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Taekyung’s face turned devastated.

Soyoung, who was still caught up in her bewilderment, realized the reason later.

An empty office with no one there, an employee lying face down on the desk… It was quite misleading.

Whether So-young’s guess was wrong, Taekyung’s ears turned red.

He took off his hand that held her shoulder and took a step back.

There was silence in an awkward confrontation.

So-young looked at him with a completely awake face.

Her heart began to beat faster and faster.


As soon as they stared at each other without saying a word, Taekyung turned his head first.

He swept across his cheek with a large hand.

Covering his mouth as if defending, he spoke in an unwilling voice.

“……I forgot something, so I stopped by the company for a moment, and I was surprised that a person was lying down.”

“Oh… I see.

I’m sorry if you were surprised.”


Was there anything urgent enough to come back to the office So-young thought so, but instead of showing her doubts, she nodded her head gently.

Anyway, it wasn’t strange because he was always a busy man.

After what to say disappeared, there was a more awkward silence.

So-young tried not to show the change, but in fact, she was nervous and even her breathing was running out.

It was not estimated how long it had been since she met Taekyung and had a conversation in this way.

So-young pretended as if she was okay as much as possible because she was afraid that Taekyung would feel burdened or uncomfortable with her, but she couldn’t help but look at him as if possessed.

The more emotion her eyes were filled with, the more crack in Taekyung’s face, which was stiff.

The moment when the close tension intensively grew, Taekyung distorted the forehead.

After inhaling heavily, he turned his head away, but soon looked back at her as if it were natural.

The vivid emotions that Taekyung had hidden and worn out were swaying in his black eyes.

As soon as she confirmed it, So-young felt the heart pounding more vividly than ever.

A tsunami-like dizziness swept through her whole body and paralyzed her.

The two stared at each other in tension that would collapse even if they moved only one finger.

It was when So-young’s lips were smacked together again.

Taekyung spit it out as if intercepting it.

“If you’re not feeling well…”


“Don’t overdo it and go home.”

Taekyung turned his back and strode to the team leader’s seat.

Like an unannounced grenade, the atmosphere turned tense quickly.

So-young stared blankly at his distant back.


Tae-kyung cut off So-young with an apparent attitude, as it used to be.

There seemed to be nothing to expect from consistent firmness.

Even so….

In So-young’s eyes, as always, the wide and straight back seemed weak for some reason.

As if it would collapse just by touching it with her finger.

Soyoung blinked slowly.

After Taekyung disappeared, she stared at the empty seat and fell into thoughts of not knowing whether it was expectations filled with selfish hopes or intuition.

It’s a shameless thought, but So-young wanted to hold on to the feelings that Taekyung had revealed for a moment.

If he had even a tiny crack left, she wanted to dig into it.

She didn’t want the countless emotions that arose between the two to disappear as it is.

Maybe at this moment Taekyung is a little weak towards Soyoung…… She didn’t even know it was the only opportunity for her.

So-young, who had reached that point, got up from her seat as if possessed.

An unidentified force seemed to lead her and move.

Every step she took, her heart jumped so fast that her vision became unclear.

So-young slowly approached the team leader’s seat.


Taekyung was sitting in place.

Leaning helplessly on a chair, staring at a black monitor with nothing on it…… Like a person whose body is present but thoughts are lost in another world.

When she saw Taekyung, who seemed to have nothing urgent enough to return to the company from the beginning, her frozen mouth naturally moved.

An excited and trembling voice rang the quiet space.

“…Team leader.”

Unlike usual, when he always paid keen attention, Taekyung revealed his shock as if he didn’t even know Soyoung had come.

As soon as their gazes touched, So-young felt the illusion of the ground shaking that supported her feet.


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