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Taekyung lifted Jiwoo up instead of Taehee, who was lazing on the sofa.

Then Jiwoo burst into a lovely smile and grabbed his cheek.

“Dadda, dadda!”

“Jiwoo, I’m not your dad”.

Taehee meddled with a large grape in her mouth.

Tae-kyung wiped the saliva from her Ji-woo, and she smiled softly at the child.

“It’s your uncle.



“Seeing that his uncle is his dad, Jiwoo doesn’t want to admit his dad as well.

Should I replace his surname with Cha What do you think, Jiwoo”

“There’s nothing I can’t say to a child.”

“The sound of the motor!”

When Taekyung frowned, Jiwoo excitedly shouted after him.

Tae-hee smiled and looked at her son.

“Maybe because of the mixture of languages, he’s a little late in speaking.

I wanted to teach Jiwoo together because he might want to come to Korea later, but maybe I was a little too much on him.”

“Dadda, this! It’s a fish!

Taekyung lightly stroked Jiwoo’s soft and chubby cheeks.

His gaze at the child was full of affection.

“Yes, I’ll give it to Jiwoo.

Do you like me”


“How much do you like me”

“Huh Ou muh”

Jiwoo tilted his head as if he didn’t understand Taekyung’s question.

Then, he soon fiddled with the sculpture as if he had lost interest in Tae Kyung.

The small lips that gently opened while concentrating were very lovely.

Tae-hee, who woke up from the sofa, approached the two.

“Isn’t Jiwoo so pretty”

“Oh, he’s so pretty.”

Taekyung nodded his head gently.

He didn’t really like children, but his nephew was different.

His nephew, who he had not met many times since birth, grew up every time he saw him.

Tae-hee, who approached the two, swept Jiwoo’s cheek with a slightly emotional face.

“I hate that person, so I don’t know what to do, but I feel relieved when I think that Jiwoo was born thanks to him.”



“Did your brother-in-law cheat on you”

Taekyung couldn’t stand the doubts he had kept in his heart and asked them.

And as soon as he did that, he regretted it.

Tae-hee, who read the sign of a mistake from him, smiled and shook her head.

“If that were the case, would I have left the man alive”


“It’s not like that.

It’s just a matter of values

and expectations.

Hopefully, we will understand each other better through our current conflict.

If not… I will seriously consider divorcing.”


“The fact that two other people meet and share a life… It wasn’t as easy as I thought, Taekyung.”

A bitter expression came to Tae-hee’s face.

Taekyung, who was staring at her, quietly opened his mouth.

“I know it’s irresponsible to say this.”


“Just think about what’s best for you.

Neither Jiwoo, brother-in-law, your parents nor people around you are as important as your life.”

Tae-hee opened her eyes as if she was surprised by Tae-kyung’s comfort, and then bobbled up her lips.

“As I live, I receive all the comfort from the youngest.

You now have the ability to empathize, which you didn’t have before… When did you become like this”

“Ha, it’s been a while since I’ve talked seriously…”

“Ahahaha, I know.

Thank you.



“I don’t want to give up easily.

I’ve already escaped to some extent, but I didn’t start with him to see this end.

“I don’t want to give up easily.

 I’ve already run away to some extent, but I didn’t start running to see an end with that person.”

Tae-hee, who answered like that, had ‌firm eyes.

Taekyung was curious about what love is and what value it really has.

Tae-hee was a very independent and rational person.

It was her love to drive her into her exhausting emotional labor and endless fight, and to even end up wasting her time and suffering even her emotional pain.

And Tae-hee said that all the emotional pain was meaningful.

Tae-hee wasn’t the only one acting irrationally now.

The relationship between Taekyung and Soyoung was also irrational.

If it were Taekyung before he liked Soyoung, he would not have understood Taehee.

Far from understanding, ‌he would have an arrogant understanding and regarded her choice as a result of uncontrollable impulse.

However, Tae-kyung seemed to know vaguely what Tae-hee wanted to say.

He also wanted to win So-young’s heart, so he did things he would never have done.

Taekyung wanted So-young to be by hks side at all costs.

The reason he laughed was that he hoped that the person she could lean on was only him every time.

Love was, in the end, just a violent feeling that paralyzed human rationality and intelligence.

Taekyung wanted to cynically define love, but will bear the inconvenient requirements it accompanied.

As long as he could win So-young’s heart, he could have fallen into a ridiculous contradiction.


Come to think of it, he thought So-young’s attitude has become a little strange recently.

He can’t pinpoint exactly, but the atmosphere encompassing her has darkened overall.

He couldn’t think deeply because he had a headache due to Tae-hee’s problem, but he felt a vague sense of distance.

Come to think of it… Not too long ago, she ignored his call and drank.


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