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“Who really is the traitor” As his grim voice was heard in the carriage, Yasa clutched the box in his hands with greater force and anger flashed in his eyes.

By now, the entire city knew that he would be using the [Sword of Eternity] during the duel.

Even if [Princess] had the intelligence of a fish, she would make plans to defend herself against the sword—or even try to flee!

If that happened, he wouldn’t succeed in his retribution.

He would be associated with feces and carry the shame for the rest of his life!

“Who really did it” It was impossible for the old patriarch to leak such a secret.

Nor would it be his uncle, Rehn.

Hence, there were 4 suspects left.

But he learned nothing after asking them.

Everyone denied it.

“There must be a traitor!” Yasa said disdainfully.

Otherwise, the fact about him using the [Sword of Eternity] during the duel wouldn’t be known to the entire city.

‘It must be a traitor!’

“Young master Yasa, it’s about time.” At this moment, his servant opened the carriage door and said.

“Has that w̲h̲o̲r̲e̲ arrived” Yasa asked.

“She just went in.”

“Very good.

Soon, it will be time for a public execution!” Yasa was joyous after learning that Yaeger was present, his expression slowly became demented.

He didn’t expect that [Princess] would still come to the castle’s arena despite knowing that he had the replica of the [Holy Sword].

Hence, he was really thrilled about it.

‘What a stupid w̲h̲o̲r̲e̲!’

Yasa would never believe that [Princess] had a way to counteract the sword’s might, nor the fact that she might have a weapon on the same caliber.

“Let’s go!” He commanded as he stood up and jumped out of the carriage.

Immediately, many servants followed behind him and all of them entered the venue with great fanfare.

The [Castle Arena] was a medium-sized venue with a circular design.

The arena sat in the middle while the spectators were seated around it.

It could hold a maximum of 20,000 spectators.

Moreover, that number could be multiplied if they include the standing spectators as well.

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At this moment, the spectators that occupied the scene were noisy.

Within a glance, it was obvious to see that it was filled to the brim.

Moreover, there were actually many people standing around the place.

It was obvious to see that this duel was very impactful.

Yunuen was assigned a premium seat.

She sat together with Kastina but they didn’t talk.

In Kastina’s eyes, Yunuen was just a servant that Yaeger adored.

It was an insult to her status if she spoke to a servant.

Since it was the first time that Yunuen sat beside such an affluent individual, she was incredibly stressed.

She continuously looked at the arena and tried to distract herself.

As countless people looked on in anticipation, a figure landed in the arena stage.

This person had a beautiful figure, jet black hair, a dazzling face, and a beautiful white flower on her head.

She was none other than Yaeger.

The scene was dead silent.

Everyone was instantly attracted to such a pretty sight, despite the fact that they felt an indescribable sense of disdain towards her.

However, beautiful things were beautiful.

Their perceptions won’t be changed because of other reasons.

“The lowly slave’s sense of presence is truly powerful.” Kastina whispered.

As she looked at such a beautiful figure, there was an inexplicable excitement in her heart.

When compared to earning 180 million just now, she was actually 100 times more excited now.

No, actually, both of these feelings were different.

Completely different.

Although Kastina wasn’t clear about it, she clearly knew that this meant a lot to her.

“[Princess] is super beautiful!” Yunuen was excited as well.

She actually came here with an objective.

Moreover, it was very important.

She was here to do a live broadcast!

Of course, it wasn’t meant for the rest of the country.

She was hosting a private broadcast that could only be accessed with a password.

As the livestream started, several comments immediately appeared.

Sachiel Luo: “Ah, it’s [Princess].

I can witness her coolness again! I am so excited!”

Nangong Lin: “My [Princess] is so pretty!”

Pixie Qin: “So beautiful.

I wanna hug!”

Rakshasa: “[Princess], beautiful.”

The comments they made were instantly projected onto the screen.

Although there were only a few of them, it still seemed lively.

After knowing that [Princess] had to participate in a duel at this moment—they instantly joined the private broadcast and cheered her on, no matter how busy they were.

In reality.

Rakshasa’s eyes were fixed on the monitor, feeling that [Princess] was so beautiful that she could outshine all the suns and stars in the universe.

Unfortunately, she could only see her actions but couldn’t hear her voice.

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It was a shame.

A massive shame.

‘It would be great if I can fully recover.’ She caressed her plump lips with her slender white fingers and then rubbed her ears.

She looked helpless.

Rakshasa—or Lilith—had suffered this side effect ever since she was infected with a weird disease when she was 7 years old.

She completely lost her ability to speak and hear.

She had consulted countless specialists over the years but her condition still remained unchanged.

‘I hope I can be a normal person.

I hope I can speak with [Princess].

I hope I can hear her call my name…’

Suddenly, Rakshasa was overwhelmed with sadness.

Soon, tears welled up in her eyes and flowed out, blooming into flowers as it dripped onto her white skirt.

No matter how healthy she was in the game, she was still a deaf and mute person once she returned it to the real world.

She was a poor soul living in a soundless world.

In Rosen Hotel.

Pixie and Nangong stared at the wall as they sat on the bed.

They were looking at a high-resolution projection.

“[Princess] in real life and [Princess] in the game seem a little different.

It’s hard to explain, but she seems to be indomitable when she’s in the game.” Nangong said.

“Now that you say that, I do think so as well.” Pixie nodded.

She felt that [Princess] in real life seemed a little inferior when compared to her being in the game.

The reason for such a phenomenon was simple—because [Princess] in real-life was not as strong as she was in the game.

“[Princess] is already close to the Grandmaster Realm at this age, that’s already impressive enough.

Sadly, she’s still not a real Grandmaster yet.” Pixie had roughly estimated Yaeger’s strength when she came to retrieve her clothes.

She was not a Grandmaster, but she had a strength that was close to one.

If she took another small step ahead, she would be able to achieve metamorphosis and actually ascend her power to another level.

“I don’t really understand these things.

All I need to hear is that [Princess] will become stronger soon.” Nangong smiled as she glanced at the wall.

Pixie glanced at her before glancing at the projection as well.

In the game.

Yaeger waved her hand and [Dragon Abyss Sword: Sunscorch] instantly appeared.

Now, the air around the area seemed to have heated up.

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As the sword was unsheathed, flames started spewing from the blade and started heating up its surroundings.

“Yasa is here!” At this moment, someone suddenly cried out.

Looking over, Yaeger could see someone sauntering over.

That person was filled with killing intent and his gaze was incredibly sharp.

It was none other than Yasa.

He carried a long wooden box behind his back.

“Indeed, that’s the [Sword of Eternity]!” Someone exclaimed.

Based on the wooden box’s length, many people already knew the item that was stored within it.

The [Sword of Eternity] was recorded in the Empire’s history books.

As long as one had studied history, they would know the length of this sword.

The box on Yasa was a little longer than the sword’s length, and it was also lavishly decorated.

Hence, everybody was sure that it housed the [Sword of Eternity].

Soon after, Yasa approached the arena’s edge.

Tipping his toes, he instantly flashed onto the stage.

He looked at Yaeger and spoke slowly, “Have you written your will, w̲h̲o̲r̲e̲”

“You should be the one doing it, feces.” Yaeger spoke leisurely.

Although she wasn’t loud, there were voice amplifying runes around the arena.

Hence, all the spectators on the scene could hear everything in the arena.

Hearing those words, the crowd was stunned at first, then they laughed out loud.

“I’m going to kill you!” On the arena, Yasa’s eyes were enlarged to the point of bleeding and his face was extremely contorted.

He opened his jaws and roared angrily.

Before he finished speaking, the box behind him instantly shattered and it revealed a beautiful longsword.

The next moment, sword energy surged to the skies!


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