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So-young was trembling.

The bright red face and ears, water-soaked eyes, and narrow, convulsing shoulders were quite plausible.

It was worth calling it an outstanding acting ability.

Whatever the reason why So-young acted unpredictably, Taekyung had no intention of denying that the current situation was stimulating.

His breathing was disturbed and the blood vessels in his whole body were pulled tightly.

He swept his hair up to hide his feelings.

“Manager Han is really… You’re beyond my expectation.”


“You want to see it”

So-young’s face turned even redder when he asked back like he was teasing her.

She smacked her lips, and soon closed her eyes tightly and nodded.

You don’t have to pretend to be innocent in this situation.

Taekyung, who was going to say so, quickly changed his mind.

This was because So-young, who pretended to be naive, was not so bad.

“Come here.”

It was late at night, so the office was dark and quiet overall.

Taekyung sat on a heavy wooden desk and opened his legs loosely.

Then, the taut groin, which seemed to come out of the fabric, was exposed.


There was an exclamation from So-young’s mouth that could not be hidden.

The watery eyes shook greatly.

His penis, which was usually huge, boasted great dignity when he got an erection.

Under the pants, thick and long flesh like a snake hung long up to the thighs.

Like a lie to say she was not ashamed, but So-young approached Taekyung as if possessed.

Then, once again, she let out her unconscious admiration.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before.”


Taekyung maintained a slight smile and swallowed his curses.

It only received So-young’s attention, but that alone drew blood to the point where it hurt in the groin.

When he saw the small open mouth, his penis, swollen to the limit, wriggled as if searching for a place to go.

Taekyung had no reason to hesitate any longer.

If it’s sex with So-young, he has already done it countless times in his head.

He remembered every time he held his cock every night.

Taekyung unzipped the buckle and zipped it open without hesitation.

He lifted the groin with his long fingers open and broke through his underwear.

And finally, the object So-young was anxious and curious about was revealed like bouncing under the light of an incandescent lamp.

Taekyung’s penis was really huge, and it was even disparate.

The beautifully circumcised glans was already drenched with juice, and the bulging veins were thick enough to be gripped by a large hand.

The genitals, which spit out pre-cum from the red hot tip, were so racry that just watching them evoked lust.

When Taekyung rolled up the base and squeezed it, a thick, long chunk of flesh stood upright at a right angle.


So-young stopped breathing and covered her mouth with both hands.

Her slender breasts, trembling with her shrill breath.

Taekyung licked his lips as he stared at her in embarrassment, almost to tears.

A strange thirst pressed his solar plexus stiffly.

Both of them lost their words.

The density of the air surrounding them intensively increased, and the heart pounding in their eardrums rang like thunder.

Even moving a finger heightened the cautious tension.

Taekyung was not a perv who gained pleasure through exposure or voyeurism, but it seemed to be an exception at least for So-young.

Just by looking at her gaze, the penis became more stiff and the veins of the pillar stood out clearly.

He wanted her to hold his penis and grab it.

How will So-young react Taekyung barely bent his lips, suppressing his fierce desire.

“If you want to touch…”


“You can touch it.”

The voice, which was drenched in lust, was very low and cracked, and Taekyung himself felt different.

It wasn’t something he had high expectations for.

Half of it was a joke, and the other half was just in case.


Anyway, he was at his limit.

Taekyung glanced at So-young and slowly began to move his hand.

 From the roots to the glans was soaked, he swept them up at once, and a pleasant sound rang out from his throat.

He rubbed the tip with his thumb, contorting his forehead.

He felt his testicles stiffen up.

At that time, So-young came a little closer to Taekyung.

She asked in a trembling voice, blinking her watery eyes.

“W-wouldn’t it feel bad… if I touched it”


Taekyung couldn’t quite figure out what So-young was like.

She was naive as if dhe knew nothing, but at the decisive moment she became radically daring.

It must have been that she was acting naive.

Taekyung felt a cynical yet unavoidable excitement.

“It won’t be bad.”

When Taekyung smiled, her trembling fingers touched the wet pillar.

At that moment, there was a heavy sense of emotion.

Even though she only touched his tip, his back leaned forward.


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