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Since even the richest man in Linhnan server—Wild Arrogance—was so sure that Yasa would win and betted 81 million on him, everyone else was no longer worried.

After all, Wild Arrogance had an organization working under him.

Hence, the information he gathered was surely a lot more reliable than the rest.

Since he had wagered on Yasa, it meant that Yasa was sure to win.

Within a moment, the entire forum exclaimed in unison: Buy the stonks!

As everyone started wagering on Yasa, the betting odds continuously decreased.

By now, it was 1:1.08.

The players who placed a bet a long time ago were all pleased.

Since the odds had reached such a level, it meant that Yasa was sure to win.

As they had wagered earlier, they were entitled to greater odds—hence more money.

Some players realized that this was an unprecedented opportunity to earn money.

They eagerly forked out all their gold coins and wagered on Yasa.

In the inner districts.

Naturally, the nobles’ all talked about the duel that would happen at noon.

Undoubtedly, Yasa’s [Sword of Eternity] had received the most attention.

Some people were skeptical that [Sword Clan] would allow Yasa to use its treasured heirloom for the duel.

However, once they knew that those prominent noblemen were all convinced, they had no choice but to believe in it as well.

Because it came from prominent noblemen.

They would never affirm such a thing unless they already knew that it was the truth.

If it was false instead, they would be embarrassing themselves.

Soon, the news about Yasa using the [Sword of Eternity] during the duel had swept through Jade City like a typhoon.

Now, everyone and their mothers knew about it!

By now, dozens of people were sent to work in the gambling stall in Jadeleaf Plaza.

However, they still couldn’t handle it.

Because all gamblers in the city and some people who wanted to earn easy money had utterly swarmed the Plaza.

Noticing that she was earning more and more money, even Kastina started to feel dizzy.

At the same time, she felt deep admiration towards Yaeger.

‘We earned so much money without paying a single penny.

The lowly slave’s methods are simply magnificent!’

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Indeed, they had absolutely no money to back up the bet that they hosted.

Calling it a bet was sugarcoating it.

In truth, it was actually a scam.

Of course, no ordinary person would be able to pull off such a scam.

Without Kastina’s status as the seventh princess and Yaeger’s strength, they would never achieve such a thing.

In Layna’s Item Shop.

A lovely scream emerged from the workshop.

“No, no.

Master, stop!”

“Hehe, Keep yelling.

Nobody will save you no matter how hard you scream!”

If Yaeger didn’t know about their relationship, she would be convinced that something terrible was happening inside the workshop if she heard such a harrowing conversation.

Since there was some time left before the duel, Yaeger closed the store’s entrance.

Then, she laid down and rested her eyes.

In the workshop, the beautiful woman and cute girl refined medicine at high speeds like an octopus—the entire room was filled with the scent of herbs.

Time passed quickly.

“It’s about time.” Yaeger suddenly opened her eyes and launched a sharp aura.

She seemed like an immensely sharp blade that was just unsheathed.

There was only half an hour before the duel.

By now, she had nurtured that aura within her to its pinnacle.

Later, all she needed to do was to unleash all of it in the arena.

“Now, my worst-case scenario is that Yasa actually brought [Sword of Eternity] with him.

Based on my calculations, there’s at least a sixty-percent chance to happen.”

Yaeger had already prepared for the worst-case scenario.

She was completely calm and collected, her heart was as still as a frozen lake.

She was not afraid since it was merely a replica.

Moreover, Yasa didn’t have the strength to completely utilize the strength of that sword.

As the door to the workshop was opened, a pungent smell of herbs assaulted her senses.

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“Yunuen, it’s time to go.” Yaeger looked inside and said.

“[Princess], you’re finally here.

Sob sob sob~” at this moment, Yunuen turned around with a pale expression—tears flowed from her eyes as her hands trembled uncontrollably.

It was obvious to see that she had been brewing potions while Yaeger was resting her eyes—she had been working nonstop.

“So fast” Layna was a little surprised as she checked the time of day.

When compared to Yunuen, her complexion was much healthier.

However, a hint of fatigue could still be seen within her eyes.


Thank you for your hard work.” Yaeger walked over and patted Yunuen’s head, then patted Layna’s shoulder.

The latter shook slightly and her face became blushed.

“Layna, do you want to come with us There’s another ticket here.” Yaeger stared straight at her and asked.

Kastina prepared these tickets for her.

There were 3 of them.

By now, the price of the tickets to spectate the duel had been grossly inflated by the NPC and player scalpers.

It was impossible to buy it at all.

“I… I’m not going.

All that blood and gore… I don’t like it.” Layna looked away, her heart was beating quickly as if it was broken somehow.

‘Oh no.

What’s going on with me I’m actually attracted to a girl Ugh, this isn’t right, right’

“I see.

Then you can just stay here and watch over the place.” Since she didn’t like it, Yaeger didn’t push her further.

‘Looking after the place… Our home… Ah sike! This is my home!’ As Layna’s mind was filled with illicit thoughts, her face was blushed like a ripe tomato.

“Then you’ll need to continue refining medicine.

Keep it up.

Yunuen, Let’s go.

We shouldn’t be late.”

Yaeger patted Layna’s shoulder again as she spoke.

At the same time, Layna coincidentally took a step back.

Hence, when the fingers landed, she felt a wondrous sensation.

The place was instantly deathly quiet.

Yunuen was dumbfounded while Layna was dazed.

Yaeger was stupefied as well.

“I didn’t mean to do it.” Immediately after, she returned to her senses and spoke calmly.

Since they were all girls, such physical contact wasn’t a big deal.

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That was what Yaeger assumed.

“No, it’s fine.

I don’t mind!” Layna also returned to her senses.

Her face was blushed red and her heart was beating wildly—as if steam was about to fume out of her head at any point.

“Ding! Layna Favorability towards you has increased by 5,000.”

Yaeger instantly breathed a sigh of relief after hearing the system’s notification.

‘It’s good to hear that it’s increased.

If it’s decreased, it would be bad.’

She had already invested a lot of money in Layna at this point.

If she ruined the relationship between them, all sorts of unexpected issues might happen.

For example, Layna might run away with her money.

“Your… Your hand…” At this moment, Layna whispered.

Hearing that, Yaeger retracted her hand while feeling awkward.

As they made eye contact, the scene was instantly filled with ambiguous feelings.

“[Princess], it’s getting late.” Yunuen instantly spoke after feeling that the atmosphere was off-putting.

“I… Will continue brewing potions.

Come back quickly!” Layna instantly turned around and worked on refining medicine.

However, she seemed to be a little clumsy.

She was not as proficient as she used to be.


We’ll be back soon.” Yaeger smiled.

“Be careful.” As Yaeger and Yunuen left the workshop, Layna looked at them as they left and whispered.

“I will.” Yaeger waved her hand and said without turning back.

Closing the entrance, Layna retracted her gaze and took a deep breath—finally calming down.

‘A delusion… What I felt just now must be a delusion!’ She shook her head and started concentrating on her work.

On the other side, the Beast Carriage owned by [Sword Clan] had appeared outside of the castle.

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In the carriage, Yasa held a long and fancy wooden box in his arms.

While he seemed emotionless on the surface, fighting spirit, hatred, and killing intent were raging in his heart.


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