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In fact, So-young’s first impression was not good for Taekyung.

No, it was unpleasant beyond not being good.

Taekyung recalled what So-young’s expression was like in the conference room.

As soon as she saw him, she hardened with her round eyes wide open.

In fact, it was a surprising response for Taekyung.

He knew well that his appearance always impressed people.

The problem was that So-young’s gaze was too explicitly on his groin, not in his face.

Taekyung knew that his groin was quite large.

To the extent that the outline was not hidden even if you wear thick pants.

Anyway, a big one was much better than the small one, so Taekyung did not find it particularly embarrassing.

However, it was a different problem to be sexually harassed openly by subordinate at the company.

So-young succeeded in embarrassing Tae-kyung, who had an innocent face.

Taekyung has been loved by countless people regardless of age or gender.

As such, he found that kind of gaze unpleasant.

However, it was not ideal to humiliate So-young at the first gathering of the team members.

Fortunately, she soon looked away as if she had come to her senses.

Since then, Soyoung has not openly watched Taekyung’s lower part.

Therefore, Taekyung also decided to forget the discomfort he received at this point.

In addition, she was a team member selected by himself anyway.

“You were in the PR team.

I think you were in charge of outside communication.

Is that right”

“Yes, Team leader.

I’ve been in charge of social contribution and responding to media companies since last year.”

“You don’t seem to have experience in sales or retail.

Is there anything you want to do”

“I want to work hard on anything that is given to me.

However, since I have gained experience in content production by working on public relations, I think online POD management can be helpful.”

Taekyung came to think that it was a little unexpected as he conducted the interview.

He regretted that he picked a woman who was out of her mind, thinking he had the wrong judgment.

But So-young was unexpectedly rational and knew how to express her opinion.

Unlike being on alert like he was earlier, he relaxed little by little.

“We will consider the division of duties so that one representative can fully utilize one’s capabilities.”

“Yes, team leader.

Thank you for your time.”

At the end of the interview, Tae-kyung smiled sincerely at So-young for the first time.

She hardened slightly, surprised, and soon bowed her head in a hurry.

The ears seen through the scattered hair were slightly red.

He had thought she was only a strange girl, but today he had a completely different opinion.

He thought that So-young’s clumsy response was a little cute.

So-young’s gaze slipped through Taekyung’s groin.

He wouldn’t have said it was obvious, but Taekyung, who was much taller than her, could see her eyes rolling in an instant.

When the gaze met, So-young smiled, bowed her head, and turned her back.


Taekyung was speechless.

* * *

Day by day in the new department went by like crazy.

Soyoung became in charge of unifying digital POD content as she wanted.

Not only she but also all of the team members were properly assigned based on their strengths.

Taekyung was more reasonable than expected.

He respected the opinions of his team members rather than being authoritative, and while emphasizing collaboration, he was quick to make decisions.

In particular, he hated overtime, sluggish meetings, and pranks, which forced his team members to focus on their work during working hours without any room to do anything else, and on the other hand, everyone was able to leave work with ease.

As such, the relationship between team members naturally changed horizontally.

So-young really liked her new boss and department.

“The team leader is back.”

At the words of Manager Joo, So-young looked up.

After completing the CFO report, Taekyung entered the office.

Even today, his hair was tightly organized with pomade, and the luxurious navy blue suit fit his body as if it had been tailored.

“Did you finish your report well””

Team members gathered around Taekyung.

So-young also quickly got up from her seat with a notebook.

“Yeah, it was well done.

However, it seems that the target country and customer need some adjustment.


Hyun, when will the online sales be updated”

“I think it’ll be possible within this week.”

“What’s the result of the NPS survey”

Manager Lee, who was next to the current deputy general manager, spoke,”Europe is cleaning up the results and cleaning up the US data.

I’ll report it on Wednesday at the latest.”


Taekyung smiled as if he liked the team members’ plain answers.

Then he looked around with his big hand, sweeping up his hair.

“Thanks to your hard work, I think we did well.

Come to think of it, we were so busy that we didn’t have a proper meal together.

If you don’t mind, should we have dinner this week”

“Good idea, team leader.”

It is said that human psychology is reluctant to have a sudden get-together, but if the one who asks is Taekyung, the story will change.

The team members were wondering while struggling to talk with him, and some had already expressed their active will to win his favor.

For that reason, the first dinner was held that evening.

“Do we have a get-together at the hotel lounge like in a drama He’s the son of the vice president.”

Manager Joo poked So-young in the side.

So-young couldn’t imagine a man like Taekyung grilling pork belly and drinking soju.

Even if it’s not the hotel lounge, I thought it should be wine with steak.

Unexpectedly, the place for the dinner was a Korean beef tripe restaurant near the company.

It was a famous restaurant, but it was shabby like any other meat restaurant, and it was a place where the smell of meat was strong all year round.

“He might be surprisingly easy-going.

Or maybe he’s pretending to be.”

Manager Joo made his own assumption.

“Sorry for being late.”

It was around the time when the beef tripe, which was full of oil, was sizzling on the grill, and the team members drank a couple of soju each.

Taekyung, who remained at the company alone to handle his work, joined late.

“Team leader!”

“Come this way.”

The current deputy general manager greeted Taekyung with a friendly attitude, perhaps because one or two glasses of alcohol raised familiarity between them.

Taekyung smiled and sat down with an expensive coat hanging over a chair.

Soon his empty glass was filled with soju.

Taekyung, who moistened his lips with a glass, looked around.

“I asked the current deputy general manager to go to a place that everyone likes.

Is this okay”

No one has been asked about the company dinner by Deputy General Manager Hyun.

Today’s get-together seemed to reflect his taste only.

Manager Joo stared at the current deputy general manager, but he changed the topic by asking Taekyung another question.

“Do you like gopchang”

“Yes, I like it..

Actually, I’m not picky about food.

I like soju too.”

When Taekyung, who smiled brightly, raised his glass, the team members also raised their glasses and bumped into each other as if they had promised to do so.

Soyoung sips her soju and glances at Taekyung.

He seemed to be picky about food, but he wasn’t.

As if to prove Soyoung’s guess, Taekyung was surprisingly easygoing and comfortable.

He drank alcohol without showing any sign of withdrawal, and he laughed without hesitation at people’s jokes.

The team members, who were more excited than usual, laughed and chatted out loud and drank constantly.

“Give me one more serving of daechang.”

“Manager Han, despite your looks, you eat a lot.”

“It’s expensive, so I’ll eat as much as I can.”

So-young smiled at Manager Joo.

Beef tripe was usually a food that she couldn’t eat to her heart’s content even due to the financial circumstances.

She constantly ate meat and drank the alcohol she was given without rejection.

As a result, at some point, she became drunk.

“Excuse me, let me go to the bathroom.”

So-young left the restaurant, tapping her feverish cheek.

She was slightly sober as the wind blew.

But unexpectedly, Taekyung was smoking in front of the restaurant.


I think it’ll be awkward if I pretend to know…

After thinking for a while, So-young quietly turned her back.

It was because she didn’t want to disturb Tae-kyung, and didn’t have the affinity to be kind to him.

It was just when she took her first step.

“Assistant Manager Han.”


Taekyung, who turned his head as if he felt her presence, was looking at So-young.

She smiled awkwardly and turned around again.

Taekyung did not show any change in facial expressions.

However, after checking the direction of the wind, he only moved towards So-young so that smoke didn’t blow to her.

Soyoung hesitated to approach him.

“Are you here to smoke”

Taekyung asked in an unusual tone.

It wasn’t particularly sarcastic, but So-young replied hastily, waving her hands.

“No, I don’t smoke.

I just came out to get some fresh air to sober up.”


Since then, awkward silence has continued as So-young expected.

Taekyung seemed to not be bothered by the uncomfortable atmosphere, but he slowly smoked, staring at Soyoung.

So-young looked away at the gaze toward her openly.

Why is he looking at me like that

Soyoung only wiggled her fingers as she felt his gaze on her cheek.

However, Tae-kyung’s gaze did not fall at all, and her patience eventually ran out, and she faced him, with the intention of asking him to stop.

A faint smile appeared on the man’s lips.


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