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Epilogue (5)

There was a slight redness on her face, which had been perfectly fine.

Soyoung put her hands on her chest and lifted her heels.

She buried her nose in the nape of his neck and took a deep breath, and again the faint smell of alcohol.

It seems that the aftermath of drinking intoxicating alcohol one after another is only now visible.

Soyoung felt affectionate and hugged his waist tightly with both arms.

“You were more than good.

Honey was dripping from your eyes.”

“That’s a relief.

I think it’s the first time I’ve been this nervous.”


Far from being nervous, I was surprised because you were so good.

Are you sure that this is your first time”

“What are you talking about If it had been okay, it would have been thanks to the mind training that I’ve had so far.

I think I said a lot of stupid things in the middle, but I hope they don’t remember those things.”

Taekyung rubbed his red-hot eyes with a relaxed face.

Seeing the large body holding So-young relax little by little, it didn’t seem to be a lie to say that he was nervous.

She can’t believe the man who had been neat and friendly throughout his time with her parents actually struggled.

So-young smiled and leaned her cheek into his arms.

“You were so cool today.

Thank you, really.”

Taekyung smiled quietly and bowed his head.

The prominent nose swept the soft cheeks as if acting cute.

“Thank you for the compliment.

If I think about it…… I think it’s the first time I’ve felt this much pressure since the moment in the office.”


“I guess you get nervous in front of someone you want to look good in.”

“……Can we please stop talking about that time”

“It’s a memory that has its own lesson to achieve what you want.

Don’t you like it”

“You are terrible….”

When So-young closed her eyes, Taekyung burst into laughter and hugged her deeply.

A relaxed, affectionate look gazed at her.

“Soyoung, I was wondering who you look like, but you and your parents really look alike.”


“Yes, I’ll be nice to them.

The same goes for you.”

“You’re already so good that it’s overflowing.”

“You should be greedier.”

Just in time, the cool wind lightly swept through the two.

The fresh smell of early summer grass crossed the tip of their nose.

“We’re here for a long time.

Shall we take a walk Do you have any special memories

“Hmm… I don’t know.

I’ll think about it while walking.”

The two held hands together.

The steps taken with a similar stride were cheerful.

* * *

About a month after seeing So-young’s parents, it was time to greet Taekyung’s father.

Taekyung’s mother, Mrs.

Yoon Jo-hee, died of illness a few years ago.

Vice Chairman Cha was said to be more cranky after losing his wife.

It was a tragic love story that all executives and employees of CH Group knew, but knowing in advance did not mean that she was ready.

“I was splashed with water in my dream yesterday and received a money envelope.”

On the way to Hannam-dong, So-young, who was frozen like a rabbit, blurted.

Taekyung smiled as he distorted his forehead, staring straight ahead.

“You don’t tire of it and we’re talking about it again I think I’ve said it a hundred times that you don’t have to worry about it.”

“But I’m still scared.

What can I do”

Soyoung sighed for a long time.

Taekyung complained as if he was dissatisfied with her being excessively nervous.

“Aren’t you repeating the same thing over and over again from a week ago Is his reaction so important If you have time to care about that, pay more attention to me.

I guess you think of my father more than I do these days.”

When So-young couldn’t answer anything, the wrinkles deepened between Taekyung’s eyebrows.

She mumbled her lips as if making excuses.

“I happened to meet the vice-chairman when I was a new employee.

In the elevator.

I couldn’t even breathe until he got off.

I can’t believe he’s going to be my father-in-law.….”

“Although his personality is a little tricky, He’s not a person who can’t communicate at all.”

So-young swallowed the word more worried.

Vice-Chairman Cha would definitely expect a woman with a good family and outstanding enough to suit Taekyung, but she thought she was too ordinary.

She didn’t want to disparage herself, but that was the reality anyway.

Taekyung held Soyoung’s hand.

Then, he lightly pressed his lips on the back of her hand.

“I think it’s a process.

You have to be stressed, but you don’t have to take it too seriously.

The important fact is that we are together.”

“…Thank you.”

At that time, Soyoung relaxed a little and smiled.

As Taekyung said, the purpose and process should not be confused.

The many moments of pressure on her were just a process she had to go through to be with him in the end.

At that thought, she seemed to have a little courage.

Vice Chairman Cha’s home was one of the five most expensive houses, according to the standard single-family house announced by the government.

The wealthy village in Hannam-dong, a new world, spread beyond the wall that seemed to be three meters long.

A garden with one main building, two separate houses, and a deep green lawn built in a geometric structure.

Vice-Chairman Cha’s home was reminiscent of a modern art museum rather than a house.


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