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Soyoung steadily endured the slow flowing time.

Three weeks have passed, and the day has already arrived for Taekyung to return home.

So-young prepared to go to work with more care than usual.

She carefully chose her clothes and put on makeup.

The woman in the mirror looked pretty.

The eyes and facial expressions recalled by expectations clearly showed falling in love.

Just before leaving the house, So-young once again checked the last message Taekyung sent.

Team leader Cha Tae-kyung: We’re leaving now.

Team leader Cha Tae-kyung: I’ll contact you when I get to the airport.

Although long-distance flights must tire, Taekyung expressed his intention to meet So-young even for a short time today.

The time apart was too long to be considerate of him, who would be tired in the aftermath of the business trip.

She returned an answer to him.

It was when So-young arrived at the company with excitement.

Unlike usual, the atmosphere of the department was cluttered.

People who were busy with work and had to stick their heads on the monitor were sitting around the round table and whispering.


When So-young greeted her with a strange face, Manager Joo waved her hand excitedly.

“You’re here”


Is something wrong”

When So-young asked insignificant questions, people looked at each other and beckoned to her.

One colleague whispered to So-young, who approached her puzzled.

“I heard something shocking this morning.”

“What are you talking about”

“Do you know Kim Jong-seok, deputy director of the planning department He lives in the same apartment as our team leader.

But a few days ago, a young woman and a child were carrying luggage.

That is…  No matter how one looks at it, it seemed like a piece of luggage that went into the team leader’s house.”


“That complex is a neighborhood with a lot of high-ranking executives and talkative people in our company.

There must have been some wives who witnessed it.”

So-young froze at the unexpected story.

Even before her head could properly accept the information, her heart dropped reflexively.

But for a while, So-young came to her senses and refined her expression.

A woman and a kid entered the team leader’s house

There was too little information given to make such a judgment.

In addition, isn’t this company rumored to have a lot of gossip She laughed, trying not to look overly embarrassed.

“I can’t believe it.

The team leader right now…… He is on a business trip.”

“That’s why it’s weird.

That a girl with a child enters an empty house where a man lives alone….”

Deputy General Manager Shin, who had his arms crossed with a serious face, scratched his head.

“What kind of relationship is that”

“That’s what I’m saying…”

The person who delivered the news to So-young lowered his voice even more secretly while looking around.

“Some even said that it’s because he caused an accident while studying abroad.”


This time, her heart dropped to the bottom.

So-young wanted to laugh at what nonsense that was, but she couldn’t do that‌.

Manager Joo frowned and waved her hand.

“Hey, what’s the point of preventing a healthy bachelor Is the team leader someone who would make such a mistake That’s too much.

That’s ridiculous.”

“No, as soon as I heard it, I thought it was bull**, but it was from the secretary’s office.

A little bit about it from there… It will not be just a simple rumor.”


Only then did the Manager Joo’s face express surprise.

The secretary’s office was an organization directly under Vice Chairman Cha.

From informal management issues to personnel rights of senior executives, it was a place where all kinds of secret issues were dealt with across fields.

The story from the secretary’s office differed from the gossip that one employee talked about.


So-young thought with a confused head.

The Taekyung she knew was not a man to do so.

If that really happened, he was the first person to tell So-young.

As she had felt before, people talked too easily about rumors that have not been confirmed to be interesting.

People prioritized the thoug6 of the moment, knowing that the story could cause harm to the person concerned.

So-yeong was usually displeased with the scandal that was going on about Tae-kyung, but she wasn’t reassured.

She did nothing other than denial and passively turned a blind eye.

Her heart, beating rapidly with her anxiety, was nothing more than proof that she, too, did not completely trust Tae-kyung.

[He said he was really a mess when he was in America.

There was even talk of touching celebrities or taking drugs That’s why the vice-president forced him to come to Korea.]


Why does this moment remind me of a story that I had forgotten for a while

So-young, who was standing blankly in front of the people who were nodding, belatedly came to her senses and returned to her place.

Unconscious, the cold fingertips were shaking.

She nervously swept over her carefully arranged hair and sent a message to Taekyung on impulse.

Han Soyoung: Please contact me as soon as you arrive.

Anyway, the two met today.

Rather than being swept away by such nonsense rumors, it was better not to think about anything until she met Taekyung.


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