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Outside the tower.

Everyone was focused on the stone stele that looked like jade.

Suddenly, the magic formation on the tower structure flashed.

A person was ejected from it.

This person seemed to have been run over by a road roller.

His entire body was filled with injuries.

The medical team of the military instantly took him aside for treatment.

Then, everyone focused on the stone stele once again.

“Eh, how could there be three red dots on the second floor!” Suddenly, someone realized that something was amiss and immediately shouted.

“It’s true, there are really three red dots on it!”

“Among the second batch of challengers, there are already people on the second floor!”

“Nonsense, there were only two dots on the second floor, now there’s three.

It’s obvious that someone made it there!”

“I counted that one person just came out.

There are still eight people on the first floor.

That’s right, someone went up!”

Hearing this, everyone was shocked.

“No way, it’s just been a few minutes and someone already made it to the second floor…” Someone was in disbelief.

“Seeing is believing, the stele will not deceive people.”

“Clearing a floor at this speed, it is simply terrifying!”

“Who is that person” Someone asked curiously.

“Could it be [Princess]”

“It’s probably her.

After all, she is the strongest Bronze ranked.”

“Even if she’s the strongest Bronze ranked, she shouldn’t clear the floor when dealing with [Jeannas], the Heavy Knight’s captain, right”

“That’s right, Jeannas is an expert of the Jade rank.

Even if her strength is suppressed on the first floor, she is still a terrifying existence!”

“You guys, then tell me who could be the person that passed that level”

As soon as this remark came out, everyone instantly became quiet.

That’s true, who could it be Among the second batch of challengers, the only capable fighter was [Princess]!

People from [Sword Clan] had terrible expressions.

Rehn furrowed his brow, killing intent surged in his heart.

‘That damned woman is truly a terrible threat.

She can’t be left alive, absolutely cannot!’

He would figure it out even if he used his toes to think.

Aside from [Princess], there would be nobody else that could defeat Jeannas within such a short time.

There was a lot of discussion on the scene.

Not long after, there was another challenger ejected by the magic formation, attracting everyone’s attention.


am I hallucinating, someone actually reached the third floor!” When looking at the stone stele again, someone yelled out.

Everyone looked over and they were all shocked.

Immediately afterwards.

Gasps of surprise were constantly heard among the crowd.

“Hiss! Is this a lie In just a few minutes, someone had already made it to the third floor!”

On the stele, there were only 2 red dots on the second floor, while there was one on the third floor.

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“Seeing is believing, seeing is believing!”

“Sure enough, someone went up on the third floor!”

“Oh my God, I can’t believe it!”

Rehn was momentarily dumbfounded, he then became ecstatic.

“Yasa, it’s Yasa!”

In his opinion, the only person that could reach the third floor at such a short time would be his own nephew.

“You have always been living under Kahn’s shadow for more than a decade.

Now, you have finally walked out of the shadow, and showed your own brilliance under the sunlight!”

He was so excited, he couldn’t help but raise his arms and shout loudly.

“Yasa, he said that Yasa had reached the third floor!”


Aside from him, nobody else can do something like this!”

“I remember back then when Kahn entered the tower, he stayed on the second floor for more than ten minutes.

Now, Yasa had reached the third floor in less than ten minutes.

He has definitely surpassed his predecessor!”

“The [Sword Clan] has risen again!”

“Accumulated strength, this is the accumulated strength of an affluent family!”

Hearing those words, everyone from [Sword Clan] had a radiant smile that bloomed like a chrysanthemum flower.

So prideful! Extremely pleasing!

Kahn, the first genius of the clan became an invalid; [Shield Clan] of the Sky Empire forcefully annulled the marriage.

This made [Sword Clan] which was a top-tier family devolve into a second-tier family.

Moreover, they were turned into a laughing stock within the Empire due to that marriage annulment.

It made it difficult to raise their heads and live life pridefully again.

Now, Yasa was like a great rock that soared with the wind and instantly ascended to 90,000 miles above!

“My nephew, soon, your brilliance will be scattered throughout the Empire!” Rehn was so excited.

The [Sword Clan] can finally raise their heads and regain their honor again!

It was not an easy affair, not easy at all!

“Everybody look, there’s a red dot on the fourth floor.” At this moment, someone exclaimed.

Everyone looked at it, their jaws were about to hit the ground.

There was actually a red dot on the fourth floor! It meant that someone had made it through the fourth floor.

It was simply terrifying to learn that someone had cleared 4 floors in such haste.

“His Majesty, I remember that his Majesty also reached the fourth floor at around ten minutes!”

“Hiss! Doesn’t this mean that Yasa’s potential is equal to his Majesty!”

“My God, it’s too terrifying!”

“The [Sword Clan] is about to take off and soar!”

“Yasa, I want to have babies with you!”

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Hearing these remarks, Rehn’s entire body felt pleasingly numb.

His entire person became soft, as if his soul would detach at any moment and ascend to heaven.

‘We will rise and soar through the skies! Yasa, you are the hope of the family!’

On the other side, Kastina supported her smooth chin with one hand, she was confused.

She naturally knew Yasa and knew that his talent was not bad, but that was it.

When compared to her father [Richard], there was an insurmountable difference.

“Could it be that he suddenly mutated”

The scene was as lively as a wet market.

People of the [Sword Clan] were receiving gazes that were filled with envy, resentment, and spite.

They felt happy and pleased.

As time passed, someone else was ejected from the magic formation.

“Oh my God! The fifth floor!” This time around, the exclamation was as loud as thunder.

It shook people’s eardrums and caused physical pain.

“It must be a lie, someone actually reached the fifth floor!”

“This speed, it’s faster than his Majesty!”

“Absolutely terrifying!”

“Yasa, I want to give you a hundred babies!”

“Yasa, the greatest prodigy of the empire!”

“This is terrifying, the [Sword Clan] is about to soar into heaven!”

“The [Sword Clan] really concealed this deeply!”

Rehn felt that his body was about to melt.

That overwhelming pleasure was truly… Truly… Awesome!

“My nephew Yasa, a legend!” He couldn’t help but shout.

The scene fell silent for a while.

Then it became thunderous.

“Yasa, a legend!”

“Yasa, a legend!”

“Yasa, a legend!”

Now everybody could see that Yasa’s potential had surpassed the Myth ranked [Richard].

It was only a matter of time before he became a Myth ranked as well!

Kastina frowned, she was pondering.

Inside the fifth floor of the tower.

Here, there were lush greenery and the location was pleasant.


Yet, there was a disturbing noise that was heard in this place.

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Following the noise, an extremely beautiful girl was seen, with many barely materializing tentacles emerging from her body.

They bundled up a beautiful lady that seemed to have walked out from a painting, and widely extended all her limbs.

Immediately, afterimages of fists lashed out.

Hard fists fiercely slammed onto the beautiful lady, bones crackled as they burst, while machine-gun-like noises were heard.

“It’s useless! Useless! useless! You are so useless!”

With the last punch, the beautiful lady lost all signs of vitality as she had died.

Yaeger sighed lightly as she dissipated the tentacles and retracted her fist, “Am I too strong, or are you all too weak”

Being invincible was… Too lonely.

Being invincible was… So empty.

At this moment in time, it felt as if background music had played on scene.


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