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…What did I expect when I came here

Looking at So-yeong, who was silent like a solid wall, Tae-kyung was captured by a sense of wretched weakness.

It was he who was excited and clingy at the love he had felt for the first time, but he was also the one pathetic until the end.

So-yeong was the only one who made Tae-kyung, who had always had a strong self-confidence, inferior to her from beginning to end.

Taekyung knew the emotional gap between himself and Soyoung better than anyone else.

He couldn’t give up his greed to tie So-young somehow, so he unilaterally poured out affection from the beginning.

Finally, when So-young said she liked it, he was captivated by the ecstatic fullness as if he had the world.

He never dreamed that the end would be so miserable.

Even if there was a difference in feelings, their relationship could be maintained.

As before, if Tae-kyung gives her attention, So-young will accept him passively.

However, even if there was no love for him, there had to be trust.

Because every relationship can start and deepen with trust.

From the beginning, it was a relationship that Taekyung forced to come this far.

If So-young didn’t even have the slightest trust in him while he was clinging to her, all he did, driven by his emotions, was a waste of time.

Taekyung could no longer be satisfied with Soyoung, who accepted him in indifference.

So he turned his back on her.

Of course, that did not mean that he gave up his feelings for So-young.

If he couldn’t give up, there would be no way he would have decided to disturb the daily life of a woman who lived well alone.

Tae-kyung still loved So-young and admitted that he could not give up on her, no matter what right now.

The expectation that he would feel her absence and be affected by it could not be denied.

The desire to be by So-young’s side again did not subside at all, coloring his night with insomnia.

However, in this situation, the conclusion forced a one-sided relationship again.

But this time, Taekyung didn’t want to physically tie So-young up.

He wanted her voluntary affection.

He didn’t know if it was Soyoung or him who needed time.

Maybe if she takes time to look at her feelings as the time passes… He didn’t know if he could ever start a relationship again.

He thought so, but at ‌when Taekyung couldn’t hold any expectations, So-young approached him.

Taekyung completely lost his mind and stared at her, and a long time later, he asked back like a fool.

“Do you… like me”

He had a memory of what she had done in the past. What did Soyoung say then Taekyung traced the screwed thoughts through his dizzy head.

“I like you.”

So-young answered sincerely while looking like she was almost crying.

He didn’t know that the words “I like you” could penetrate his heart so deeply.

Taekyung carefully put down his irregularly scattered breathing.

The blood in his whole body circulated quickly through the blood vessels.

“If I still have a chance…”

Soyoung trembled enough to be seen with the naked eye, but did not stop talking.

“I really want to try this time.”


“I want to see how far I can go with you.”

The moment So-young confessed her last sincerity, the ecstasy, like water, overflowed past the critical point.

Taekyung stared at So-young, overwhelmed by complex emotions.

The miscellaneous thoughts that had hurt his head have disappeared without a trace, and the negative emotions that had caused him to suffer have also lost strength at once.

Taekyung was still swaying so easily that it was funny by Soyoung.

Just the fact that she approached me first suddenly made everything better, and I thought I could throw away my pride of crawling on the floor hundreds of times.

While realizing that he was trying to be servile again, Taekyung felt the fullness that was overwhelming.

Taekyung was still swayed by Soyoung so easily that it was ridiculous.

Just the fact that she approached him first made everything better so that he could even throw his pride and crawl on the floor.

He felt the fullness that filled her.

“Your apology, I’m sorry, but it doesn’t mean much to me.”

At Taekyung’s words, Soyoung’s face was stained with disappointment.

He had a petty personality from the start, so he thought he had the right to be so grumpy.

But when he saw her suddenly blushing with tears in her eyes, his impatience increased.

It was an impossible thing to do in this lifetime.

He added more quickly than he intended.

“I’ve never been disappointed from the beginning.”


“I couldn’t hold on to the fact that I couldn’t even give up trust, and I didn’t give up my heart or abandon my regret.”

“I just couldn’t hold on to the fact that you couldn’t even trust me, so I never gave up on my feelings.”

“Team leader…”


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