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So-young was shaking so clearly that it was noticeable with the naked eye.

She wanted to scream at Tae Kyung.

Even a little carelessness seemed to cause tears to fall, so Soyoung couldn’t even look at him face to face.

So-young gasped out a voice that sounded very weak.

“……Think as you please.”

With an irresponsible answer, So-young got out of the car.

Then she hid herself in the building, almost as if running.


As soon as So-young entered the house, she burst into tears with a sudden breath.

Sitting down on the porch as it was, she vomited a suppressed sob.

Until just now, she had chills, but now her whole body was shaking.

So-young tried to wipe off the pouring tears somehow, and she burst into coughing.

“Heuk… ugh, hic… mhm.”

So-young swallowed the sobbing of gasping with her heated forehead leaning on her knee.

She didn’t think of anything, and she didn’t want to think of anything.

It was just a wish that this pain, which seemed to melt her stomach, would calm down as soon as possible.

While So-young sobbed out of control, Taekyung’s car was guarding outside the building.

Only after a meaningless time did the car disappear, leaving only harsh noise.

* * *

Soyoung’s world quickly turned into a gloomy gray color.

People’s mouths gradually calmed down, and daily life found its previous rhythm.

However, So-young still wandered ‌of hopelessness that seemed to be lost.

That’s why everyone was telling me not to date in the office.

She can’t believe the current boss is a man who had a brief relationship and had sex longer than the period he had.

So-young couldn’t figure out how to deal with this embarrassing situation.

Since the day of the breakup, Tae-kyung has not pretended to be private to So-young.

That did not mean that she was excluded from work.

The necessary instructions during work were delivered through the new deputy director or chief manager as much as possible, and they did not make any direct encounters, nor did she lower her contribution to the work.

As a straightforward man, Taekyung told Soyoung in the best way he could that there would be no disadvantages because of personal feelings.

So-young knew that, but ‌it did not relieve her suffering.

In addition, they were in the same department and couldn’t avoid each other.

If she heard about Taekyung’s wedding while being defenseless and vulnerable, Soyoung knew that she could not hold out.

So… I think it’s right to move to another department.

She thought it would be a good idea to look for a new department as soon as the project is finished, if not right now.

By then, her work will be more relaxed, and Taekyung will have no reason to keep her‌.

She can’t believe she has been in a wrong relationship once and then needs to move to a department.

So-young smiled bitterly because she was pathetic.

The relationship was organized, but even the deepened love that was not recognized did not disappear in an instant.

So-young tossed and turned at night as her habit was, and she often saw Tae-kyung in her dreams even though she barely fell asleep.

At dawn like that, she became exhausted, as if she would be crushed by her emptiness that seemed to have no end in sight.

It would be natural, but Taekyung sank coolly as if he had wanted Soyoung enthusiastically.

Occasionally, at the moment he encountered her in the hallway, he casually passed by her with all the lights off.

It was natural, but Taekyung would calmly be affected.

At their occasional encounter in the hallway, he passed her with his face darkened.

Every time, So-young felt unfair anger.

She didn’t know why Taekyung was a complete victim, and she wanted to ask him what options she was given other than breaking up.

Such a gloomy daily life flowed into a bright color.


It was Friday when she left work early for the first time in a long time.

So-young opened the beer with the movie on her laptop.

These days, when she was alone, she kept thinking bad things and ran away to movies or dramas as much as possible.

It was time for So-young to watch the movie with an indifferent look.

The cell phone, which had been thrown randomly in the table’s corner, vibrated.

Her expression, who checked the screen with little thought, hardened.


Taekyung’s name was floating on the glass screen.

Her heart was tightened reflexively, and the fingertips on the cell phone trembled thinly.

So-young hardened without even thinking of answering the phone.

So-young was just holding her cell phone in her hand, and the ringing phone was finally cut off.

But even before she was relieved, the phone rang again.

This phone call was also transferred to a missed call.

The phone rang several times in a row.

Twice, three times, four times…….

The more missed calls accumulated, the more unstable So-young’s heart fluttered.

A sense of dizziness swept her away.

Emotions, whether lingering or dim, helplessly disturbed by reason.


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