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So-young’s heart fluttered weakly in the black eyes she hadn’t seen in a long time.

After revealing a momentary agitation, she soon felt relieved.

Since the mask covering more than half of the face would cover her silly look.

So-young avoided her gaze awkwardly and bowed her head to Taekyung.

When she lowered her head, she could see smooth glossy shoes in his view.

Like her, his steps had also stopped.

Taekyung was standing in place and staring at Soyoung.


So-young, who recalled a momentary question, belatedly realized the reason.

Everyone she met today was surprised to see her face and asked if she was in good condition.

In addition, she was wearing a mask, so maybe Taekyung was surprised.

I still think the team leader will be worried about me.… It’s probably excessive self-consciousness.

So-young looked at Tae-kyung awkwardly with her eyes closed and then took the step that had stopped.

He’s so handsome, but she didn’t want to show her shabby side for long.

 Tae-kyung looked at So-young with his strange eyes, but then she slightly bowed down to him and passed by.

“Oh, I was surprised…”

Only after sitting down, So-young muttered to herself, wrapping her red cheeks.

Perhaps because she encountered Taekyung at an unexpected time, her heart was pounding.

She even felt that the heavy cold that shook her whole body was a little better.

Soyoung drew the image of Taekyung that she had just seen in her head. How much would it have been if there had been any affection left in the gaze of staring at her. In the past, she could clearly read the overflowing affection that he couldn’t control just by making eye contact with him…… Now, she knew nothing at all.

So-young, who had been absent-minded for a long time, belatedly came to her senses.

Don’t act like a fool and wake up.

So-young sighed deeply after putting a green tea bag in hot water.

Then, she forcibly fixed her gaze on the monitor.

However, like during the day, the absent-minded head could not be cleared even at night.

She felt her eyes flutter with a sense of drowsiness or dizziness.


She wondered if it was right to go home earlier.

She thought so belatedly, but when she tried to leave the company after organizing her bag, she couldn’t move her body.

It was right to say that it was difficult to control it.

Eventually, So-young, who had hesitated, fell down on her desk.

When her cheeks touched the desk, her shoulders shrink on their own.

She closed her eyes with her upper body huddled.

Let’s sleep a little bit.

Then I’ll wake up and finish what I’m doing now, and before 10 o’clock, I go home.

After work, it seemed like it was necessary to stock up on her physical strength for now.

As soon as she relaxed her body tension, a distant feeling attacked Soyoung.

She fell into a sleep, almost losing her consciousness.

Sleeping with the side effects of the medicine was more like fainting.

The five senses weren’t on alert, as if they were submerged at the bottom of the deep sea.

 Gradually, a numb sensation returned to her hands and feet as if the corner of her unconsciousness was distorted.

A familiar voice rang from afar.

“…Manager Han.”


“Assistant Manager Han Soyoung.”


“Han Soyoung!”

Taekyung’s voice shook her eardrums.

As soon as she recognized the fact, her mind returned at once, as if consciousness were being pulled to the surface.

So-young was surprised, like a fish thrown out of the water and raised herself.

There was a warm touch on her shoulder.

“Haa, ha…”

So-young raised her head with a rough breath.

As soon as she did that, she made eye contact with Taekyung, who looked straight at her.

Is it still a dream

So-young thought with a blank expression.

If it wasn’t a dream, Taekyung couldn’t look at her with such a worried face.

As the focus gradually returned to So-young’s eyes, Taekyung pressed and tightened his hand while holding her shoulder.

Only then did she realize that the man’s hands were shaking thinly.

So-young’s lips were smacked with a slightly puzzled feeling.

“Team leader…”

“Are you okay”

Taekyung hurriedly cut So-young’s words.

So-young nodded without knowing why he had such a pale face.

When she saw a desperate expression, she said something like an excuse without realizing it.

“Yes, I fell asleep for a bit…”

Taekyung’s body stopped at Soyoung’s answer.

Once hardened, he asked her back.

“Are you saying you fell asleep”



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