Hehehe, it won’t be long before I can enjoy watching your miserable outcome!” Yasa glanced at Yaeger and grinned, then entered the Tower of Heroes.

All ten people entered.

The stone stele outside instantly displayed the information of the first floor, with 10 red dots included on it.

“Lowly slave, have you eaten your breakfast” Seeing that Yaeger had returned from drawing lots, Kastina asked.

“Not yet.” Yaeger replied truthfully.

“That’s perfect.

I am about to enjoy my breakfast, I will grant you the special permission to stand aside and watch my elegant table manners.”

Yaeger’s eyes twitch slightly, feeling the urge to beat her up.

“Well then, I won’t be courteous about it.” As Kastina spoke, she took out a piece of exquisite pastry from the basket on the table and took a gentle bite.

“It tastes so good.

Lowly slave, do you want to eat it” Then, she deliberately raised her head to look at Yaeger, and asked with a smile.

“I can’t bother with you.” Yaeger pulled the chair away and sat down.

She focused her gaze on the stone stele close by.

“You want to eat it, you must really want to eat it, right Hehehe, I won’t let you eat… Huh The little puppy isn’t here today.

Forget it, this princess will have pity on you!”

Kastina’s slender finger pinched a pastry that she took a bite out of and tossed it to Yaeger.

The latter caught it easily, and ate it without any expression.

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Seeing that Yaeger had eaten a pastry that she had just bitten, Kastina’s heart rate spiked.

Her face was instantly flushed with red, smoke seemingly ejected from the top of her head.

‘Ate… she ate it.

This, this is an indirect… Kiss… Ah, I’m going to die!’


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