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Epilogue (4)

“What’s all this”

“I can’t come empty-handed, so I prepared a little, so I hope you don’t feel pressured.”

“No, this is nothing…”

The face of my father, who was chatting excitedly, was sober.

He slowly straightened up and coughed in vain.

Then, Taekyung sat upright in front of the two and put down the paper bags one by one.

“I prepared this because it’s in-between seasons and you need to take care of your health.”

My father received a paper bag awkwardly.

The first bag contained various high-quality nutritional supplements, the second bag contained 20 roots from a 155 year old Camphor Tree, and the third bag showed native honey and red ginseng extract.

But that wasn’t the end.

“The weather has gotten better, so I thought it’d be nice to go out.”

So-young’s father was given an annual golf membership, and H’s new bag and Twilly scarf were given as personal gifts to her mother.

It wasn’t the end again this time.

“I heard you two like to travel.

I hope you can refresh yourself whenever you need a break.”

Taekyung held out a stiff and luxurious envelope to the two politely.

In the flashing gold envelope, there were four black cards with the logo of the CH hotel and airline.

“Whether it’s a hotel or an airline, you can use it regardless of the country or abroad.

If you tell us your convenient time, our staff will contact you separately.”

So-young couldn’t hide her signs of getting tired of it.

Usually, Taekyung tried to suit her simple taste.

Today, he was attacking So-young’s parents with hundreds of millions of gifts, as if determined.

As if he wanted to buy affection with his wealth.

So-young’s father was now completely sober, and her mother was also pale.

His father, who was speechless as if he were choosing what to say, said with a look of suffocation.

“You know, I think this is too much.

We just met to have a meal comfortably, but what is all this about”

Taekyung’s expression was blurred by the words drawing the line.

The beautiful face quickly became pathetic.

It was a trick that he used to sway So-young’s heart.

Soyoung’s father wasn’t immune to it and, of course, failed to defend his attack.

He couldn’t hide his guilty look for no reason.

“I know it’s still too early to ask you to treat me as your son.

Still, I just wanted to express my sincerity, so I hope you can take it easy, Father.”

“Even so…”

“If it weren’t for Soyoung, I wouldn’t have gotten married.”

So-young’s parents could not hide their surprised expressions at Taekyung’s firm answer.

He continued in a voice desperate for appeal.

“I was convinced that So-young was the one, so I wooed her around for months.

Since we started dating seriously, I can’t imagine us being separated.

So-young is a person I want to be with for the rest of my life, and I just wanted to express my gratitude to both of you, so I hope you don’t draw too much line.”

Taekyung’s eyes were sincere.

So-young curled her lips with her cheeks red.

Of course, it was true that he had been courting him for several months.

Her father, who could not even imagine the beginning of the two of them, opened his mouth with a serious face.

“Speaking of which, I think there’s too much difference between our two families.

I’m not saying that I’m ashamed of our family’s situation, but it’s the reality.

After talking to you today, you’re wealthy yet trustworthy.

That’s true, but…… As a parent, ‌I am worried that So-young will suffer later.

If you were me, wouldn’t you want my daughter to be treated anywhere and live well”

So-young’s father continued in a soft tone, but his meaning was clear.

Since he learned about the relationship between the two, he had no hesitation in speaking his mind.

Taekyung nodded as gently as expected.

“I fully understand what you’re worried about.

But I’d like to tell you that you don’t have to worry about that.

My father, he is not the one who will give her a hard time.

Rather, if I say I’ll marry, he’ll welcome her.”


“I’ll make Soyoung happy for the rest of her life.”

When a man born with appealing power persuades with all his heart, So-young’s parents eventually say, “If you guys like it…” But the end of their speech was blurred.

“Father, mother.

Thank you.”

Taekyung smiled brightly.

With a smile spread across the face of a pretty handsome man, the two stared at him as if possessed.

It was not an earnest appeal that persuaded them, but an appearance with a halo.

So-young looked at Tae Kyung, who openly used his looks, and her parents, who fell for it, with wonder-struck eyes and smiled quietly.

About an hour later, the two left the house not too late.

Perhaps because it was at the end of spring, the day was bright and cozy.

Taekyung, who sighed for a long time, suddenly asked So-young.

“Did I do a good job”


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