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As soon as Taekyung’s faint reason was almost cut off, So-young, who seemed to be caught up in panic, suddenly opened the door of the passenger seat.

Then she ran away, leaving him not having enough time to catch her.


When So-young disappeared, the heat that strangely pressured Taekyung quickly disappeared.

Left alone, he laughed at himself and ruffled his hair roughly.

I’m sure I’ve just done something crazy.

Strangely, he had no regrets at all.

Maybe I’ve already gone crazy.

If Han So-young asked me to show my…… How would I have reacted


Taekyung, who wrinkled her forehead and stared at the light of the street lamp, spit out curses.

And the car started roughly.

* * *

So-young didn’t sleep a wink.

She stared at the dawn sky and seriously thought of using her annual leave.

As such, she was afraid of the reality of having to face Taekyung.

“From the day we first met until now, you’ve looked at me so blatantly…”


“I couldn’t pretend I didn’t know anymore.”

Taekyung must have endured it over and over and then exploded.

How angry would he have been to say such a thing Thinking that he had finally let out the anger he had been suppressing, So-yeong was terribly ashamed in the midst of fear.

She just wanted to open the window and jump out.

What if he is missing when I go to work in the morning

Maybe that’s better…….

Despite all her arrogance, So-young didn’t have the courage to leave the company right away, nor the courage to take a leave.

Where on earth did the courage that she boldly had to look at Taekyung’s crotch come from

Anyway, the morning was bright, and So-young went to work with a miserable feeling like a cow being dragged to a slaughterhouse.

Fortunately, her seat greeted her unchanged from yesterday.

Taekyung was also not around.

So-young sighed with relief.

If I look at the groin of the team leader again, I’m not a human being.

So-young bowed her head, recalling once again the determination she had made all night long.

Contrary to concerns, time passed without any problems and it was already lunch time.

So-young, who was a little relaxed, finished her meal as usual.

She thought it was great that her appetite didn’t disappear even after going through such a thing.

So-young was about to brush her teeth and go back to her seat when the door opened on the other side of the hallway, and Taekyung and the current deputy general manager appeared.

So-young felt as if her heart fell to her toes and froze.

Taekyung’s eyes, which were giving directions to Deputy General Manager Hyun, stopped and reached So-young.

So-young’s eyes shook out of control.

Should I say hi Or should I just run away

So-young could not make a proper judgment.

“Please go in first.”

Taekyung, who sent the current deputy manager away first, approached So-young, who had hardened like a mouse in front of a cat.

He looked down at her and furled his thick lips at an angle.

Then he bowed slightly and whispered in her ear.

“Why are you like that when you watched it so openly before”

The low tone that tickled his earlobe was terribly sensational.

So-young shivered with the chills passing by her back and waist.

“W-what is…”

Tae-kyung just looked carefully at her face, as if he had no intention of answering So-young’s questions.

Each other’s eyes were intertwined at a close distance.


Taekyung, who noticed the sway in So-young’s eyes, raised the corners of his mouth.

The abundant eyelashes spread like a fan, and a seductive smile bloomed like a flower.

So-young forgot her situation for a moment, and was mesmerized.

Taekyung said in a smiley voice.

“Just do what you’ve been doing.

It doesn’t matter to me.”

After finishing what he had to say, Taekyung moved away as if he had nothing more to say.

On the other hand, So-young stopped in place as if rooted on the floor and only looked at his back moving away.


Team leader…… What are you thinking

Despite the panic, what Taekyung left behind remained clearly in So-young’s mind.

The confused heart fluttered with irregular beats.

Even after that, So-young could not come to her senses.

She made a series of small mistakes all day long.

Eventually, Manager Joo, who couldn’t stand it, pushed her to go home.

Thanks to this, So-young was able to leave work earlier than usual.


So-young, who returned home, fell into bed instead of heading straight to the bathroom.

She turned on the TV habitually, but nothing caught her eye.

So-young blankly looked at the ceiling and recalled the thoughts she had thought about all day.

[Just do what you’ve been doing.

It doesn’t matter to me.]

Taekyung definitely said that.

What on earth did he say that

“If you’re so curious, I just want to show you what it looks like.”


I know it doesn’t make sense, but…

What if the team leader really did that


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