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Taekyung felt joy for the first time since joining CH Electronics.

It didn’t dawn on him that this was the first time he felt like this in his life.

Of course, the reason was Soyoung.

Taekyung now would no longer laugh at his friends as inferior beasts crazy about sex.

It was also because for So-young, his instinct was ahead of his reason.

Just looking at Soyoung, it was funny that she stopped his cock first.

He also felt a sense of skepticism about the new him.

Nevertheless, Tae-kyung could not suppress his desire for So-yeong.

For Taekyung, Soyoung was an undefined unknown being.

He hated all phenomena and existence that could not be clearly explained, but she was the only exception.

Her behavior and way of thinking, not knowing where to stop, stimulated him and entertained him.

[Why are the windows open when it’s cold.]

[… Because it’s hot.]

[It’s hot]

[I think it’s a bit stuffy.

I thought it would get better if I got some air.]

So-young couldn’t get rid of her shyness even though she touched Taekyung’s cock casually.

Her red-hot face often looked incredibly pretty.

Taekyung did not show off or feel uncomfortable with a woman’s sexual desire.

This was because humans had their own desires and thought it was natural to pursue them.

Therefore, he wanted to tell her that there was no need for So-young to be ashamed.

The reason he didn’t do that was simply because he felt entertained.

So-young oscillated between boldness and innocence, creating contradictions every moment.

She touched Taekyung without hesitation, but her hands were exceptionally withdrawn to his touch.

At the same time, she gently closed her eyes when they kissed.

The lines So-young drew were all blurry and unclear.

Tae-kyung was cynical about the fact, but excited at the same time with the way she was shaken without knowing what to do.

It was inevitable that ambiguous expectations were in a relationship that should only be lust.

Sometimes, there was anxiety.

Nevertheless, Taekyung did not take into account the possibility that his ambiguous and undefined feelings would develop into affection.

It was clear that the passionate desire he felt was the desire that would disappear once they slept together.

If So-young was reluctant to have sex, he didn’t want to force her.

Taekyung is already satisfied now.

But he wouldn’t hesitate if she didn’t mind.


It was a time when Taekyung was unexpectedly immersed in trivial thoughts.

Her voice heard over the partition awakened his spirit.

His smooth forehead narrowed slightly.

Taekyung was not sensitive enough to care about each other’s voice, but some voices particularly attracted his attention.

Whether it’s good or bad.

The first was, of course, So-young, and the second was…….

“Oh, Manager.

What is all this”

“The department staff threw me a birthday party.

There were so many cakes and snacks left that I came to share.”

“Is it your birthday today I didn’t know.

Happy belated birthday.”

“Happy birthday, Manager Kim.”

“Haha, thank you.

Share this with other people.”

“Wow… Aren’t you giving me too much”

“I have something to bother you later, so I have to bribe you in advance.”

Manager Kim Yi-hwan, the squid that showed great interest in So-young, came to impress her today.

The squid thought he wouldn’t know what was going on without having to look at it with his eyes.

The hand holding the fountain pen increased its strength.

“Oh my! It looks so good.

Thank you for the food.”

“Eat it and let me know if you need more.”

“It’s enough.

You bought it at the dessert cafe at the intersection, right I wanted to try it, but you gave me another chance to eat it.”

Taekyung’s feelings became even more uncomfortable with the hospitality of Manager Joo, who had a good personality.

Of course, it was good to promote harmony between departments.

It was a well-known fact that the work efficiency of the organization, when bonds were made, was high.

And in fact, it didn’t matter whether they met as long as they did what they were told to do properly.

Therefore, it was very likely that Taekyung’s discomfort was an emotion expressed in his personal thoughts.

He was clearly aware of the fact, but it was true that he wanted to do something about it.

But he tried to boldly overcome personal discomfort as a rational adult.

“I feel like we’re just receiving too much from you, so if Assistant Manager Han isn’t busy, you eat with us.”

“Oh, should I”

Soyoung’s voice answering to Yi Hwan was so vivid that he couldn’t stay still anymore.

Taekyung jumped up from her seat and took some steps forward.

So-young, Manager Joo, and Yi Hwan were sitting around the round table.

The table was filled with large pieces of cake and various snacks. Don’t share. Taekyung was cynical.

It was a gift that was used just for personal gain.

“Oh, team leader.”

Taekyung was drawn to the eyes of the three people who were talking in a friendly atmosphere.

He smiled brightly, hiding his twisted intentions.

“Whose birthday was it”

“It’s Manager Kim’s birthday today.

So he came here to give out the cake.”

“Really Happy birthday, Mr.


“Thank you, team leader.”

In fact, Tae-kyung was not interested in Yi Hwan’s birthday, but he gave a mechanical congratulations as if he had printed out the calculated value of the input formula.

“This is so good.

Would you like to try it”

Taekyung has no attachment to Manager Joo in private.

Taekyung, who would normally refuse, accepted her favor, and Yi Hwan cut the cake and placed it on the plate.

“Take it, team leader.”

“Thank you.”

With a smile, Taekyung scooped up the whipped cream-coated cake and put it in his mouth.

Then, he deliberately licked his lips slowly and glanced at So-young.

As soon as he did that, he made eye contact with her, who was mesmerized and looking at him.

When asked if his face was to her taste, she didn’t answer until the end, and her opinion on it didn’t seem bad.

She seems to like his appearance.

But why doesn’t she want sex It is said that people take importance in penetration, but did that also hold true for her

Taekyung smiled at So-young, reflecting on his inappropriate thoughts at work.

Then she dropped the fork she was holding in surprise.

“Oh, my.

Manager Han’s clothes…*


So-young looked at the cream that made her clothes dirty and made a face that looked like she was crying.

It was unfortunate for her, but for Taekyung, he was only satisfied with the explicit reaction she expressed toward him.

He was aware that he was being childish.

But anyway, all humans were the same.

“Here, take it.”

Taekyung pulled out some tissue from the table and handed it to So-young.

“T-thank you…”

So-young bowed her head and said with a crawling voice.

A red earlobe that was visible through a gap in her hair.

Taekyung passed them and came out into the hallway with a more refreshed feeling.

When he remembered So-young, who was lost and turned on, he felt refreshed as if he had drunk carbonated water.

Since Taekyung came out for no reason, he stopped by the bathroom to wash his hands and check his appearance.

Then, he looked at himself in the mirror with little emotion.

Until now, he thought emotions were just an added point for living, but when he remembered So-young’s reaction, he thought that he should maintain this asset as well as possible in the future.

When Taekyung returned to his seat, Manager Kim had already disappeared.

On So-young’s desk, there was a piece of cake left over, so did Manager Joo’s desk next to it, there were empty plates and a lot of confectionery shells.

When he turned on the monitor, a messenger notification pop-up popped up.

Han Soyoung: Team leader, are you ending late today

The intention was a clear-cut question.

So-young’s actions made Tae Kyung happy.

Cha Taekyung: Do you want a ride home

Han Soyoung: Yes.

So-young at times like this was transparent like glass, but when he tried to know what she was thinking, everything was blurry as if she were in a labyrinth.

However, whatever So-young’s thoughts were, Taekyung did not refuse her clumsy and direct temptation.

He wanted something, but he couldn’t be easy-going enough to make it ambiguous.

Taekyung resumed his work, feeling good.

* * *

“You’re not that late today.”

“I know.

I guess it’s because I left the office earlier.”

As usual, the car carrying the two stopped in a familiar alleyway.

In recent years, the relationship between the two has become quite comfortable, so they have been chatting.

When Taekyung turned off the engine, So-young stared at him with an excited gaze.

The expression that showed what she honestly wanted was cute.

With a face like that, she must be thinking of getting into it quickly.

Taekyung swallowed a smile and lowered his upper body.

The penis was in a semi-erect state from before, but it wasn’t a situation full of leeway.

 However, when he remembered Yi Hwan and his flirtatious actions to Soyoung, his grudge appeared again.

He didn’t even know that this relationship needed some variation.

Taekyung pretended to be serious with that thought.

“I’m a little nervous.”


“Because I’m getting my dick out in a car where open space surrounds us.”


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