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So-young shook her head as if in denial of the possibility that suddenly appeared but the thought running in her mind couldn’t be forgotten easily.

 Even if she let her guard down a little, she kept thinking nonsense.

Eventually, So-young, who went to bed earlier than usual, impulsively held her cell phone in her hand.

When she saw Taekyung’s name registered in the messenger application, she was tense and upset.


However, So-young didn’t have the courage to send a message to him.

Looking at her cell phone, she eventually put it away and put the blanket over her head.

Nevertheless, she couldn’t sleep.

Her heart, which had been beating fast since yesterday, continued to speed up.

* * *

Time passed without a hitch.

On the surface, peaceful days piled up steadily.

So-young worked as faithfully as before, maintained a good relationship with her colleagues, and above all, did not commit profane acts of peeping at her boss’s groin.

However, So-young’s state of mind was not calm.

So-young avoided Taekyung as much as possible, but she was more conscious of him than ever.

[Just do what you’ve been doing.

It doesn’t matter to me.]

Since that day, the two have maintained the relationship between their boss and subordinates like before, but the ripple effect left by Taekyung remained.

When So-young saw him, she was irresistibly thinking about a lot of things.

She wondered what he meant, and even though she knew it was meaningless, she assumed the what-ifs.

Unlike So-young, who was shaken and confused, Taekyung looked calm without any agitation.

Whenever she met with his face, as if nothing happened, So-young doubted her eyes.

“Manager Han.”

So-young stood up surprised by the voice calling her.

When she went to the team leader’s seat, Taekyung, who was looking at his monitor, raised his head.

“Would you please organize and send us the pending data and annex that we wrote last week based on the main trading line Not in Word, but in Excel.”

“All right.

When should I give it to you”

“It’s not urgent right now, so it should be around tomorrow afternoon.”

“Yes, team leader.”

Taekyung smiled at So-young.

It was a kind but distant smile.

So-young, who returned to her seat, sighed and held her cheeks.

It was funny that whenever Taekyung called her, she was surprised and nervous every time.

He doesn’t seem to have any interest in So-young.

Let’s focus.


Even though she made up her mind, her concentration, which had already gone another way, could not return at once.

So-young tried not to think about useless things as much as possible.

She already left an impression of a strange woman on Taekyung, but she didn’t want to leave the impression that she is someone who can’t even do what’s instructed of her properly.

“Manager Han, do you have a lot of work left”

“I think you just need to do a little more.

Come on in.”

“Yes, then I’ll go in first.

I’ll wrap this up and go home.”

“Yes, Manager.

Good job.”

It is said that more work is given to you without even knowing it, but this is especially true today.

 So-young was given another job while creating the materials Tae-kyung ordered, and as a result, she had to work an unexpected overtime.

Today, the office was empty as soon as everyone had no work or as soon as it passed the regular work hour.

She couldn’t have felt good working overtime alone when others left work early.

So-young sighed without unknowingly for the umpteenth time.


In the end, when So-young finished her work, it was almost 10 o’clock.

When she pressed the Send Mail button, she stretched out with a groaning sound.

Her shoulders were sore because she was stuck in the same position for hours.

Working overtime from Monday, at the beginning of the week, made the week difficult.

The office was gloomy when there was no one around.

So-young, who got chills for no reason, packed as fast as possible.

It was just when she put on a coat, a tall doll appeared beyond the partition.

“Did you get off work yet”

It was Taekyung.

With the unexpected appearance of a character, So-young hardened with her eyes wide open.

Taekyung looked at her strange reaction.

Looking at Tae Kyung, who seemed to be normal, So-young recalled whether the memory of that day was really her delusion, like she often did.

But such vivid memories could never have been a dream.

 So-young let out a reply that was one beat late.

“I’m going home now.

Why did you come back”

Taekyung frowned slightly.

“I have something to check by today.”

“Oh… I see.”

“Manager Han is working late, too.”

“I’m going now.

You must be more tired than me.”

“It’s okay.

It’s nothing new.

It’s late, but go home safely.”


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