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Epilogue (7)

When he suddenly digs into the subject, So-young almost spat out her tea back.

Barely swallowing the hot tea water, she replied with slightly red eyes.

“Yes, I’m seriously dating with marriage in mind.”

“How long has it been since you were dating”

“It’s been a little over a year since we officially dated.”

“It’s hard to see that you’ve endured that punk for a year.”

Vice-Chairman Cha expressed an exclamation that she did not know whether he was serious or sarcastic.

Surprised, So-young couldn’t even say anything, and his questions continued.

“I heard that he works with you.

Is that right”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Both of you didn’t do what the company told you to do and started dating.

Can you focus on your work while dating each other at work”

“That’s… I’m sorry, but the company is professional.

Team leader, no, Taekyung is also very good at distinguishing between public and private matters.

So you don’t have to worry too much.”

So-young gave an excuse-like answer.

She couldn’t come to her senses because she was almost being interrogated.

Taekyung, who was watching her stumped, frowned.

Vice Chairman Cha was not a person who made people feel comfortable, but he had a strangely mean side to the person he liked.

Unless it was Taekyung’s illusion, there was a clear warmth in Vice Chairman Cha’s eyes staring at Soyoung.

It wasn’t just that Soyoung was a woman who would live with her son, a physical eunuch.

After Taekyung followed that path, Vice Chairman Cha completely gave up his desire for a political marriage, but he was not lenient enough to accept anyone.

As he got older, values and thoughts were bound to change.

Vice-Chairman Cha did not show off on the outside, but he became quite emotional compared to his vigorous days.

In particular, he could not hide his loneliness after his beloved wife died of illness, and after Tae-hee and her spouse suffered a divorce crisis a while ago, he seemed to have placed great value on the harmony and unity of the family.

It was an inappropriate dream for Taekyung to think of.

The brothers were raised independently from birth, and ‌the whole family had never gathered and had a family time.

By now, Vice Chairman Cha himself would have been fully aware that such a thing would not be possible.

In the meantime, So-young, who looked harmless, rolled to him.

Vice-Chairman Cha seemed to push her which may seem rude but it was his habit of supporting his children and employees all his life.

So-young, who was not aware of such circumstances, looked at Taekyung with a tearful eye as if asking for help.

Taekyung said to Vice Chairman Cha, thinking that she was very cute.

“If it’s a relationship, I wooed her.

There is no prohibition on dating within the company, and there are a lot of people who met and got married at the company, so why can’t we”

“Ha, look at your way of talking.

You wooed her first

Vice-Chairman Cha did not hide his unexpected expression.

That’s because Taekyung never showed interest in women, and Vice Chairman Cha had to reflect on all kinds of worries while looking at his son.

There couldn’t have been anyone out of their minds who even performed a vasectomy to prove that they were not interested in women at all.


I begged her to marry me, too.

So-young wanted to have more time, but I couldn’t afford it.”

“Tae Kyung, those kinds of words…”

“It’s true.”

So-young looked even more embarrassed and didn’t know what to do.

The more Tae Kyung took Soyoung’s side, her troubled expression showed.


Vice-Chairman Cha alternated between the two.

Taekyung, who was cold-hearted and surrounded with pride,  was interested in a child named Soyoung.

He asked her, half raising his upper body on the sofa.

“Do you like Taekyung too To the point of getting married

So-young, who treated Vice Chairman Cha with a distant feeling the whole time, could answer that question with certainty.

She naturally smiled and nodded.

“Yes, vice president.

I really like him.

My greed for him just keeps growing.”

In response to Soyoung’s answer, Taekyung dripped honey from her eyes.

 If it wasn’t for Vice Chairman Cha, it seemed that he would have kissed her right away. You guys are having a good time. Vice Chairman Cha smiled inwardly, nodded, and raised his heavy waist.

“Did you say greed Does it mean that you want to marry Taekyung

So-young, who was silent as if to gauge the intention of the question, faced Vice Chairman Cha with slightly determined eyes.

“That’s true to a certain extent.”

“Hmm, I see.”


“Don’t feel bad, it’s my first time meeting the girl he dates, so I looked into what kind of person he is.”

So-young opened her eyes wide to the unexpected words.

Unless she was mistaken, Chairman Cha was now saying that he had done her background investigation too proudly.

Taekyung distorted the forehead and spit it out in an annoying voice.

“Ha, what the hell are you doing behind me In that case, just ask her directly.”

Vice-Chairman Cha’s eyebrows wriggled to the fullest.

“You punk.

Every word you say is a bummer.

When did I allow you to step in”

Taekyung did not blink at Vice Chairman Cha’s side.

Rather, Taekyung even continued sarcastically with a twisted smile.

“Please continue to be as comfortable as you are now.

It didn’t suit you that you kept feeling uncomfortable.”

“I’m just…”


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