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Resurfaced Chapters Of My Life Chapter 2

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Fabian Castillos POV

"Well Son I understand that you never want to have a child, youll have a child with one woman and that is your Amelia but son we have to build the family name you need an heir now that you

e the owner of Castillo oils, you need not to marry another woman try Surrogacy " My dad father states trying to make me understand "Dad please don make me do this I can betray Ami like this...what if she comes back and she sees the child and She puts one and one together and get a two, shell think that I had a child with another woman" I explain trying to reason with my father "then youll explain to her that you got a surrogate mother " sigh " Please Son do It for me, you and Ami", "okay dad Ill do It only because I know that Ami would accept my child I say giving up " call to out check out Maurine and Smith Surrogacy agency dad says " okay dad " So I called and set up an appointment and they put me in for todays third consultation Something inside me made a high jump, oh god if only It did that jump to tell me that My Ami is coming back to me. Ami, wherever you are please baby think about me and come back to me you know that Im nothing without you MI Amor oh those words remind me of her my Spanish, fiance the woman who fell for my Italian a (word) My dime MI amor.

Ive been sitting in Maurines office for a while, Jesus where is this Surrogate "I expected this from her shell always be late argh" Maurine says "I apologise for being late, Maurine you called for me to come here to get to the part " This woman says as she takes her seat "Jane meet Fabian Castille,Fabian Meet Jane" as Maurine does the introductions I notice that Jane froze as maurine says my name which is weird and as Jane looked my way I just knew that it was my Ami but Since she plays as though , she doesn know me Ill do the same "Im sorry Maurine but I can do this" Ami (Janelle) says "Amor please sit down, I want you as a Surrogate mother to my child" I say and The moment said Amor She flinched that was another confirmation to my suspicion of this Janelle could be my Ami " i beg you please Señorita" I beg some more not only because I know (Scratch that)I suspect that this is my forever so having her pregnant with my baby would be a blessing "Why me why not other surrogates" she asks with a bit Shakey voice "because the moment I saw you walk through that door I knew that I wanted you to be my Surrogate not anybody else" I say " lets meet at Delicioux and I don promise that I won be late " she ups and leave I thank Maurine for her time and left for the office. As I enter the office I see my dad talking to our receptionist "Dad I need to talk to you about something really important but well talk in my office " I state dragging him to the lift and I couldn wait to get to the office and as soon as we enter I lock the door and turn to face my father "I found her dad, I can believe that Ive finally found my Amelia " I say with tears of joy running down my cheeks, Im so happy.

"Are you sure son ?" my dad asks hesitantly "yes but she had cut her hair and added a few red stripes all over, guess she never really wanted to change and she still has that feistiness in her but shes become rude now " I say Smiling widely at my father who was speechless about the whole situation "but Son you know that people look alike and Amilia would never do anything to her hair" my father states worried "father when Shes pregnant Ill tell her to come and live with us and youll see for yourself, her habits the cookies and milk at (00:00 am) the middle of the night" I say excited "what If she doesn agree to be your surrogate" father asks "oh no she won " I say with a Smirk "how do you know that?" father asks almost shouting "I have my ways dad I say with a smirk "you better not kidnap her again" dad says reminding me of the past... for Amelia to agree to be my girlfriend I kidnapped her and prepared a romantic dinner for her, and when she woke up She Screamed and cried but when she saw that It was me She calmed down and I gave her a spare toothbrush to brush her teeth so that she could dine with me. That day I asked her to be mine but she only agreed a month later after she had gotten used to me and we started dating and everybody at school was envious of our relationship but my lady didn me to meet her family because of a reason she never told me about. My father adored her very much ... every Weekend she spent the nights with me and father, she and my father would play video games together and after video games we Would watch a movie or two and every sunday before she goes home she would have a sudden change of mood, oh those were the best days until she introduced me to her family and then her family told her to leave me for her younger sister or twin and then my lovely Amelia left me and ran away I was left with a huge hole in my heart that no one else could fill except for my darling Amelia and now that Ive found her I am never ever letting her slip away from me, ever. Im going to get her pregnant, take her and the baby, marry her and show her what a happily ever after is. My Spaniard princess from Barcelona.


I arrive at the restuarant looking for "him" and I found him sitting and tapping on his phone, "Hy" I great him "finally I can have my food " he replies widely, "So you want me to be your Surrogate mother why?" I ask curiously "because you kind of remind me of Someone very Special, my fiance" he states, "Oh well where is she?" I ask "she ran away from me four years ago" He says "yet you still consider her as your fiance even after all these years?" I ask bored on the outside but happy on the inside "Ill always love that woman which is why I asked or rather want a Surrogate mother So that i don i have to sleep with another woman, any way will you be my surrogate?" he asks sincerely "oh okay ill do it just to help you honour your loved one id do anything for love" I say as though Im not this fiance he is on about. "So since you

e being my surrogate I have a few conditions that will have to apply to This", He states all serious "okay shoot" I say now kind off bored and tired "You will stay with me during your pregnancy period, secondly you stay with me for the first 6 months after giving birth and lastly No driving yourself around and also no Sweet or fatty foods unless you discussed it with me. Ill help you with everything you need and want during these upcoming nine months of pregnancy" He says chilled, "oh now thats a lot conditions I am not sure of Id be responsible enough to follow them all" I say while taking small sips of my coffee " And no more coffee " Fabian says sternly, " are you planning on sabotaging me?"I ask a bit crazed "coffee is not good for your health nor the babys health" he says with a shrug, " I am not pregnant yet" I say looking at him all agitated.

A month later

Just found out that Im pregnant with Fabians child, for the second time, but this time not as Amelia but as Janelle. And suprisingly im already living in fabians house and his dad is still cool. I moved in with them the day after we did the IVF process thingie and oh Maegan lives In my house atleast shes safe from her dad and shes planning on using her Interor design degree and quit from the agency and if she gets her Surrogated kids back shell be able to provide for them atleast she only got to be a surrogate for two couples and little missy has started dating online. Buntu quit her Job and became the General manager of Castillo oils and lucky her she was a surrogate mom to one kid well the other one died but she left with one kid Erin has finished her degree and guess what... She and Annebelle are doing some investigation on the agency and they are trying to find out who is this Smith person. Katherine is in hospital she got hit by a car after she also quit the Agency, now Im the only one left in the Agency from our group,and after this Job for Fabian Im quiting after fifteen months. Fabian and his father are very secretive sometimes I catch them whispering and I hope for my sake that they haven realised that Its me, though Ive got to admit his dad is still pretty cool and awesome and Im still bored with life. Ive finally warmed up to the idea of Nobuntu, Erin, katherine and Meegan being my friends they even call me at night and Im glad to have them In my life. I wish I could say the same with my family, the hatred I have inside me was fueled up by them and My mom oh now that old lag Is going to be the last one to suffer, my twin Is going to be second last,my father will be first and oh no they won die theyll get to suffer a lil

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