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So-young narrowed her forehead.

The silk handkerchief, which smelled like a subtle perfume, was too expensive to wipe off the liquid.

Eventually, she held Tae-kyung’s wrist while hesitating.

“I can do it myself.

It’s dirty, so stop….”

“I’m dirty”

“Yes No.

I don’t mean that.”

Tae-kyung, who clearly understood So-young’s meaning, pretended not to know and acted serious.

“I admit that my desire is dirty, but it’s not just my fault.

Don’t you think the person who stimulates me in that way is also responsible to some extent”

“… Are you talking about me”

At So-young’s careful question, Tae-kyung nodded gently.

“You stimulate the perv in me.”

So-young’s face turned red at the harmless rebuke.

Instead of accepting, she returned a fairly close rebuttal.

“….What do you mean it’s because of me”

“It’s not because of me.

The team leader is a pervert from the beginning.”

Then Tae-kyung smiled strangely and touched the desk with both hands.

So-young’s face was even darker.

“You haven’t seen all of me so you shouldn’t underestimate me.”

“…I’m getting a little scared because you said that.”

When So-young shook her head with a tired look, Tae-kyung burst into a light smile and put her underwear and stockings back on her.

It was a natural and intimate attitude, something a lover would do.

When So-young grinded into her underwear, Tae-kyung lightly pulled and let go of the stocking waistband.

“If I admit that I am a sexually perverted human being, will you grant me my wish”

“What is it Let’s listen to it first.”

“Can you tear my stockings later Or… ”

A large hand gripped the small foot tightly in one hand.

“If you give me a footjob while wearing stockings, I think I might be able to ejaculate right away.

Is this acceptable”

Tae-kyung, playfully tickling the shrunken soles of her feet, spread his palms wide and wrapped them around her calves.

His lips touched her bent knee.

So-young mumbled as she covered her reddened cheeks with both hands.

“Team leader, don’t say that… Aren’t you embarrassed”

Tae-kyung nodded with a face that was too dark to be a pervert.

“Everyone is looking for a place to stretch their legs.”

In other words, he meant that he was as perv as she was.

So-young felt the urge to deny Tae-kyung’s words, but it was tempting to imagine him begging with his penis crushed on her feet.

So-young, could not be proud to do that to Tae-kyung.

“Shall we get off work now”

Tae-kyung, who lifted So-young up and lowered her skirt from the table, pulled her skirt to her knee and swept her tangled hair with his finger.

So-young, who was tidied by him, quickly became neat.

“You’re pretty.”

Tae-kyung smiled softly and kissed So-young’s cheek almost unconsciously.

Whenever she was touched like this, So-young’s heart tickled.

A sense of satisfaction, which is different from sexual pleasure, gradually increased.

Tae-kyung basically had good manners despite his dirty mouth, and although he did not admit it, he was quite friendly.

Above all, he never tried to force So-young or excessively fulfill his desires.

As an example, the two still did not do penetrative sex.

[Do you want to go to the hotel]

One day, Tae-kyung, who could not overcome the overflowing excitement, suggested it to So-young.

She was also in the midst of shivering with pleasure, but she shook her head because she couldn’t accept the offer.

If they went to the hotel, they would definitely have sex, but So-young was not confident.

The first reason was that Tae-kyung’s huge penis was unlikely to enter her cramped area.

It was obvious that even if it was forcibly inserted, it would be accompanied by great pain.

Second, it was because she was somehow ashamed and hesitant to let him know that she was a virgin.

If she revealed that it was her first time doing all sorts of lewd things, Tae-kyung would be embarrassed and maybe even feel burdened.

It was clear that she would also be hurt if he suddenly acted awkward around her.

The third reason was vague fear.

She was already possessed by Tae-kyung, and if she even had sex, it seemed that her emotions would be out of control.

If she had the awareness that she had fallen for him, there would be no way out for So-young, so she hesitated.

Because of that, So-young did not cross the last line even while she was struggling with pleasure.

Tae-kyung, too, did not force anything to put her down, and even when he was excited to the top of his head, he backed away.

It might be surprising to see how he behaves like he’s crazy, but still keeps his common sense….

Whatever Tae-kyung’s intentions were, his agile delicacy reassured So-young.


Maybe she didn’t even know that she had reached the limit of her reasoning.

So-young wasn’t sure how much longer she could contain her desires.

Tae-kyung gave So-young pleasures that went beyond her imaginary boundaries, and she longed for more.

As she traced the spot where Tae-kyung’s lips had touched, So-young pondered for a moment about the depth of her desire, which she had not known for 28 years.


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